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Pirate LOVES presents

Holiday Harlee

Harlee & Pirate Meet

Pirate has a minor medical issue that makes him honk when he gets really excited. It doesn't hurt him and calms down after a minute or so. So, don't worry, he's ok.

Harlee is here for the Holidays

Look, Harlee arriving via Fedex in her most sparkly sweater! (Kidding...she was not shipped anywhere)
Harlee waving "hi"
So Pirate, aka Mr. Super Tongue, gives some love to her.

Now that the pleasantries are over...where's my FOOD?

Harlee Shopping

Harlee shopping at PetSmart!

Harlee picking out a new leash!

Choosing a cute little pink piggy toy!


This is a photo I took of Harlee when she came to visit for Christmas. Like the cute little outfit I bought her? She was mean to my baby Pirate though...

Smart Find™ Remote Control Key Locator

I REALLY think I need THIS!!!
from Brookstone

Our wireless Smart Find™ technology locates your keys and other essentials with a loud, 85-decibel alarm. Simply press one of the color-coded pagers on your wireless transmitter, and the matching key ring or receiver will answer with a loud alarm from anywhere in your home. Transmits up to a 60-foot range through floors, walls—even sofa cushions. Includes two color-coded key rings and two slim, color-coded receivers (to attach to your PDA, wallet, etc.).

Off the Wall

2007: The Year In Fashion
Off the Wall

A $10 million Western fashion spectacle staged on the most recognizable landmark in the world's largest Communist country? But of course. Given China's rapid emergence as an economic power over the last decade, it was only a matter of time before someone like Fendi decided to mount a runway show, complete with fur-clad socialites flown in from New York, on the Great Wall. Karl Lagerfeld, the brand's designer, was quick to point out the historical inevitability. "The wall is built to be a runway, huh?" he shrugged. "They don't have to use it for fighting Mongolians anymore; now they can use it for fashion."

Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends!


Like my new header?


My mom's new puppy, Harlee.


Fortune Cookie USB Drive

Okay, I have NO INTEREST in purchasing this but I thought some of you might really like it, so, I thought I'd post this latest find.

Freshly Baked Series 2, Fortune Cookies USB Drive, Yellow, 2Gb Features

***USB2.0 Flash Drive Customized Series- Fortune cookies, yellow, 1Gb***
Vavolo.com presents you the latest USB2.0 Flash Drive Customized Series- Fortune cookies, yellow, 1Gb, with chiseled exterior, tasty cookies in appearance, it's not just merely provides storage solution, but also an eye-catching artware. Crafted with advanced storage technology, formed in a unique, personalized, premium design make you enjoy the enhanced design and improved functionality which just for you. it have everything you desire in the era of customized flash storage solution.

It is able to work with desktop, laptop as long as a USB 2.0 or 1.1 USB port available, fully USB Plug&Play, high performance in data transfer rate, maximal data transfer rate up to 480Mpbs. It offer a stable, quick way to exchange or share data, such as music files, videos, digital photos, training or business presentations.


* Fortune cookies, yellow design
* Stylish, eye-catching
* 1Gb internal capacity
* USB 2.0, 1.1 specification compliance.
* USB Plug&Play
* Hi-speed and stable data transferring.
* Power supply: DC+5 Volts supplied by USB port.
find them here.

Royal Princess Throne

qualify for free shipping.
List Price: $89.95
Okay, so how could I resist. I have some birthday presents for some cute little girls next year. Found it here at amazon. Use this link, other links are going higher with the price. Act quick if you want it. It looks so cute.

Foolish for posting this

I know, I know, I'm probably Foolish for posting this..

I am Republican.

I don't always agree with everything Republican and I don't always disagree with things Democrat. At voting time if I truely think in my heart that a democrat is a better candidate, that person will get my vote, although it hasn't happened yet. Never say never.

So, here is what's on my mind...

I don't have much of an opinion about Obama but I LOVE Oprah. I am for anyone, even celebrities, endorsing candidates, but.....

If Obama wins, I believe it will be Oprah's win and what kind of president is that. I want my next president to win his/her own presidency. Obama, stand on your own and strong or sit down and let Oprah run for presidency.

For this reason alone, I believe he is the least deserving Democrat.

Scott Damon & Bubbles

Tattoos with a Mission

We've almost all felt the vulnerability of losing sight of our child in a crowded space -- at an amusement park, mall, beach or museum.

Because kids tend to wander despite our best efforts, we were thrilled to discover (thanks to a Modern Mom reader) Tottoos - a simple but brilliant idea that gives parents peace of mind when traveling or visiting crowded places.

Custom temporary tattoos printed with your phone number or any important information you choose, Tottoos last over 12 hours, are water-resistant and 100% non-toxic.

Tottoos - $14.95 for a set of 15 at Tottoos.org


You Are a Christmas Sweater!

Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy.
You're not afraid to be a little tacky.

Twilight Ladybug

Product Features

Full night sky projection on ceiling and walls
Shell illuminates for a calming nightlight effect
Auto shut-off 45 minute sleep timer
Includes Twilight Ladybug story and adoption certificate
Battery operated (includes three AAA batteries)
Found it here.

Snack & Play

Very Cool! I might consider this one.
Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray
I found it at here.

Feast From The East

Item #: CPX-528L
Add new flavor to pretend play with this appetizing buffet of Asian foods. Made of realistically detailed vinyl and plastic, the set includes replicas of sushi, shrimp, dumplings, steamed rice, a traditional tea set, chop sticks, 2 steamer baskets and more. Completing this "tasteful" offering is a 5½" Diam. x 2½"H. stainless steel wok (for pretend use only). 67-pc set. Ages 4 years +.
$20.99 Set
Found at Constructive Playthings.


OMG chloesmama, you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I might actually find this book. You have NO IDEA how EXCITED I am. I'll try to hit Borders this weekend and pick up these books!!! I REALLY, REALLY appreciated you finding this for me. You can't believe how happy I am right now!! (I'm pretty sure it's the five brothers book) YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, I need your help finding a childrens book. (this is a wierd one) When I was young, maybe 4th or 5th grade, we read a book in class. I fell in LOVE with it. I don't know the title or the author...but I've been casually looking for it for some 20+ years. Maybe someone out there know the book I'm talking about????
Okay, so it has an Asian flare with pagodas and stuff and a young boy and his grandfather. The jist was how the young boy wished the sea away and what was left was all the riches it left.
It was soooo long ago and I might have some facts mixed up. The part of the sea going away and the riches left behind are the premise.
Can anyone help or know of a resource that might be able to help me? Thanks. : )

Laptop Travel Tips

"With the holidays right around the corner, many of us will be packing our bags and bon voyaging to visit friends and family. If you are planning on packing your laptop, there are some precautions you should take to make sure your laptop is in tip top shape when it arrives at your destination.

Be sure to carry your laptop in a bag designed for laptop computers. If you accidentally drop your laptop while it is in a good carrying case, you have a good chance that it will not be damaged. Most laptop bags have extra padding for added protection.

Sometimes hotel rooms have devices like alarm clocks, hair driers and televisions containing magnets that can damage your data. Do not store memory sticks or zip disks near these devices for extended periods.

For more tips, just

Keep those holiday cocktails away from your laptop and try to avoid using small base glasses as they can easily tip over. Spilling liquid into a laptop can ruin it.

Avoid checking your laptop as luggage on an airline, bus, etc. Always carry-on your laptop to avoid damage and theft. Keep your laptop in hand at all times when in public areas. Be extra careful in busy locations like airports, where many laptop computers are stolen.

X-ray machines at the airports will not damage your computer or your media and files. However, many people have had their computers stolen as it comes out of the conveyer belt. Be sure not to leave your computer unattended.

Make sure you know the power type and the plug type requirements for the country you are traveling to. You will need to get the necessary adapters if you are going to be using your computer while plugged into a power source (other than battery power). "

This article found here.

Grilled Asian Orange Chicken

Crisco® No-Stick Cooking Spray
2 tablespoons Crisco® Pure Canola Oil
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 tablespoon finely grated fresh ginger
4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
1/4 cup Smucker's® Sweet Orange Low Sugar Marmalade


Remove the cooking rack and heat grill to medium high. Spray the cooking rack with Crisco Cooking Spray; replace on grill.
Combine Crisco Pure Canola Oil, soy sauce, lime juice, and ginger in a bowl and mix well.
Add chicken; marinate 30 minutes. While chicken is marinating, melt Smucker’s Orange Marmalade in microwave at 50% power.
Place the chicken breasts on prepared grill; brush with half the melted Smucker’s Orange Marmalade. Cook about 5 to 6 minutes. Turn and brush with the remaining marmalade; cook another 5 to 6 minutes until done.
Yield: 4 servings

Grab & Dry Gloves

Regular kitchen towels tend to twist, slip and wrap around objects, making the job of drying or polishing cumbersome. Grab & Dry is an ingeniously designed pair of highly absorbent gloves that allows you to safely and securely dry fragile dishes quickly and easily without dropping them. With Grab & Dry, both hands are covered, so handling is easier and no fingerprints are left on glasses and dishes. The outer layer is made from a special type of highly absorbent terrycloth and can dry up to 100 items in one cleaning session, while the silky soft inner lining is waterproof so your hands stay dry.

Each glove can be worn on either the right or the left hand, so you can flip them over when one side gets wet. Great for drying delicate items like wine glasses, Grandma's China or heavy vases; polishing; and even car detailing!

• Made of 100% cotton
• Machine-washable
• One size fits all

Available in white with red trim.

$14.95 find them here.

"Gotcha" ???

I just want to clarify my stand a bit more. I don't hate "gotcha" and I was fine with it during most of the wait. After all, it's just a word and it's the intent that counts. I feel you/family/friends can say anything as long as the intent is good. However, a small part of me always did feel that Gotcha was the same as snatched. It wasn't until I started reading adoptees thoughts on the word. It's their voice that is making me rethink this. I'm an adult and I find this topic easy to process. On the flip side, our children aren't coming from our point of view, they are coming from theirs...the only one they know. I'm trying really hard to understand their point of view and help them in anyway I can. :)
I've been thinking about the term Gotcha Lately. For those of you in the IA world, I'm curious to your thoughts. Personally, I'm not into the term and I'm looking for an alternative. I do admit that when I am speaking with an IA parent, I use it because it's such a quick reference but like I said, I'm looking for an alternative term.
I read an article today and here is a little piece that I wanted to share. (Get Rid of "Gotcha" by Karen Moline)

It didn't surprise me to find that adoptees have a slightly different feeling about all these gushing gotchas. Eight-year-old Becca Lampman, who was adopted from China, said, "It sounds weird to say that—call it ‘Adoption Day' instead." Her 17-year-old sister, Elena, adopted from Romania, agreed: "I wouldn't like hearing ‘Gotcha Day' used in my family. To me, it sounds like someone snatched you away from your birth family, or almost like you are a prize that was won...it has a gloating, ha-ha tone to it."
"We celebrate my Adoption Day, and I like that," she added. "Being adopted is worth celebrating, and ‘Adoption Day' is respectful sounding."
Adult adoptee Hanna Sofia Jung Johansson pointedly asked, "What is being celebrated [on Gotcha Day]? Parenthood and the new family, I guess. But do adoptive parents acknowledge their child's losses at the same time? ‘Gotcha' for parents means ‘lost-ya' for children who have been separated from familiar faces, smells, and surroundings."
As of now, I think I want to call that day "Mommy Daughter" day. Obviously this wouldn't work if there was a daddy involved. Since there is not, this is what I would like to use. I also don't see this day as a great loss of my child's biological parents, rather a loss of and orphanage, caretakers, and a country...familiarity. Let me explain. Her GREATEST loss of her biological parents happened before she entered the orphanage, not on "gotcha". Not to discount what she looses on "gotcha" but they are not as grand and her first loss. I do believe that my MD Day will be joyous day in spirit... a day where a motherless daughter finally gets a mother that will spend her days loving and taking care of her daughter and vice versa. I have hopes that every year on that very day we'll play hooky and do something fun. (at least until she get's older and starts the eye rolling) That's my hope anyway....

So, what do you think of "Gotcha Day"? Will you use this term or another? If so, what are you using?

What would you think if you went to grab a beer in your friends garage fridge and saw this??? Which leads to the question...
How well do YOU know your friends???

Her husband is a hunter and this is just one of those things that goes with the territory! I told her I was going to take a photo and blog it...much to her horror!!!
She doesn't ever read my blog though and it's not like I'll put her name out there!!!
Okay, so here is the story. I'm on the phone with one of my best friends and she's running around doing housework that day and just happens to be on the phone with me while she's stocking her garage fridge. All of us sudden, she's like, "oh crap!" and is laughing. She's like laughing at the fact that her husband has this in the refridge and if anyone saw it they wouldn't know what to make of them. LOL. My guess is they've always had wierd stuff like this. They just recently moved into their new home that only has one extra garage fridge instead of two. Their last house had two and one was just for her husbands hunting paraphernalia and meat. You know, all the kind from hunting deer, ducks and fish.
Anyway, until that 2nd fridge appears, I'm sure I will continue to find interesting stuff next to the beer!!!


OMG, have you heard this girl sing!! She's incredible.

Children's Day

Just read an article online and here are some snipits I wanted to share.
“With both parents working long hours, preparing balanced meals at home becomes difficult. So salty snacks and fizzy drinks have become the main meal of cranky, pampered kids. This is fomenting a health crisis in Japan, the home of sushi, seaweed and world's longest life expectancy. The US food chains are helping it to rear a generation of young sugar addicts spending their adolescence fighting obesity and acne. India unwittingly boasts of being the largest snack market in the Asia Pacific region. Emotional stress is linked with junk food faddism. Only if could make our kids skip the fries and go hard on soft drinks. Housewives could take this as a business opportunity to supply tasty wholesome homemade food to working parents and school canteens.”

“Only if we would not treat our kids as our prized possessions whose achievements alone are to be showcased as trophies. They need our love and assurance the most when they deserve it the least. Let them know that failures are as much part of growing up as success. Let us consciously try to remove the imbalance of power (still prevalent in most Indian homes) which makes the sons believe that they can get away with everything. Let us give them a sense of belonging and not expensive gifts. Let us respect the law and not indulge in a sick display of opulence. “

“We may have our own dreams about our children but as they grow older we need to respect (rather than kill) their interests and choices in life”

“On this coming Children's Day let us try to gift our children their 'Age of Innocence' sans junk food, TV/internet abuse, conspicuous consumption, sedentary lifestyle and an insensitive couldn't-care-less attitude. Let us guide them lovingly yet firmly on their path of self discovery.”

Emergency Smartpack

American Red Cross Emergency Smart Pack

Modular System for Basic Preparedness
This 65-piece Emergency SmartPack Modular System for Basic Preparedness comes in a backpack and features five individual modules filled with supplies to improve disaster safety and preparedness.
It's totally cool. I'm going to add a few things to it, like a second rain poncho and emergency blanket. I'm going to keep it under my front seat! I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff! You should see the Emergency Bags I made after 9-11. I still have them in my shed in case of an emergency. I know, I'm nuts.

Tag Album

I happened to find a gem of a project on Dare to Scrap, who found the idea on Rikki's Blog! OMG, is it not the cutest thing you've ever seen! I'm just amazed. I'm going to make one for Giorgia!!!

Clutter-Free Giving

I found this great post...

Clutter-Free Giving
By Carmen Coker

"Clutter-free Giving is the act of giving someone a present that will not, in turn, clutter their home, office, or life! It is a reciprocal philosophy; it applies not only to the act of giving gifts to others but also to listing presents that you would like to receive.

If you are really creative, it's not too hard to come up with a gift idea that will enrich someone's life without causing physical clutter. Here are some options for Clutter-free Giving to get you started…

One last note - contrary to popular belief, gift cards to department stores do not count as Clutter-free Giving! While the card itself may be small and un-clutter-like, the person will use the card to buy something for themselves, for their home, or for their office - and that something will eventually turn into clutter!”

Please read her post for the entire content here.

Some of the gifts that I like are…

Netflix Subscription http://www.netflix.com/.
Lawn Mowing Services
Car Wash and/or Detail
Grocery Store Gift Card
Gas Gift Card
Spa Treatments
Restaurant Gift Certificate
Savings Bonds
Online Magazine Subscription
Event Tickets (Theater, Concert, Movie, Sports)
Gym Membership
iTunes Gift Card
Classes (Self-defense, Singing, Language)

I would like to add...
Costco Gift Card for printing of digital photos
Gift Certificate for fun classes/lessons for a child (anything)
Yearly Passes/One Visit pass to Zoo
Pool membership
Cruise (yeah, like that'll happen! LOL hey, it's clutter free)
Gift certificate for one of those Super Meals places.
"Set limits on the gifts for kids. It’s so tempting to give your kids lots of gifts. But when you do, you are actually teaching them to expect that every year. The best gift you can give your kids is to teach them that the true meaning of the holidays is to give of yourself to others, be with people you love. It’s not supposed to be about how many gifts you get.
2. One of the biggest sources of holiday stress is overspending. Make a list of everyone you want to give a gift to and set a budget that allows you to celebrate the holidays without creating a financial hardship.

3. Create your gift list based on what you know people really need and use. If you aren’t sure, find out their favorite stores, restaurants, activities or service providers and give them a gift certificate. Even better, give a clutter-free gift of an experience or something consumable like food or ink for their printer! Do a Google search on "clutter-free holiday gift ideas" for lots more ideas." (from here.)

Please post if you have a great idea for a clutter free gift!!!

Door Organizer

"I start every morning out with a mad search for my car keys. It doesn't matter where I put them the night before by the time I get up in the morning they have myseriously disappeared.

The Doorganizer from See Jane Work is just the ticket. Just put everything right on the door the night before with your keys, checkbook, and to-do list to save yourself a few precious minutes in the morning.

Made from sturdy canvas and available in black, pink, red, and camel. Price: $15.00"

Travel Tips to Beijing

I stumbled across this article while surfing by Arun Gupta. Read the entire article here , there are photos.

"Shopping is a LOT of fun in Beijing. There is a great variety of clothes, toys, gadgets, etc. at local shops. And no shopping is complete without bargaining and that too HARD bargaining. For example when shopping at touristy places, such as street-side shops near Great Wall, bargain HARD. The rule that I followed was to quote the price to 10% of the original. Here are some examples:

Tee-shirts quoted 1 for 130, paid RMB 3 for 50 RMB
Cashmere Scarf (can't be original ;) quoted 1 for 160 RMB, paid 5 for 80 RMB
Great Wall Memento quoted 350 RMB, paid 20 RMB
Refrigerator Magnet quoted 20 RMB, paid 5 RMB

Generally the shopkeepers will give a counter offer but be straight-faced and maintain your price. To keep it easy, just stick to your price and pretend walk away. In all the cases, I was approached with my quoted price :) "

Adoptive Parent Pet Peeves

I stumbled across a new blog today, Steve and Jen's and I LOVED their post on Pet Peeves. This post is completely their words except I substituted the names in it. It's a REALLY great post.
Luckily for me I haven't received any negative comments about my adoption. People, for the most part, have been positive and supportive through this process. Sometimes though people do say things to us that, although are well meaning, are not considered positive adoption language. Sometimes it is because of a generational difference or unfamiliarity with current terminology. Some may consider us too sensitive about these things but it is really not about us. It is about the little girl who we will soon be adopting. Just wanted to talk about some of the things that are frowned upon in the (Chinese) adoption community.

Lucky Child
Not to toot my own horn but I think I will make pretty good parent so any kid would be lucky to have me as a parent. Sometimes though there is the perception that by adopting from China I am saving a child. I will be taking Giorgia out of an orphanage or foster care and I do think that I will be giving her many opportunities that she would not have in China. But she will also be losing a lot by leaving China. We will be taking her away from her country and culture and bringing her to a place were most of the population will not look like her. Sometime in her life she will feel racism and discrimination and at that point I am sure she will not feel lucky. We are the lucky ones that China is allowing us to adopt one of her daughters and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I think this is a generational thing as in the past it was acceptable to refer to people of Asian descent as Oriental. This term is no longer acceptable just as it is no longer acceptable to refer to African-Americans as colored. Grace will be Asian-American of Chinese descent. People are Asian, rugs and furniture are oriental.

China Doll
When people refer to Giorgia as my China doll I know it is meant with the best intentions, that she will be a beautiful child. What people don't realize is that there are sexual overtones in the term. The term is used in countless movies in referring to sexualized Asian women kept hidden away for some westerner's pleasure. Most Asians abhor the term as well as it objectifies them. So it is not really a term I want used in reference to my daughter since she will be my daughter and not a "doll" I went to China to purchase.

Model Minority
Sometimes Asians are referred to as the model minority. The stereotype is that Asians are intelligent, hardworking and successful. A few people have bought into this stereotype and commented that "she will be smart" or "good at math". I don't expect Giorgia to naturally excel in any one area just because of her race. I hope Giorgia is smart but what if she struggles in school? I would hate for her teachers to expect her to be smart or not give her the support she needs just because she is Chinese and is supposed to be good in certain subjects.

Positive Adoption Language
Using positive adoption language supports adoption as just another way to build a family. Adoption is not better or worse than having a child through birth, it is just a different path that I chose to build my family. I will not use the term "real parents" when referring to her "biological parents". It is also not acceptable to call a biological child a real son or daughter when comparing them to adopted children. I will be Giorgia's mom/parent, and I assure you I am real. Giorgia will have a biological mother and father in China, she will know and hopefully be proud of this from an early age. But I will never refer to Giorgia as my adopted daughter, she will just be my daughter Giorgia. I see no need to make the distinction. One comment I have heard in the past is that I will love her just as "my own". Well of course I will, she will be my own child. The preferred term for "own child" is "birth child" and I think that is what is meant when people use the term. It may seem to some that using proper terminology is trivial but positive adoption language is really about the child seeing their adoption in a positive light and not as something to be embarrassed about or as second best to having biological children.

Popular Infant Cold Medicines Recalled


My update below comes from a newsletter that I receive called "Baby 411 E-Newsletter"

"Cough and cold meds: What’s a parent to do?

As you’ve probably heard, the manufacturers of the leading cough and cold remedies voluntarily recalled all products intended for kids under age two. A week later, an advisory panel for the FDA recommended that cough and cold medications should not be used in kids under age six.

What’s all the fuss about? There have been several deaths due to accidental overdoses of these products. And, even medications used properly can cause annoying adverse effects (like insomnia).

Bottom line: these products do not treat the disease, and aren’t that effective in treating the symptoms either. (We’ve never recommended them) So, instead of having marginal benefit with some potential health risk...it's a good idea to just stop using these products.

What’s a parent to do as cold and flu season approaches? Saline nose drops, cool mist humidifier, acetaminophen/ibuprofen for fever or pain, and lots of TLC.

Just to clarify: Tylenol (acetaminophen) and Motrin (ibuprofen) are fine to use. These same manufacturers make combo cough/cold/fever remedies that have been recalled. Confusing, we know.

"NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. (Oct. 11) - Johnson & Johnson on Thursday voluntarily recalled certain infant cough and cold products, citing "rare" instances of misuse leading to overdoses.

The recall follows an August FDA statement warning parents not to give cough and cold medications to children under 2 years of age without a doctor's direction.

In a statement, J&J's McNeil-PPC unit cited "rare instances of misuse", which could lead to overdoses "particularly in infants under two years of age."

The products being recalled include: infants' Tylenol Drops Plus Cold; Concentrated Infants' Tylenol Drops Plus Cold & Cough; Pediacare Infant Drops Decongestant; Pediacare Infant Drops Decongestant & Cough; Pediacare Infant Dropper Decongestant; Pediacare Infant Dropper Long-Acting Cough; and Pediacare Infant Dropper Decongestant & Cough (PE) products.

Cough and cold products for children age two and over and single-ingredient pain reliever and fever reducers expressly labeled for infants are not included in the recall.

The recall comes two months after the Food and Drug Administration issued a public health advisory warning parents not to give cough and cold medications to children under 2 years of age without a doctor's direction. The FDA's Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee will meet Oct. 18-19 to discuss the use of cough and cold drugs by children.

Shares of Johnson & Johnson closed at $65.83 Wednesday."

Squid Soap

Squid Soap by Airborne Teaches and Trains Children to Wash Hands

"The flu already visited our home early this season, luckily it was mild. However, I'm sure it will return in full force, which is why I'm constantly on my kids to wash their hands. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hand washing is one of the most important things children can do to help stay healthy.
I was lucky enough to receive Squid Soap by Airborne. It's the first hand soap designed to teach and train proper hand-washing technique to children, perfect timing for my three year old. "

Here's how it works:

Press the pump to get "inked" by the ink marker with vegetable dye.
Wash for about 20 seconds thoroughly to remove the ink mark.
Leaves the child with clean hands.
Takes the guesswork out of whether or not your child's hands are clean.
Fun and effective.

My three year old of course loves the squishy squid toy that came along with the "ink soap", as she calls it. At this age, getting her to wash her hands is certainly not a problem. I can't keep her away from playing in the water and making a huge mess in the bathroom. However, I do struggle with keeping the soap on her hands long enough to actually clean them. With Squid Soap, she keeps scrubbing until the ink is gone and we know she's cleaning them thoroughly.
Squid Soap is great kids of all ages and adults too, encouraging healthy habits that benefit the entire family.
Available at many leading retail stores throughout the United States."
To learn more visit Squid Soap

Beijing Hotels

I found an interesting article online called China and the environment: The U.S. could learn a lot from China by Roberta
I found this particular paragraph interesting...
"How surprised I was when I walked into my hotel room in Beijing! Lights, TV and all other electronic systems were operable only when the hotel key card was inserted into a slot provided on the wall just inside the hotel room door. When one left the hotel room and removed their key card, all of the electrically operated gadgets in the room would go dead. No energy was wasted when nobody is present in the room. A remote control center next to the bed allowed occupants to operate any light, television, etc. in the hotel room without getting up." read the entire article here.

Baby Food on the GO

I found this on a cool blog...

Squirt Babyfood Dispensing Spoon

Wee Travel Car Seat and Baby Equipment Rentals (Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria) loves pretty much everything Boon…especially the new Squirt baby food dispensing spoon. The easy-to-fill bulb holds up to 3 ounces of baby food. Just give it a squeeze, and out comes just the right amount of food. Squirt comes with a protective cover to seal food in and keep the spoon clean between feedings. By combining the spoon and food container into one product, Squirt makes one-handed feeding a snap so you can nurse your latte with the other. $8 wherever Boon products are sold.

Hand Sanitizer

I saw this post by the RQ on China Adopt Talk and this was her great info on Hand Sanitizer. Please see her blog for more IA Talk.
"I’ve seen so many people not using these things correctly that I thought it deserved a blog post. When in China we will all be using these after using a public bathroom, as many bathrooms do not have sinks, and even if they do there will likely not be any soap. Also, many restaurants do not have sinks or soap available, and after a day of sightseeing or even sitting in a Civil Affairs office, I think hand sanitizer is better than nothing at all before you begin eating. (And, as has been pointed out in the comments, even if you wash your hands, the water is likely not clean so you’ll still want to use hand sanitizer even if you do have an opportunity to wash the grime off of your hands.)
Here is what I’ve been told about hand sanitizers:

They need at least 15 seconds of being “wet” on your hands. Wipe and rub back and forth for 15 seconds.

The evaporation process is an important part of the process, don’t wipe dry, let it evaporate. The wet part of the process breaks down cell walls, the evaporation process dehydrates the cell and kills the organism. If you wipe dry you don’t complete the process. You should spend another 10 to 15 seconds holding your hands out and letting it all evaporate.

Children do not have to consume very much of it in order to get serious alcohol poisoning. Keep it away from kids when not being used, and carefully supervise when it is being used. If you suspect your child has ingested hand sanitizer and is acting strange, get medical help immediately.

There are some things that hand sanitizer will not kill, including at least one fairly common bug that causes diarrhea. (C. difficile) Something about it being a spore and not a virus or germ. If you can’t wash your hands after a BM diaper then you may want to do a combination of wiping them well with a wipe and following up with sanitizer AND keeping your hands away from your mouth and your child’s mouth (and your child’s hands if they put their hands in their mouth).

Soap and water are said to be much better than hand sanitizer at removing germs and viruses and spores from your hands. If you have access to soap and clean water, use it. Only use hand sanitizer when it is the only option.

And finally, I used the GermX wipes on the plane as I figured that would be easier to get through security since it doesn’t have to be declared as a liquid. I really liked them and I’ve continued to keep them in the diaper bag to wipe down shopping carts and public highchairs. Also, when there is actual dirt on hands I use the wipes instead of the gel.
But, again, the biggest thing that I see people doing that drives me crazy, is wiping off their hands after using the gel or liquid sanitizers. I’m told that it is the evaporation process that actually kills most of the germs, let it evaporate!

Stupid Articles

I missed his "stupid article" that was an uproar on one of my groups but here is the second one regarding the response that he's gotten. Can someone please send me the link to the first article.
Link of responses & his comments to the responses.

Motherbridge of Love

Motherbridge of Love
A celebration of love between parent and child!

This beautiful poem celebrates the bond between parent and child in a special way. Through the exchanges between a little Chinese girl and her mother, Motherbridge of Love offers a poignant and inspiring message to parents and children all over the world.
Text royalties from the sale of this Barefoot book will be donated to Mother Bridge of Love, a charity that reaches out to Chinese children all over the world in order to develop a connection between China and the West, and between adoptive culture and birth culture.

Xinran, the acclaimed Chinese author, broadcaster and journalist, is the founder of Mother Bridge of Love. She is also well-known for her best-selling books The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices, an account of the extreme difficulties and injustices facing women in China, and Sky Burial, the epic story of one woman's search for the truth.

The illustrations are so amazing, I just ordered the book! I can't wait to get it! You can find it here.

Surfing Again...

and I found this...

Asian Dreamland- Music CD
Experience bedtime music from Asia!

A harmonious collection of tranquil lullabies and soothing songs from Asian lands.

Putumayo World Music's upbeat and melodic international compilations are guaranteed to make you feel good! Together, a Barefoot Book and a Putumayo CD make the perfect gift. I found it here.

Kung Pao

If I can do it, anyone can! It's super easy and suprisingly super good! I tell you, if you want to make Kung Pao from scratch, it'll cost you a fortune in products to make the sauce. This handy dandy all in one kit is very inexpensive and like I said...yummy. (I obviously had too much time on my hands!)

Ingredients below that are in box. Just toss rice in pan with water, cover & cook.

cube chicken and cook.

Toss in chili peppers & Peanuts. Cook 2 minutes. Toss in Kung Pao sauce.

Viola! A super tasty dinner. :)

Pirate Wins!!!

and he made the newspaper too!!

(click to enlarge)

Ladybugs Hair Clips by Lil' Sugarplum

Darling ladybugs placed on a 1 1/4 Snap Clip on either white or green grosgrain ribbon . Can be made on a alligator clip-specify which clip type. Velcro inside for more secure hold for all hair types. Each ribbon end is heat sealed to prevent fraying. Ships within 3 business days of placing your order. Ideal for birthdays, everyday wear or gifts.

Buy them here.

Got Sipahh?

If getting your child to drink milk is a battle, you'll appreciate these innovative straws that instantly turn bland milk into a tasty, fun treat.

Unlike sugary, artificial mixes, Sipahh Milk Flavoring Straws are all-natural, contain no preservatives and, best of all, have less than half a teaspoon of sugar each.

And, they're fun. Filled with hundreds of little flavor beads that dissolve on contact with milk, the straws come in strawberry, chocolate and banana. Our favorite: cookies & cream.

The Australian company hopes to sell Sipahh in the US later this year, but for now, you can buy them online.

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