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Baby Birds

Look at my baby birds. There are four of them. Momma bird (or another Momma bird) always makes a nest somewhere on my patio area. This year they chose the wreath. I snapped a quick photo just as mom left the nest.

Thanks SP!

Thank you Secret Pal for my June Gift. It was Summer fun. I've got lots of little toys for the beach and the pool and the most awesome beach towel. Look at the ladybugs. Too cute! Thanks! :)
I only did ONE yard sale this weekend. It was a busy weekend so I couldn't do my usual fun Saturday Mornings. I stopped by this one on the way home from a meeting (can you believe a meeting on a Saturday? Yeah, me too!) Anyway, the yardsale was still going on. Check out Giorgia's Enchanted Garden.

Pirate's Not Happy

Pirate is not happy! He is off to the vet to get his teeth cleaned. No food and No water since 8 last night. Boy, he was mad this morning, he wouldn't even let me brush his hair. I'm nervous, I hope all goes well. It's the whole anesthesia thing that worries me. You know how it is with the smaller pets. Sad. He better have some pearly whites when I see him a 4!!! :)

Pirate is out of surgery and is doing fine. He had a massive infection and they had to take out 6 teeth. Poor Baby. Good thing he isn't into chewing food. Pirate has a bad habit of just swallowing his food. I believe he gets no enjoyment out of it what so ever...he eats only to function. Gee, I wish that would rub off on me!


I've been asked this question again so I thought I would repost...
Just an FYI if anyone was unsure. Giorgia Danette is pronounced Georgia Dannay. (Please DO NOT COMMENT that I pronounce my/or my daughters middle name INCORRECTLY! YOU THINK YOU ARE BEING HELPFUL BUT YOU ARE NOT! I PLAN TO CONTINUE PRONOUCING IT THE WAY I HAVE FOR 38 YEARS) Sorry, I've been bombarded with rude emails. Anyway, I have always loved the name Georgia/Giorgia and wanted a name where I loved the nickname. I am hoping that the nickname with either be Gigi or Giorgi. I wanted to give my daughter a special piece of me, so I chose my middle name, Danette, for her first middle name. My mother picked that out for me and I want to pass it on. I am thinking about keeping my daughters Chinese name as her second middle name. And of course, since I am single, my daughter will then take my last name, which obviously comes from my father.

I am still contemplating, maybe, not using my daughters Chinese name as her second middle name. I realize that there is a lot of controversy about not keeping my daughters Chinese name, but have not totally decided yet.

Bad thing about Blogs

The Bad thing about Blogs is that you can't post some of your cute little shopping finds because you bought the same exact things for your Secret Pal! I feel like I am shopping for twins! Know what I mean???

So, when my identity is revealed, I will be able to share all of my other cute finds. So for now I just have to settle with the delivery I got today at work. I posted on Giorgia's Enchanted Garden a
Garden Hideaway that I purchased and it's in. I can't wait to go home and set it up. I have to say...it's bigger than I expected. (That never happens).

Happy Monday

I hope it's a Happy Monday for you too! I just found out that my brother is moving back home from Tampa. This officially means that I will have family closer than 1,000 miles away. Yippee! He'll be here on Wednesday. Even though my mom and dad are not here (in Key West & The Villages, Florida), my honorary second family will alway be close. The Phillilps/Horsemans are the best and Giorgia will be lucky to have not one but 2 familys here.

Oh, and my brother has a little yorkie, Codi who is 3 lbs. He is just the cutest. Pirate(7 lbs) will now have a little friend, more his size, to play with once in a while and here is the great news that I have yet to spring on my brother.....

I have been totally stressed about who will watch Pirate when I'm in China. I am very overprotective about Pirate. For all of my family and friends whom I love dearly and would let them watch Giorgia anytime...I can't say the same about them watching Pirate. Little dogs are sneaky and they can scoot out of any door in the blink of an eye and (sorry Pirate) but you're not smart enough to find your way home. Plus, you're so darn cute, someone is going to scoop you up and make you theirs. I would just DIE! My brother, I trust with my dog!!! (I trust my mom but she is in Key West and I won't send Pirate on a plane without me!) I am sure he'll do it. I'll give him some time to settle in before I hit him with this one! :) Wish me luck!
Also did some yardsales this weekend. If you want to check out my finds, click Giorgia's Enchanted Garden. :) Have a great week!

A Princess in Distress

I saw this article in People Magazine and thought I would share it with you.


"A princess under pressure? A dynasty on the brink of extinction? No, not the Windsors; the royals of Japan. The question facing the Japanese imperial family: Is it time to let a female ascend the Chrysanthemum Throne? The press has been having a field day reporting that Crown Princess Masako--wife of Crown Prince Naruhito--is despondent over restraints of imperial life and her inability to bear a male heir. To add to her woes was the Feb. 7 announcement that her sister-in-law Princess Kiko, 39, is pregnant. If it’s a boy, he would be the first heir to the throne born since 1965. Masako’s daughter Aiko, 4, doesn’t count. Two years ago Masako, 42, under relentless pressure to produce a boy, withdrew from public life amid rumors of a nervous disorder. Called a "caged bird" in the media, she rarely appears in public and now is reportedly so distraught she is skipping important tea ceremonies with her mother-in-law, Empress Michiko, and Kiko. Only time will tell whether Kiko is having a boy, but now some politicians are saying it’s time to change the law. Not likely, says Judy Wade..."

from a People Magazine Article

Retail Therapy Blog

Well, I've been thinking. I am sure some people aren't really into the whole yard sale and bargain shopping thing so I decided I would do a separate blog to put all of my latest treasures. So check out Giorgia Enchanted Garden. :)

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