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1st Nursery Photos!

These are the first Nursery Photos. This weekend I will be starting and completing ALL of the photos needed for my Dossier! This should be fun! (not) Anyway, I do really like the photo below, but as I am sure you all know... the photos are just never as beautiful as the rooms in person. It's impossible to tell, but I have a faux finish on the walls, it's Sky Blue and I colorwashed "China White" over top. Yeah, I know I'm a little silly but...I a better picture of my chandelier and enchanted tree.

Merry Christmas!

My Baby Pirate was a little trooper tonight. He posed for lots of pictures so that I could find one that we can use for our Christmas Cards. Hopefully next year he will be posing with Gigi. Anyway, Dora was her stand in this year! Aren't they just too cute together?!!!

Pains of Air Travel

The pains of air travel. Sometimes it starts as soon as you start taxiing down the runway. Muscle aches and limbs falling asleep, you all know what I mean. Well, I just came across “Flight Yoga”. I hear that the airlines are all encouraging this to their passengers. Interesting. JetBlue offers a colorful card that shows you different yoga techniques that you can do while on the plane. It’s called Crunch Fitness Inflight Yoga. Just click on the name and I will transport you to the .pdf that they have available for you to download. It’s kinda cool. Other info I found...

Finger Stretch. Clench your fist tightly with your fingers into your palms, then open your fingers wide, stretching them as far as they will go. Repeat several times.
Foot Flex. With your heel firmly on the floor, lift your toes up as far as possible and hold for several seconds. Repeat several times.
Shoulder Rotation. Raise shoulders up toward your ears and rotate them, back to front. Repeat several times, then reverse direction.
Neck Roll. Drop your chin to your chest, like your great uncle nodding off at the dining room table at Thanksgiving. Then slowly and carefully rotate your head clockwise several times. Change direction and do it again.
Ear Pain
Ways to alleviate that pain in the ear...try to suck candy while flying; If your ears block, pinch your nose and blow air gently into your nose (not mouth); take an antihistamine before you fly to reduce congestion; use a decongestant nasal spray before take-off and landing; try "Ear Planes" or a similar product to help regulate air pressure naturally.
General Info
Drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic) before and during your flight;
Wear loose clothes;
Get up to walk and stretch
Keep your feet on the floor and avoid crossing your legs or feet.


I am all about the bling. Real or Faux, it doesn't matter to me. If the faux sparkles more than the real stuff - buy me the faux. I admired Sophie's sparkly bracelet so much, I decided to find one for Giorgia. I bought all of the letters so it can be Giorgia, Giorgi, or Gigi. I love it. I am still in the market for one with a nicer band but this find on Canal Street will hold me over!

Happy Holidays!

My tree is up and the presents are almost bought. Only a short time before it's Christmas Day again. I am wishing all of you a Happy Holiday and may this one be the last one you spend without your daughter or son that is waiting for you! :)

New York, New York

I just got back from spending the day in New York! It was too fun. A couple friends and I took off the day from work to spend the day here. My mission was to visit the Pearl River Mart. I had read about it and then saw Oprah's show where celebs were raving about their favor New York spot! Sarah Jessica Parkers favorite New York spot was, of course, the Pearl River Mart. Not that I am a huge fan, but this just clinched the deal...I had to go there. It is HUGE. They have everything that you could imagine. I loved it. Note: It is very overwhelming. There is just so much stuff, then I realized that there was a downstairs. I thought the first floor had lots of stuff...oh my. Luckily for me, I only bought a few little things. Click the picture for a link to their website.

We went to Rockefeller Center, Sax Fifth Avenue, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Chinatown, lots of shopping on Canal Street, Thai for lunch and an unsuccessful dessert at Seredipity. Oh well, maybe next time. What an exhausting, but fun day!

Pearl River Mart in NY

"Pearl River Mart is truly a New York institution. The sprawling loft space offers a huge selection of imported Chinese goods, along with ample room for the shopper’s imagination to run wild. Fuse two hemispheres of fashion with a Mao suit or a Cheong Sam; dabble in calligraphy or plan a Chinese wedding ceremony with an array of cultural crafts; enliven your living room with traditional wood furnishings. Finally, amid soaring papier-mâché lions and dangling bamboo birdcages, you can relax on their mezzanine-level tea bar while sipping premium Chinese Oolong."

I-797C vs. I-171H

I had a question from a fellow blogger... she received the I-171H and should she have gotten the I-797C. I called my agency and they said either one is fine. They are phasing out the I-171H and the new ones are the I-797C’s but it will take a while for the government to phase these out. No worries.

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