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My Map

Oh no! I found ANOTHER totally cool thing. Come see my new map and say hi. This lets me know where everyone is around the world! I just love it! Post a photo too!!!! I also put a link to it on the right side of my blog!

Family Finance

Found an interesting article on finances & parenthood in American Baby by Josh Garskof. Here are the tips that I got out of it.

1. Buy Life Insurance. Term Life makes the most sense because it coves the insured person for a period of time and pays a benefit if you pass away during the term.

2. Eliminate Credit Card Debt. Pay these off as fast as possible. The interest costs will be an ongoing drain on your budget.

3. Set up a Budget. I won't go into what they recommend because I just finished peeing in my pants (laughing). The jist was, "...add in the costs of your baby, which you can estimate at about $400 per month..." $400??? Right! On what planet. This won't even cover 2 weeks at daycare! Anyway, I do agree with the concept of setting up a budget! So, let's just leave this one alone.

4. Build a Financial Cushion. With debt under control and a budget in place, work on savings.

5. Start Saving for College. Look into the 529 accounts. These programs allow your college fund to grow tax-free. Every state has its own 529 program. Look for one that offers and age-based mutual fund that starts out with aggressive investments and gets more conservative as college gets closer. There are also a Prepaid tuition plans. This allows parents to beat tuition inflation by paying for college now. You pay today's tuition on a playment plan, and then your child goes to an in-state school.

OK. I am EXHAUSTED just thinking about all of this. :)
I guess I can add these to my list of things to do while waiting. Actually, I think my list is turning into somewhat of a book. One day, I am just going to delete it and fly by the seat of my pants. (yeah, right!)

Angelina Jolie

Angelina and her new daughter Zahara. My liking of Angelina Jolie is met with much criticism. So, this is the last time I am going to say it...I don't care what you all think! I know she's a little "different", but that is why I like her. I believe that she has truely found herself in her children and her work with UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency .

The Thermos Debate

To take a thermos to China or not! That is the question...

Thermos - YES

1. Because you have to boil water anyway, the thermos was a nice, sterile place to keep water. I would heat bottled water in the hot pot until boiling, pour it into the thermos, and cap it. I had hot water for bottles the rest of the day (mixing it w/room temp bottled water). It was also great for the stressful/screaming late night wake up - didn't have to fumble around with the hot pot while I was half asleep and freaking out. I used it after we got home - very convenient!

2. I relied heavily on my thermos. I used a stainless steal one and it was wonderful. I could boil water for the bottles and use it all day to give my daughter a warm bottle. It didn't take much room up either as we filled it with socks, etc on the way to China and then I kept it in my backpack after receiving our daughter. I just think it made life a lot easier.

3. They don't all contain glass like they used to...and the one family in our group who did not bring one could not find one in China. They were fortunate that the rest of us brought them, and one of us was usually able to share with them. Despite this, many people will probably post, stating how easy they are to purchase in China...

4. If your baby ends up wanting hot bottles, and you want to be able to go on longer excursions while still being able to make bottles on the fly, a thermos is very useful.

5. When we were bused into Shaimen island each morning, and were stuck there until the bus picked us up in the afternoon. It was really nice having a thermos of hot water to make bottles wherever we happened to be.

6. The usefulness of a thermos varies with the baby, parent, and location.

Thermos - NO

1. If your baby doesn't demand hot or really warm bottles, you don't need a thermos.

2. If you will never be far from your hotel room, a restaurant, or other source of hot water, you don't need a thermos.

3. I never used the Thermos, but that was mainly because my daughter was no longer on formula. It was my understanding that a Thermos was intended for use in keeping formula warm (although it can obviously be used to keep milk or juice cool too.)

Moorea Skye

(Moorea (More-Ray-Ah) - a Tahitian island)

Chrissy had a GIRL!!

Well, Chrissy had another little **GIRL** tonight! I am so excited. My thoughts are with her and with MY little girl, so far away.

A Poem

I came across a beautiful poem that I would like to share written by Robin Magaña
My sweet little baby,
How are you today?
I’m praying for you,
while you’re far, far away.

That you’re safe, and you’re warm
and there’s plenty to eat.
That someone is holding you closely.
That they feel your heart beat.

They say that there is
an invisible thread,
that may twist or tangle,
and the color is red.

This thread is what brings you
from where you might be.
To the ones that wait for you.
Your forever family.

I believe the thread is spun
with God’s grace up above.
He gives mommy’s like me
a sweet baby to love.

It begins up in heaven
and stretches down where you are.
It twists back up to heaven
and catches a star.

Then over the waters
of the deep blue sea.
The other end is wrapped firmly
around the heart of me.

It’s found in the stitches of
your quilt that I sew.
It’s weaved thru the dress waiting,
with the little red bow.

So I wait, so I wonder,
as my mind drifts away.
My sweet little baby,
How are you today?

By Robin Magaña ~10/2/05 ~ A mother anxiously waiting

Great tip

"Take a free e-mail address (like Hotmail) and store your numbers and copies of passports. They will be accessible via the Internet."

I'm Ready

I'm ready, let's go! Anyone?

Name in Chinese

Chinese names:Free English name to Chinese translation. Learn to write your name
in Chinese!

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Tips on finding the perfect highchair for you...

1. A tray that can easily be put on and taken off one-handed -- which is a plus when carrying your daughter or her dinner.

2. A tray that is big and has a fairly high edge, good for the child who is a messy eater, as well as for enabling a child to use it for art projects.

3. A chair that can be adjusted to a variety of heights, so it could be used as a freestanding high chair; as a booster chair at the dining table, without the tray; or as a low chair and table for art projects.

4. A chair that can be folded up for storage or carrying to another room, if you didn't want to use the excellent wheels.

5. The ability to put the chair into the shower for a total washing, if it got really messy. You can scrub the "seat belt" with an old toothbrush.

6. A chair that is as attractive as a high chair can be.

7. A chair that is comfortable if your daughter were to fall asleep in it.

8. A chair is sturdy and won’t easily tip over

9. The chair was pretty indestructible.

This is an edited version of a post by Sharon on my yahoo group.

My New Man

Right! A girl can dream can't she? (Yeah, I am dreamin' real big today). For those of you that don't know, this is "Sawyer" from the tv show LOST! My favorite!

Bathtime with Pirate

My baby hates bathtime...but I had fun!

Christie's Baby Shower

The Shower was a success and she was suprised! This is Christie's soon-to-be second child. The shower was a Luau theme with lots of tropical decorations and leis. Of course you all saw Pirate and his little outfit!! Here I am with Christie.

Zen Shorts

(Update: I just got this book! Yeah!)
by Jon J Muth (Illustrator)

This book introduces readers to a Zen approach to the world, wrapped in a story about three siblings and their new neighbor, a panda. One by one, the children visit the panda, enjoying his company and listening to him tell a brief tale that illustrates a Zen principle. The tales invite the children to consider the world and their perceptions from a different angle; for Karl, the panda's story gently but pointedly teaches the benefits of forgiveness. Richly toned and nicely detailed watercolors depict the "real world" scenes, while those accompanying the Zen lessons employ black lines and strokes on pastel pages to create an interesting blend of Western realism and more evocative Japanese naturalism.

(Edited Editorial Reviews From School Library Journal)

Gifts to SWI's Part II

Yet another post from an APCer (I have shortened it a little)...

"The only thing I would caution about up front is, don't give or buy cheap items (I've been told that some people give samples of AVON lipsticks, or the free giveaways of perfume from department stores as gifts... which shows a disregard for the SWI directors and caregivers... they have taken care of your child for the last "X" number of months/years - and now is the time to actually show your appreciation of their care. Items they would appreciate:

Cd's of current popular (hip hop, popular, country, or classical)
NICE cosmetics

DO NOT give samples or cheap cosmetics.
College logo (t-shirts, nice ink pens & refills, good stationery, etc.)
Hometown items

Nice soaps and fragrant lotions. The Chinese Love fragrance...
Nice perfume/cologne.

Very nice costume jewelry, such as Trifari, Monet, Napier, etc.

Some DON'T's are:
NO sample sizes - considered to be insulting.
NO green hat to a man - signifies his wife is having an affair.
NO clocks or watches - represents death
NO candles - signifies a wish that their home will burn down.
NO gift that is white or black in color. These colors have negative connotations (such as white is the color worn at funerals)."


This is my mom's yorkie in Key West. Isn't she cute? She doesn't like to stay put in my mom's scooter when about town, so she now has her own doggie traveling backpack...Matching visor too! Now, this dog is SPOILED! In my next life, I want to come back as Tolly!!

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