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Life Insurance

Life insurance is just one of those things that you need to have when you are a parent. I just wish that you didn't need bloodwork to get it! There is always drama when I need bloodwork done. Anyway, they sent someone out to do the job...they failed. They always fail. :( I know that I will pass the medical portion - I passed the adoption medical part. They just seem to insist on their "own" tests. Well, I spoke to the underwriter and got her to agree to look all my current medical records from my doctor before they send out another technician and guess what....They are accepting the medical reports from my doctor!!! Yahoo!!! No more bloodwork! Atleast anytime soon. I hope I am not jinxing myself! Yeah. Now I just have to wait for them to process my policy inorder to complete my homestudy. Fingers crossed!!

Sippy Cup Cleaning?

Okay, so I just read this neat little tip on cleaning sippy cups...
"Cleaning Lids and valves for sippy cups are hard to clean. An easy way is to fill a bowl with the lids and valves and add a denture tablet. Let soak for a few hours or overnight and the grime is gone!" -- Megann
My question is this:
Can't you just put them in the dishwasher and be done with it?
This is obviously a question from a new mom to be!! :)

Hair Dryers in China

Interesting little tip I just read...
"At the White Swan, you have to pull on the towel holder to open the drawer where the hair dryer is hiding...some people think there's no hair dryer because they assume a towel holder (the ring-shaped kind) couldn't possibly be a drawer pull. Surprise!" This was from a poster on APC.

Red Thread Families

I found a great site and it's called Red Thread Families! As soon as I am DTC, I am going to treat myself to this sweatshirt. I am going to buy it really big and cozy up on my couch with at night! Can't wait! Just click on the photo and check out their site.

Things to do While Waiting

Hi. My list is a little crazy so I have moved it to the beginning of my blog. I have posted a link to it under "Stephe's Stuff" on the right hand side of my blog just under my profile. Sorry, Lisa, I didn't mean to overwhelm anyone....forgive me! :)


Fingerprinting...DONE! Yeah. It took one week to receive a receipt from INS regarding my I-600A and I had my fingerprints scheduled for the next week. I could just walk in without any appointment Tuesday through Friday until 3:00. I had no idea it would be that easy. I reside in Delaware and the main office for fingerprinting is in Philadelphia, however they have a satellite office in Dover. Even though Dover is further than Philly, it's much more convenient. Once I got there, there was no wait! The guys in the office where hysterical. I even had Pirate with me to share the experience. I can tell you that his experience wasn't as fun...he was in his travel bag! But that's okay. He was still there to share it with me. They said my prints were great - I am hoping for the best!!

And "I" need a homestudy

Okay, so I am surfing through a million adoptive blogs and I came across a great blog and an even greater post! My day has been utterly boring and this just made me laugh! What makes it especially ironic is that I am in the middle of my homestudy! Check it out!

Pirate in Drag

So, Chrissy's baby shower is coming up in this weekend and we are making it a Luau shower. We chose the Lula theme because that is how Chrissy & Jay are decorating the new baby's room. It will be awesome and can't wait to see the finished product. Anyway, while I was gathering decorations for the party, I came across a Tropical skirt and Lei for Pirate. At first he didn't like it but once he started walking and the swishing of the grass started...it was another story. He thinks he's hot stuff, not sure I should tell him he's dressed like a girl!! LOL. Doesn't he look cute? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!!!


Finally got that Passport!!

Medical Exam

Had my Medical Exam done the day after Labor day, how much fun can one person have! Well, I'm glad that is done with. Anyway, this is a new doctor and she seems great. For those of you that know me, there is always some drama with getting my blood taken. The first attempt was a failure, now I am back for another go around. And yes, "AnneMarie" is my newest favorite person in the world. She got me on the first try. So, in the wrist with a pediactric needle and "9" viles later...I am done! I am not sure there is a single test on earth that they didn't test for! But I am sure that you all know how that goes. The way I see it, if someone is actually able to get blood from me, do every test you think you might need. Plus I had the fun TB shot and a tetnus. Now the wait for the results begins! Wish me luck. Actually, I am more worried about finding a traveling notary! :)

Gas Again

And I thought it was bad yesterday!


Well, It's submitted today!


Are you kidding Me???

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