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Foto Friday

I am joining the ranks of the Friday Foto cause I love looking at everyone's random photos. Here is one of mine! I miss my Miata but it's not exactly baby friendly. Those were the days! She gave me a good 10 years!


Okay, so I got my Secret Pal gift yesterday and I just died. It was so cute. I LOVE the Ladybug Tote! I've never seen anything like it! Both the HR director and I were like kids wheeling it around in the office! TOO CUTE! Plus she sent me some things for Giorgia to have fun on the plane with! An attachable JUNGLE PAL Elephant that jiggles and wiggles, a teething ring, and those handy dandy LinkaDoos.

A Big THANKS to my Secret Pal! I love my gifts!!!

Can I tell you how great LinkaDoos are. They are the one product no parent should be without. If you are a resourceful kinda person...you'll love them. As a matter of fact, if you have a Useful Linkadoo tip...put it in the comment section.

Tour 1

Hi Everyone. This is the list where I am adding everyone’s name and info for our tour get-together. See our DTC group for specifics. Since this is a private function, I don't want to use my blog to post details, only figure out who will be attending and fun details. Thanks. Hope to see you!!!!!! (It's gonna be awesome!)

Monday Night the Poll on our DTC group will close! Date of Event will then be posted!

Three of us (so far) can help with Airport and/or Lodging
Stephe -DE (Philadelphia) Susan & Cheryl & Donna (if coming)
Sheryl - NJ (Philadelphia)
Kim & Husband- MD (Baltimore ) Can give Airport transportation from Baltimore to Philly

Others Hopefully Attending
Melissa - hopefully depending on date (on vaca)
Susan Rizzo - Florida (if this is official weekend)
Cheryl - Texas (if this is official weekend)
Donna - Arizon (maybe)
Hope - (I think)
email me if I forgot you at our DTC group!

Popsicle Photos – Sheryl’s in charge of. Please email photo to Sheryl C. if not able to attend.

YearBook – Anyone interesting in being in our EAST COAST PANDA yearbook, send Stephe and email.

I'm in LOVE!

I just found this butterfly nightlight on the internet and I'M IN LOVE! I ordered it right away. I have been searching and searching for a nightlight for giorgia's room and a new one for my room. One down, one to go. As expected...she'll get the prettiest one!!! I just hope that it is atleast half as beautiful as in the photo!!!

Look what the boys got!!!

New Rule

I can't believe I even have to post this but ...The new rule is if you don't have anything postive to say...say nothing. I know that my mother and father taught me this as a little girl but obviously there are members of the adoption world that never received the same life lessons. My blog is here for me, my family, my friends (cyber and otherwise) and it's meant to be a positive outlet. I don't expect everyone to agree with my life choices but guess what, they are MY life choices. Thank you to all of my POSITIVE fellow adopters, family and friends. Please know that this post is not about you! Everyone else, feel free to delete my blog from your favorites or blogs if you don't view me or my thoughts in a welcoming light. And yes, I am deleting comments that I don't care for. ..feel free to disagree somewhere else, trying to keep my blog postive! Thanks to most of you for your support!

PetSmart Commercial

I absolutely love this commercial! Pirate is the same way with his Cami!

Nursery Slideshow

I know you all have seen my nursery but I saw a few slideshows on blogs today and thought I would try one out! Since all I do is work right now...this was the only thing interesting to make a slideshow of. :)

Giorgia's Headboard

This was the headboard that I just got at a yard sale for $5. It was an ugly color cream with needed repairs. Now it's White and in the room! It's hard to tell that I painted it. I should have done the before and after outside. It was the same color as my shed when it was done but against the blue/white walls it doesn't look so white. Oh well, that's photography for you!!!
And yes, I am aware that I put a "white" down comforter in a childs room. How long I will be able to keep it this way??? Only time will tell. Hey, I'm a risk taker!! Hee. Hee.


International Flights vs. In China Flight

Well, at first, my luggage was going to be what the International Airline said was allowable. Then I began to find out through some research that if I have to take an In-China flight, the restrictions were harsher. So, my numbers will be for the In-China flight. Since I am not going COO, I better do some weeding out. Even worse, how do you MAKE your best friend, whose traveling with you, pack light!!!

Luggage in China (Per ticketed customer):

1 checked bag weighing 44 pounds less. (9" x 14" x 22")
1 carry-on bag
1 personal item: purse or briefcase

$130-$200 per bag that is over the limit! Remember, if your child has an airline ticket, they will also get a luggage allowance so that will work out for souvenirs and stuff.

Luggage Tips

1. Don’t put important stuff in your luggage… cash, important documents, medication, jewelry, cameras and breakables should be placed in your carry-on. As well as one change of clothes.

2. Place the appropriate identification tags on all your bags & inside your luggage and a copy of your itinerary. Use your work address and phone.

3. Remove all straps, hooks, and things protruding from the luggage that could get caught in the luggage conveying system at the airport.

4. When making reservations, avoid changing airlines so that luggage is handled by the same airline from start to finish.

5. Arrive Early.

6. Make sure that your airline check-in agent puts the proper destination code on your luggage tags. Be sure it is your final destination in China and not the connecting destination.

7. Don’t over pack! Plan to bring no more than 4 days worth of clothing, budget to use the hotel laundry services.


Prissy Poofs

You just have to LOVE this site!!!

Squat Potty

Okay, I am back to my "information" type posts again. Real life is boring and nothing to post. So, I am trying to organize all of my info and trying to post. (This is my incentive to get-it-together). Anyway, I thought I would post on the Squat Potty. I am sure, by now, all of you know what one is. Below is part of a post from someone on one of my yahoo groups and I thought it was just the funniest thing ever!...

"Squat toilets really aren't that bad ... the worst ones would be at really touristy places (like the Great Wall) ... that said, I'd go "squatty" over a western toilet any day ... some of the western ones I saw in China were WAY grosser than a squatty ... most families I know who have been to China, agree.

Practice doing the "squatty" in the shower ... pull your panties down past your knees, then using your hands pull the entire fabric area forward, then squat down and let loose ... keep your feet placed a good shoulder width apart and balance with elbows/forearms on your thighs ... really, it's not that hard.

If it's a bit stinky, breathe thru your mouth."

Yeah, I'm gonna run right home and practice!! Right! But there is a small part of me that says maybe I should practice. LOL.

Bottles in China

What to take:

Playtex bottles are easy & disposables convenient.

Take extra nipples, though, since you'll probably have to cut them (your baby will likely be used to having a bigger hole) and you may mess up on some.

Some bring rubbermaid type shoe box to use as a washbin, rubber gloves because the water that you use to wash bottles with is boiling hot, a bottle brush and a nipple brush. This really made washing bottles very easy. When they were packing the rubbermaid box, they stuffed it with snacks, this way the snacks wouldn’t get crushed and all the way home you can put some fragile souvenirs in it so they don’t get crunched. Obviously not necessary but can come in handy.


Consider buying the Chinese brand formula once you are over there. It has been said that if you switch right away, they may get constipated from the new formula.

Some Most people buy enough formula in China to last through their stay there and for at least two weeks after return home. That way, you can gradually mix in the new formula brand (whether soy or not) little by little so it isn't such a drastic change for a little one who is already experiencing so many events in his or her young life.

Formula is milk-based in China.

Many pediatricians recommend taking a milk based formula, such as Similac with Iron or Enfamil with Iron. Others recommend Lactofree (a milk with no lactose sugar, but also no soy protein), as many people of Asian descent have a lactose intolerance.

Lactofree seemed to be the closest in taste to the Chinese formulas used in most orphanages, but the milk based formulas were tolerated just as well.

The soy formula can sometimes constipate the children, and many have already been on a milk based formula.

To ease the transition to US baby formulas, some people mix the formula in a lesser strength for a few days. This avoids some problems with constipation and stomach aches.

On the go:

Prefill the liners with formula and band. Buy some of the child-sized rubberbands that they sell for ponytails. That is a really easy way to rubber band the liner.

Fill a thermos with boiling water and bring along bottled water.
I hear that you have to put a little bit of cold bottled water in the liner first, then add the boiling water, so that the liners don't melt.
Not taking the bottle:
Just because your daughter doesn't take a bottle for the first several days, don't assume she won't!
Flow: Maybe the flow is too slow, so enlarge the nipple holes. You can use chopsticks or a nail clipper.
Temperature: Some babies need “to have her formula HOT - not tepid, not warm, but HOT - burn your tongue HOT, too HOT for my hands HOT ... HOT HOT HOT .... and even after we came home, I had to have the director of our daycare make her bottles special, using the hot water out of the bubble (you know the side you use to make tea) because she would NOT drink formula unless it was HOT.”
Consistency: A lot of babies are fed formula mixed with rice cereal so the contents is very thick.
Amounts: One mom said her daughter was 9 months at adoption a she was getting 4 bottles a day. 32-48 ounces of formula a day in China

Some say that the bottle feeding has been indispensable for the attachment process.
Other Foods: Some useful foods for children more than six months old include Cheerios, Kix, goldfish crackers, graham crackers, fruit bars, and other finger foods. Jar foods should probably not be taken abroad due to the increased risk of breakage in your suitcase. Most children will be able to eat limited food from the table if cut up into very tiny pieces, so as to avoid the risk of choking.
This is just some info I found useful, maybe you will too.


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