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Thank you Secret Pal!I love ALL of my goodies. I just love getting presents in the mail! Anyway, my secret pal gave me a whole bunch of stuff. The theme was “Something to pack for the trip”. I have started to acquire things from my packing list and I must say that have not gotten any of the items that I received. It was just too exciting. In the box was a Disposable feeding kit that was for on-the-go meals which included placemats, cups & lids,Bids, and silverware. There was also a box of 3 space savers (I SO NEED THOSE!!!), Rubbermaid snack cups, set of Pink Luggage Tags, a Formula Dispenser, and Graduates Cookies for Giorgia! I also got a great big Chinese Takeout Box filled with candy! Candy that I am eating right now asI type this! Yummy! Thank you so much Secret Pal. You’re the BEST!!!

Butterfly Night lite

This is some video of the butterfly Nightlight that I purchased a little while back. It's still prettier in person and I still love it!

Blog Updates

Don't you just hate it when the blogs you check out aren't updated!!!! It's sad, you just want MORE! Anything will do, just post something new! Unfortunately, I've become one of those people. It's getting harder and harder to blog. I've lost momentum. Rumors were getting to me a couple of weeks ago but that has passed. However, it's put me in a different mind set. I've been busting my butt working 2 jobs with all kinds of hours and I'm just TIRED. The longer the wait extends, the more money I have coming into my savings...yippee! This also means, maybe I can give up a night of working...yippee! So, I dropped one shift at my second job. I know that might not be a lot to some but it seems to be making a huge difference to me and it's only the 1st week!

I am also SHOPPED OUT! What? Can you believe it? Nesting must be over since I let the rumors get to me. Baby shopping is no longer exciting to me. Fun - yes (cause a girl always loves to shop) but not exciting like it has been! Plus due to the fact that I have had fantastic luck with yard sales (see Giorgia's Enchanted Garden) and friends giving me items...I don't need much. I have already had one friend tell me to stop buying so that people will be able to get me stuff at my shower! (awe, they want to throw me a shower!)

I'm the girl that's not getting married and isn't pregnant (physically) but LOVES to go to SHOWERS. It seems that I'm in the minority. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. You would think that I was going home with all of the presents! lol. I can be such a dork! I am not a fan of the mingling part because I can be very shy. Ironically, I'm either SUPER SHY or SUPER NOT!! And it's not like I don't secretly like being the center of attention....I just don't want to be there alone! :)

Another thing I could work on is the nursery. Oops...can't, that was done when I submitted my dossier! But that's okay, it doesn't make me sad when I walk by it...just hopeful!!! It's too pretty of a room to ever make me feel sad.

So, I thought for a while that I would have nothing to keep me busy...WRONG. I have been working on creating our
January DTC groups website

and our East Coat PandaFest gathering

...and I'm swamped. I LOVE doing this kind of stuff but tend to be too focused on it and let other things go. (Have to work on that). Now I have NO TIME to CLEAN my house before everyone gets here! AAAAAHHHHH! I wish that I could be as organized with my home chores as I am with my computer/work stuff. Life would be grand then. Ok, this is why I've been MIA for a bit. Hopefully October will be a better Blogger Month!!!


I just want to Thank my Secret Pal so much. My "Keep Baby Safe" Gift was just awesome! It all came in the cutest ladybug bag! I got a child-proofing kit big enough to do my WHOLE house, a travel Medical Kit, and a rubber duckie water temperature tester! How cool is all of that! I am in the process of getting all the stuff together for my packing list and I haven't gotten any of the medical kit stuff, so this is perfect.

Here is a close up of the Hula duckie...how cute. Did you know that it matches Giorgia's Bathrooom Decor? Check it out!

Ok, I was bored so I was playing with the duckie in my kitchen!!!

Thanks so much again! This is just soo much fun!

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