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Fun Day

Earlier today I got some bloodwork done! You know...medicals for my UPDATE!! Oh, so much fun. I have to say, these girls here know what they are doing!!! Of course, as long as they grab that pediatric needle!!!
Then off to get my HEP A & HEP B shot.
Then I go get my Baby Pirate.
Pirate is doing well! He made it through the SECOND surgery!
(These are the staples that are right along his pride and joy! Don't want to totally invade his privacy!)
It's just so sad that he had to go through it a second time. This is the second time that he's had to have a surgery redone. Both times "my vet" wasn't able to do the surgery but his partner was. Both times, "my vet" was able to redo what wasn't completely done the first times. See a pattern here! It seems whenever Pirate needs a surgery it's never one of those types that can be scheduled...Pirate prefers the "emergency" surgery route. Geesh. I do have to say that my vet didn't charge me for the actual 2nd surgery, but I still had to pay $282 for all the other stuff. Ironically this was still cheaper than the first surgery, even if he HAD charged me. Argh. Oh well, anything for my baby! :)

Look, I even got a bonus...his STONES!!

Aren't you glad I posted those!

Now, Pirate & I hit McDonalds for a cheeseburger for him. (just the patty and the doc said I could give him one) Anyway, because of the surgery, he is not in his usually puppy seatbelt so I am holding him. I don't prefer to drive this way...mostly for his safety. So, when we get to the drive thru window, he's all but crawling out of the car. (I'm thinkin' he feels just fine) Now we head home.

Okay, so I enter my development and WHAT????????????????
Don't see this everyday!


Now, I'm still rushing home because my SW is coming over for another home visit and stuff. Fun. She's a sweetheart but I'm still nervous. Now, some of you remember, the first home visit, when she arrived, Pirate scooted out the front door and took off down the road. So, I was like "help your self, I'll be right back". I had to go chase him down and bring him back. ARGH. Bad dog. But, it was a great ice breaker and I wasn't nervous after that.

So, I great my SW at the door and we reminisce about the last visit and I told her that there will be no great escapes this time due to the surgery. I had told her earlier about the surgery so she would know that I would have a sad puppy in advance. She wanted to see him and give him a little hug to feel better and so he thanked her by peeing on my carpet, accidentally. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! It's not his fault....it's totally a surgery thing. But seriously...ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! LOL. I couldn't yell at him, poor thing. I just cleaned it up really, really good as my SW was laughing at the situation. AAAHHH!

Anyway, All went well and my UPDATE is DONE!!! (exhale)

New Lamps

Okay, I bought new lamps for the nursery. I don't even know if I really need them. But wouldn't it be nice to be able to read a book in bed with a light on the nightstand. So, I figured eventually I would need a lamp. Anyway, I wanted a fru-fru lamp (suprise) to kind of reflect Giorgi's chandelier and the furniture hardware. I found these at Target and they were the last ones. The shorter one (below) is sitting on the night stand.

The taller one (below) is sitting on the dresser/changing table for now. Still undecided, that's why the tags are still on. Thoughts?

Is anyone suprised that there are NO FEATHERs on the lamps? lol

What kind of Blog?

Your Blog Should Be Blue

Your blog is a peaceful, calming force in the blogosphere.
You tend to avoid conflict - you're more likely to share than rant.
From your social causes to cute pet photos, your life is a (mostly) open book.

Americal Girl

I've seen some posts lately on my yahoo groups that... American Girl does not offer any Asian Dolls. Well, I found two on their site and I wanted to share. They are not "classified" as Asian but you be the judge.
Bitty Baby Doll
Light skin, black hair, black almond-shaped eyes
Item# BB4B
With light skin, black hair, and black almond shaped eyes, this Bitty Baby® can be loved and nurtured like a real baby. She’s 15 inches long with a cuddly cloth body and smooth vinyl arms, legs, and face. Plus, she comes with a special outfit and extras.

Just Like You
Light skin, black hair, brown eyes
Item# GT4H

With light skin, black hair, and brown eyes, this Just Like You® doll can become a new and lasting friend. She’s soft and huggable—with hair for styling and a body to pose. Plus, the Sparkle, Spirit, Style! book and CD help the friendship begin.

$4 Generic Drug Program

Low–cost generic drugs are as safe & effective as their brand name equivalents. Wal–Mart offers over 300 different generics available for $4 per prescription fill or refill (up to a 30-day supply).* The program is available at all Wal–Mart, Sam's Club and Neighborhood Market pharmacies. (except in North Dakota, where Wal–Mart does not operate its own pharmacies, but instead leases space to thirdparty providers).
Download a printable list of all qualifying drugs. (it's a safe download from my account)
The eligible drugs in this program represent over 27% of the prescriptions Wal–Mart pharmacies dispense each year. Ask your doctor if your branded drug has a generic equivalent.
Read more HERE!

Digital Scrapbooking

I know you all are probably sick of seeing Giorgia's Nursery...but I just so love it. Anyway, My newest obscession is Digital Scrapbooking!! Since Giorgi isn't home yet...what can I scrap about? Well, I am working on her lifebook but I still don't have a lot of needed info yet. So, I am doing some pages for her baby book! It takes me forever to put a layout together. (and I mean forever!) So, I hope with lots of practice, I'll get quicker! :)

HOPE, you're AWESOME!!!!

So, When I got home from my weekend away, I was totally exhaused and kinda bummed to be back home. I hear a knock on my door, reluctantly got my butt off the couch and opened the door. It was my neighbor holding a package for me. She brought it in so it wasn't sitting out in the ice storm while I was away. I wasn't expecting anything!!! But I saw HOPE's name on the return address....HMMMM...what's she up to????

It was like Christmas. My "Sparkly Sista" sent me some AWESOME goodies. You made my day HOPE!!! She sent me some "SPARKLY" pacifiers for Giorgi!!! Aren't they just the cutest!

An awesome "SPARKLY COLLAR" for my Pirate. It fits him beautifully. I will try to give him a bath this week and take a photo of him with it on. There is a place for me to put a photo...I'm going to put Giorgi's referral photo in it!!! (Pirate's all pimped out now!!)

She also sent me a "LOVE" bookmark. It's so beautiful!!!

I don't know what I did to deserve this but I LOVE YA!!! You really put a big old smile on my face!!!

Thanks HOPE!!! You are AWESOME!!

Me (sure) & Johnny

Go here and make one. No matter what your weight is, it'll make you a size 0. How can you argue with that!!! :) I look cute though...but annoying! lol.

The "Touchy Feely" part is very off. But the rest is good!

Finger Puppets

When I was doing my research for "Air Travel with Kids", I keep reading over and over about parents that found finger puppets to be a lifesaver. Well, I plan to test that theory. While at IKEA I came across the cutest ones. Look, there is even a little panda. I couldn't resist and they are so small, they will fit in my packpack nicely. Hope there aren't any child hazards associated with them. Anybody know?


Well, I was good, VERY good. I was in Philly Chinatown last weekend and only made one purchase. It was a little PUCCA. She's just so cute. I love all things PUCCA.

Ladybug Sighting

A Ladybug Sighting!!!

I first saw it in my Mailbox. It flew a very, very long way (Utah) just to see me and make my day!

I feel so special! Thank you! : )

It's sitting on my computer at work keeping me company. Atleast it'll be there til my boss comes in. He say "NO MAGNETS on the computer!" But I can put it anywhere else I want in my office as a daily reminder. Hmmm. Better work on looking for another spot, but it's gotta be somewhere right near my monitor!!! : )

Buddhist Blessing Gift

I heard that one of the group tours was to a Buddhist temple. Their facilitator arranged the blessing for whoever wanted it. This was the second temple they had toured during their trip. They did not bring an offering. They were not told about this. They felt very guilty that they didn't do that!!!

They said that they very happy that they were able to participated in the ceremony. It was a wonderful way to have a finally blessing from their daughter's country before they started on the last leg of their journey home! I hope that I will also get to have the blessing for my new baby.

What offerings do Buddhists make and why?
Most Buddhist altars display some sort of offering. Making offerings allows one to practice giving, express gratitude and respect, and reflect upon the life sustaining law of interdependence. A Buddhist offering is not a sacrifice it never involves killing and it is not given in order to please the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Rather, it is an act of veneration for the Triple Gem. As such, making an offering develops wholesomeness and positive karma. While tangible objects may be given in abundance, the most perfect gift is an honest and sincere heart. Some common offerings and their symbolic import are:
Flowers: Flowers are beautiful and fragrant. Yet, their splendour will not last forever, and as such they illustrate the impermanence of all things.
Fruit: Fruit is nutritious, as well as pleasing to the taste. It also represents the result of our spiritual cultivation and helps us be mindful of the law of cause and effect.
Grain: Grain is a basic dietary staple necessary to sustain life.
Incense: Aromatic incense purifies the atmosphere as well as the mind. Just as its fragrance travels afar, so do good deeds extend to the benefit of all. Burning incense also embodies the transience and dissolution of phenomena.
Light: Light extinguishes darkness in the same way that wisdom dispels ignorance.
Water: Water signifies the force of life and washes away impurities.

Referral Photo Frame

Well, I found this frame at World Market (Thanks Stacey) and I fell in love with it. I love the little blossoms on it. Anyway, this is going to be the frame for my daughters referral photo! I think it looks just perfect!

Sun Lover

Pirate and I are both tired of this COLD weather. He spent all day on Sunday... basking in the sun on the steps while he watched out the front door.

(Looks like he's in jail, doesn't it!)

Gingle Bracelets

I really, really, really want some of these for Giorgi!
Someone had told me about the tradition of placing a silver bell ankle bracelet on babies when they begin to crawl. I, also, was told it was to ward off evil spirits...and to help you know where your mobile child is now "crawling" to. While in China, I really want to get one of these. I would love Giorgia to wear it on her ankles or wrists! When she gets older, I will put it in her memento box. It’ll be one on the many little special gifts that I make sure I come home from China with.

(I just love the writing on the inside of the bangles above)

I heard that some parents little one’s tend to not want to wear them so then attached them to the stroller with a pacifier clip and the little ones just loved playing with them. Great way to NOT LOSE them while in China.

(The photo below is kind of the concept but these anklets are not the Chinese ones.)


All of you Precious Pandas....
Go get your DTC Pin at Celebrate Adoptions!!! I believe they are closing up shop so make sure to go get your soon!!!

Orphanage Visit Etiquette

Chinese values social properness and not as much on appearance.
It is proper to take a gift. Maybe you could present box of chocolates.
If you want to invite the orphanage director to lunch, it is proper to invite others in the meeting with you, usually one or two of the director's assistances.
If you want to invite a caregiver to join you at meal, you should extend the invitation through the director to show him the respect his position merits.
Always make sure to be modest and gentle.
Orphanage Children’s gives could be a lollipop or small school supplies you could buy in China,
Don’t want children to feel as sense of envy or self-pity.
I have read that "Many parents also wonder how their children handle the orphanage visits. As long as the visit is not done immediately upon your arrival, when everyone is jetlagged and culture shocked, my observation is that children are less sensitive than their parents perceive them to be."


How to avoid and what to do if it happens.

* Check in early, giving the airlines lots of time to make sure your baggage is placed on the correct flight rather than last minute, rushed boarding. (MAKE SURE IT'S STURDY)
* Tape a name/address/contact card inside of your checked bag. Also, place a colorful tag with the same info onto the outside.
*Take a digital photo of you luggage and print a couple copies to leave if lost. It will make it easier for the airline to identify and recover.
* Keep your baggage receipts from check-in. These are usually in the form of a small sticker attached to the back of your ticket. Each sticker has a number corresponding to a piece of luggage. This will help the airline know exactly which piece is missing, and where it may have gone.
*Create a packing list of items in each piece of luggage.
* If your luggage doesn't show up, do not leave the airport before completing a lost-luggage report and obtaining a claim number and contact information to check the status of your missing bag.
* Bring a change of clothes with you in your carry-on bag. For international flights, you'll already be into your second day wearing the same clothes. Don't make it any longer. Pack some casual clothes that you can roll up neatly and fit in your carry
* If you want to cover all bases, before leaving home make a note of every item in your bag. Take one copy and leave one at home in case you must make a claim for compensation. Also, take a digital picture of it to show the airline in case it goes missing.
* Remember that airlines are not responsible to compensate you for any lost items apart from clothing. So if you pack jewelry, laptops and other electronic gadgets, important documents, medicines, money, credit cards, gifts, cameras, souvenirs - basically anything that has value to you- and your bag is lost, destroyed or stolen, the airline won't have to give you a dime. If you do make a claim, expect to receive a depreciated value and not a replacement amount. And the payment could take months to receive.
* One answer is simple: don't check those things. Keep all irreplaceable with you at all times.
* Another choice is to think twice - no make it three times - about whether you really need to bring that emerald necklace your grandmother gave you on your trip. Can you survive without your laptop or your iPod? I mean, you are traveling; maybe there'll be things to actually SEE or DO.
* Still another option is to consider shipping valuables ahead of you and insuring them through a major shipping firm such as UPS or FedEx. I find this is an especially good choice if you've made some expensive purchases abroad that just won't fit in your carry-on bag.

AVOIDIING INSURANCE, ATTRACTING ATTENTION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

* Don't get twisted up in knots trying to decide whether to buy an insurance policy for your checked luggage. It's usually not a good deal. The average price for coverage usually settles in at $1 for each $100 of coverage. Only one in every 10,000 pieces of processed luggage, meanwhile, ends up being completely lost and therefore eligible for a payout. So if they find your bag the day before you're scheduled to return home, you've still basically bought a policy for nothing.
* Before packing for any trip, check all the zippers and locks on your bags since they may have become worn or broken on a previous trip. And be aware, even if the zippers and locks are in good condition, overstuffed luggage is prone to burst open during the normal shuffle between the terminal and the plane.
* To prevent your look-alike bag from being grabbed off the carousel by a traveler too rushed to check the tags, tie a colored ribbon, bandanna or other marker on the handle. The more garish and noticeable, the better.


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