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Okay! I would have never guessed it! I was hoping for this around Christmas!!!


Emotions! What can I say... I have never considered myself to be a very emotional person. I'm emotional, maybe I just don't consider myself to be a crier! Until NOW. Since I began this process, life just looks different - better. I don't know if anyone can relate. I found myself today at a Law Enforcement Recognition Luncheon and practically balling my eyes out at the start when we rose to say the pledge of allegiance. The speaker of the event was a Superior Court Judge who spoke about the relationships between law enforcement and the judicial courts. He spoke of his travels in Russia and the difference between the US and other countries. Even with our faults, we are a truely great country. I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. It was really nice to be reminded how lucky I (we) are.


I finally have my medical report completed!! Yahoo! so, Look what I just won! ($10.50 + shipping) They are so cute and there are lots of them!


Yes, shopping!! I have been bad! I just couldn't help myself. My homestudy has been completed and sent off to USCIS and I am picking up the other copies of it today at lunch. Yipee!!! So, in true Stephe style, I hit the internet with lightning speed! I admit that I am very thrifty now, unlike those carefree spending days of my past, but I just couldn't resist this little doll. I also bought a couple more items. They all came from www.kidsurplus.com and I couldn't be happier!! If you click on the photo of the item, it will directly link you to the site that I bought them. I am so excited!!!

Corolle® Cherry Doucette Rag Doll
Doucette Dolls from Corolle are soft rag dolls that are easy for all ages to play with! This special "Cherry" Asian doll has long brushable dark hair and a soft vinyl head with handpainted features. Her arms and legs are long and flexible, making her a very easy doll to dress and undress. She comes wearing a cute sleeveless dress and a matching cap. And like all Corolle dolls, she has a delicious vanilla scent. She's also machine washable! Measures approx. 14" tall. For ages 18 months and above. Designed in France, award-winning dolls from Corolle place an emphasis on quality, durability, and play value, resulting in dolls that withstand all the loving and hugs they inspire.

"The Nightingale" by Hans Christian Anderson
"The Nightingale" by Hans Christian Anderson. A timeless edition of a treasured classic! Originally written in 1844, this famous fairy tale is lovingly retold by author Stephen Mitchell, with enchanting illustrations by artist Bagram Ibatoulline. Readers will follow the story of the Emperor of China as a mechanical, bejeweled singing bird threatens to eclipse the charms of his real-life nightingale. Will the mighty rule learn too late the value of what is simple and genuine? Hardcover edition.

Small World Living™ Good Fortune Chinese Play Food Set
From Small World Living™, this Good Fortune Chinese Play Food Set is a great way to learn about a different culture - through food! This colorful 20-piece pretend-play set includes 2 chopsticks, a chopsticks holder, soy sauce plate, soy sauce bottle, tea cup, rice, Chinese take-out box, shrimp, 2 lettuce leaves, spring roll, dim sum holder with lid, 4 pieces of dim sum, a dumpling and a fortune cookie. Box has instructions for using chopsticks. For ages 3 and above.

A "REALLY" Big Thanks!

A Big thanks to Julie, Doug, Beverly, and Lisa (FL) for posting on my MAP! (How? just click on the here!) Come on everyone, when you get a chance post your photo and a "hi". I would love to meet some of you that read my posts. Plus, this way I can prove to my friends and family that others REALLY do view my blog! :)
Thanks to Lisa (DE), Lisa (GA), Meily, John G, Shelli, and Michele for logging on! YEAH!! It's the little things that make me happy!! :)

Love this Doll

This is another one that I would love to get! We'll see.


OMG! Let me start at the beginning. Did I learn a lot tonight! Let me start by saying that at my second job, I have 4 bosses, one of which is Asian. He is awesome, I love him. He is a great boss and great to work with. So, the other bosses know about my impending adoption but are keeping it on the DL for me for now. I have not yet shared my plans with my Asian boss. Why? I am not sure…yes, I am… He is the only Asian person that I converse with on a regular basis and I am unsure of how he will feel about my news. I truly know that he would be happy for me no matter what, but am unsure of how the Asian American community views international adoption first hand. Yes, I know, I am making it out to be that his voice is the voice of an entire community, but you know what I mean. Ok, so back to tonight. While trying to be politically correct, I asked him if he was Korean or Chinese. His response was…”I’m Eskimo!” Ok. I know I can be an idiot at times but I was like “ok”. He then just laughed at me. We’re cool so it was no problem. He then said he was Korean. I told him I just didn’t want to assume one or the other and offend him. Anyway, I spoke of my plans and he asked if he could offer up some advice since he had grown up with a few Korean adoptees. Of course, I welcome any info I can get my hands on. His main advice was to have open communication. Most of the kids that he knew, Korea was not spoken about in the home. They were now American and that was it. Some of the children were extremely introverted and others were very rebellious and angry. Then our conversation turned to racism. He proceeded to ask me an interesting question. Regarding my earlier question if he was Korean or Chinese, he said, would I ask a black person if they were African, Jamaican, or Bohemian or just assume they were American? Ummmm. Crap. Point taken. I told him if I came across someone that seemed Irish, I usually ask if they are Irish or Scottish. Yeah, that worked. I felt like an idiot. He said that this is how you know that some Asians will never truly feel American. I am still scratching my head. I know that I personally didn’t offend him, but…. Then, he says that he is Korean American and that growing up in Church a lot of the “true” Korean children used to tease him and call him a twinkie! A what? A twinkie…you know, yellow on the outside and white on the inside. (His words, not mine) He said most times it was in jest, but sometimes it really hurt. I had never heard the term. I almost started to cry. That’s it, how much time will I get for kicking a child’s butt for name calling!!! I’ll do the time. What did I learn? I learned enough to know that I need to learn a whole lot more!!

The Healthy Baby Nursery

I read this article called The Healthy Baby Nursery by Annie B. Bond and sometimes I wonder if too much information is a bad thing. Sometimes I am so confused, should I buy into all of the stuff I read? It seems like everything can be an issue. I guess it’s up to the individual. So, as I always do, I will share some of the highlights of this article. (and freak out quietly here at work about my toxic nursery at home! *sigh* ) Click on the Title for the link to the complete article.

Paint and Carpeting
Find out whether there is lead paint on the walls! Homes built prior to 1978 could have this problem.

The carpet in your nursery can actually contain dust mites, mold, and mildew. If there is old carpeting in the nursery, you might want to consider replacing it.

New furniture is made of pressed wood, something to avoid because of the formaldehyde in the glues that will continually outgas for the entire life of the piece. Choose real wooden furniture instead.

Toxic Crib Mattresses
“In a study of six brands of crib-size waterproof mattress covers conducted by Anderson Laboratories, all were found to emit toxic fumes in various degrees, and some caused acute toxicity to the respiratory tract of male mice. Five of the mattress covers were made of polyvinyl chloride covered with cotton or polyester layers. The remaining cover was made of polyolefin. Chemical emissions included suspected carcinogens.” So, If this is true, I wonder if the zippered waterproof mattress cover that I bought from Target is ok? Wouldn’t you think that if these items are toxic that they would not be on the market?

The recommendation is to use crib and bassinet mattresses made of organic, natural materials.
“Avoid plastic or polyurethane encasements. To prevent moisture from seeping onto the mattress from leaking diapers, invest in an absorbent "wool puddle pad," designed to insert between the sheet and mattress. Avoid pillows until the baby is at least 1 year old, and after that, invest in a natural fiber, organic pillow.”

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