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Totally Cute!!

Here is the photo that they showed on TV the other night. Meg, her new daughter and the nanny!

Saturday Shopping

There's nothing like Saturday Shopping! I am totally procrastinating. I have so much that needs to be done in my home but I just don't feel like doing any of it. It's the end of January and it looks and feels like spring outside. It's amazing. So, I went for a walk in the park and a bit of shopping. I found just a couple of cute things. My budget won't allow me to indulge in everything I see but these couple of things...I couldn't resist. I don't dare post my true opinion on some of my yahoo groups cause many, and I mean many, are opposed to my first purchase. They are "Baby Bratz Twins"!! I just think they are so cute! I know, I know, but this is MY blog and I am posting about stuff I love! They are just so adorable.

So for those of you that are rolling your eyes, maybe my second purchase will make up for the first. She is the Chinese New Year Barbie. I love it just as much. She is very beautiful. This is one of those items that will obviously not be a play toy. Shopping was good! Now I guess I better go do some cleaning! Yuk.

AHH Girls & January DTCers

Hi to all my fellow AHH Girls and January DTCers! I am so excited to be DTC this month. I am glad that you had the chance to visit my blog. I am hoping my blog gets more "exciting" the closer I get to my referral! Lately it been all about the shopping. I better stop. I am almost done with my nursery. It's going to be awesome and I will post more photos as soon as it's done.
Anyway, there are some things that you should check out on my blog.
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Feel free to add to my list or comment wherever you want.
I tend to put a lot of information that I have gathered from others on my post!

Did you hear?

Meg Ryan adopts a little Girl from China!

Meg Ryan will be adopting a baby Girl from China. Reports are that Meg had spent a long time trying to adopt and heard that she had been approved late last year. The adoption is scheduled to take place at an American consulate in China.

Fortune Cookies

I have been collecting my fortunes from my Chinese dinners for the past month. Looks like I've been on a lucky streak!


This is how I did it:
Created an image for header,
Uploaded to a post,
Saved post as draft,
copied html from photo,
went to template and plugged in html see below...

just past the line that says div id="header"
is a place for your html for the uploaded header,
place html in and should work.

My Books are Here!

Well I just got two new books and they are cute!

Brown Envelope

Well, Friday the 13th was good for more than just DTC...I received the mysterious Brown Envelope! Although I can't remember if I am allowed to open it?

The "Brown Envelope" is from the US Consulate General Guangzhou, it is a letter and paper work stating that INS has notified the American Consulate in Guangzhou that have you have been approved to adopt an orphan from overseas. In other words they are authorized to process your child's case as soon as the adoption is finalized in Guangzhou. That is in a nut shell, they also send forms to fill out. Not everyone will receive the "Brown Envelope" and I am not sure how it is decided who gets them or who doesn't. I do know that if you do not receive one that the agency will provide all of the information at the time of your referral.

Nursery Closet

So, my only job this weekend was to finish one of the closets in the Nursery. Custom Shelving. I chose to use the type that has adjustable shelves. Anyway, this is the larger of the two closets and I have designated this to be the toy closet. I only put in the few clothes that I had cause it made for a cuter picture! My goal is to simplify toy storage for my daughter-to-be. There are two bins that roll out (old Ikea) and if she's lazy, can just throw all of her toys in these bins and roll back into the closet. The lower shelf, I put in three cubes that are designated for books. As for the other shelves, I will probably have clear bins or white crates for other stuff. This is the plan. But if she is anything like me...even this simple solution will create chaos. I ripped the closet doors off cause I want to be like "Clean Sweep" and it really does give me more room. I put up sheers like I did on the large window. I also have hooks for the ties at two heights. This way I can open the sheers a little or a lot or just leave them completely shut! What do you think?


Well, Today is good. It's Friday the 13th with a full moon (100%) and I still managed to be DTC and I got my ever mysterious Brown Envelope. I can't believe it!! It's like a weight has been lifted. Too bad it was only the weight on my shoulders. LOL. Time to celebrate!

Dossier Photos

I think I have to rescan these...they came out a little funky looking when really, they are crystal clear. Anyway...
Yes, I think I have too many. My agency can pull out what they want! All I can say is that I am glad that this photo thing is over!!! I only wished that I had taken them when all the seasonal plants outside weren't dead!

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