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Foot Binding

Wow. I am so glad that this is something that our children will not have to grow up doing!


Guess what came…AGAIN! Yup, I guess the title is a give away!!! My I-797C! Let hope that I don’t have to do THIS AGAIN! Fingers crossed. (Speaking of fingers, I might actually have to be fingerprinted a THIRD time before I get a referral) Yippee…I love spending money to redo things OVER and OVER and OVER! (grrr) : )

Asian Kiss?

Asian Festival (Local)

Well, I did make it to the Asian Festival just in time to see the cooking demo! I made my way inside only to find out that there was a sign up for it and it was full. So sad. L That’s the only thing I really wanted to see/do. Outside, all the food looked SO GOOD but I was on my way to a BBQ at a friends. Atleast I got the chance to finally see the Chinese Community Center and walk around and see what they had to sell, all the art work and a fun room where they had lots of crafts and stuff for the kids. I tried to spot other adoptive parents but with no luck. Sorry I missed you Kim, I know you were all there much earlier. No worries, when I have my little one home…we’ll be there again!

Best Shower Gifts

Okay, my best friend just had her baby shower this weekend. It's for her second little bundle of joy. (Hi DEB) I'll have to sneak in a photo when I finally get to my pictures!!! Anyway, I'm so glad that she registered because sometimes it's hard to figure out what someone might need for their second child. Heck, I'm still trying to figure out what mom's need for their first child. So, while surfing the internet I found some mom's favorite shower gifts. For research and fun, help me out and tell me what your favorite baby shower gift was so that I can add it to my list!! Come on...I want lots and lots of ideas!!! :)
Best shower gifts
Photo gift certificates
Target gift certificates

Portable booster seat to take when you visit friends or family.

Oops! Not that kind...see below. :)

disposable bibs are fantastic.

Highchair/Shopping Cart covers for when you eat out.

Potty seat that fits on the toilet

Thermometers both kind

Toddler plastic Picnic table

Pack n Play

What you WON’T NEED:
stuffed animals!


When will I get a referral? I have rolled with ALL of the setbacks & been cool with changing guestimates but when will they stop changing? I put in my head that for sure, by Christmas 07 or Jan 08 I would get a referral. I've thought this for a while. I mean, that would make it 22 or 23 months from LID. I thought I was leaning to the side of caution! But they just processed what...7 days this month!! Each time they refer a very small amount of days, the wait grows out of control! My friend Donna (whom I share an LID date with) did some basic math on her blog that hit me like a ton of bricks. Given the current rate of 7 days, we could be looking at a referral in Dec 08. Basic math again...that would mean we would be waiting almost 3 years from LID. Like I said, I've been rolling with it but when will it end?
I feel like my life has been on hold, sort of. I need to make some big decisions regarding a new couch and new hardwood floors in my downstairs. I thought that I would wait until I got my adoption tax refund to put it towards these things. But, with the longer wait, should I just go ahead and do it now? What if I do it now and referrals really speed up? I plan on paying for all adoption related fees in cash. I will not be financing anything and want to have my credit cards paid off before I bring Giorgi home. I'm actually obsessed with the whole money thing. You know, making sure I have enough for travel, being out of work for two months, medicals stuff, daycare down payments, portraits, diapers, formula...
I'll be fine, I just feel like maybe I shouldn't redo the floors and get the couch. Fear of spending that money and then really needing it.
If you haven't guessed, I am trying out a new life without credit cards! I think that might change. lol. I never had these thoughts when plastic was in my hand!!! I must be nuts. So, with this extended wait, should I spring for the MUCH needed couch and flooring or leave it in the bank for what if, whenever that might be??

Nicole & Steve's Wedding

A friend of mine got married over the Memorial Day Weekend. It was gorgeous day and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. I took a bunch of photos but this one was my favorite. It's not the typical wedding shot, more of a candid. It was when her brother was doing a reading for them and her veil started flowing in the wind. It was just glowing! Anyway, I love this photo and I enlarged it to a 11x14 and framed it for them. I hope they love it! :)
Nicole and Steve
May 27, 2007

Post Adoption Depression (PAD)

I think this is a topic that is very important for all of us to explore. I feel our agencies are so busy with paperchasing, referrals and in China services that they don't focus on some of the aftermath of adoption. I am not judging them, I just think it's important that we take this into our own hands. It will only benefit us.

I did lots of research on the topic and wanted to post a sort of outline to illustrate the Symptoms, Reasons, and things to help anyone that has PAD. Obviously, I am not a doctor so never substitute something I've posted over your doctor's recommendation. This is just a guideline to help educate us on PAD.

I have also saved this in pdf form. Download HERE!


Concentration (Difficulty—unable to make decisions)
Energy (loss of)
Guilt (Excessive or inappropriate)
Inadequacy (feeling)
Indecisiveness (nearly every day)
Loss of enjoyment in things
Recurring thoughts about death or suicide
Sleep (Difficulty)
Sleep (increased need for)
Social (Loss of interest in being around other people)
Tears (Always on the verge)
Weight gain (Significant)
Weight loss (Significant)


Adapting to a drastic change in lifestyle and finances
Adjusting priorities in the marriage
Completion of one of life's biggest goals
Coping with the demands of sleepless nights and hectic schedules
Financial worries
General stress of the adoption process and parenting
Giving up or putting a career on hold
Hard work meeting an adopted baby's special needs
Juggling family needs
Physical and emotional strain of not being prepared for a new child
Physical exhaustion
Some adoptive parents share the birth mothers grief
Unresolved feelings of infertility


ACKNOWLEDGE that this condition does exist.
ACCEPT the fact that risks are a real part of most adoptions.
EXPECT surprises, frustrations and setbacks.
EXPECT the unexpected.
GIVE yourself and your family adequate private nesting time.
TAKE as much time off from work as you possibly can.
KEEP a positive attitude.
KNOW that attachment and bonding are a slow process.
EXERCISE will help even if it’s just a short walk, get out.
REST as much as possible.
JOIN an adoption support group.
LEARN to be patient.
PLAY as much as you can with child, it helps lower frustration levels.
PROVIDE some private time just for yourself.
RECOGNIZE that PAD is common.
RECOGNIZE that your feelings are valid.
TAKE as many parenting classes as you can.
UNDERSTAND where your child is emotionally.

DON’T be afraid to ask for help.
DON’T be afraid to call your doctor or social worker.
DON’T remove yourself from your friends and family, have them help you.
DON’T expect to be super mom

Diagnosing and Treating PAD
Medications are not usually the main form of treatment for PAD. Most parents find that working threw their feelings with a social worker or therapist is the best treatment.

Recommended Readings
Post Adoption Depressions Syndrome by Judy Bond; Roots and Wings, Spring 1995, www.adopting.org/pads.html
Baby Shock by Jean MacLeod; Adoptive Families, Sept/October 2001
Post Adoption Depression: The Unacknowledged Hazard, http://www.eeadopt.org/home/services/research/pad_survey/index. html



Recommended but NOT REQUIRED Vaccinations

Hepatitis A - Transmission of hepatitis A virus can occur through direct person-to-person contact; through exposure to contaminated water, ice, or shellfish harvested in contaminated water; or from fruits, vegetables, or other foods that are eaten uncooked and that were contaminated during harvesting or subsequent handling. Hepatitis A is the most common vaccine-preventable infection acquired during travel.
Shots - The hepatitis A series consists of two doses given 6-18 months apart. If you started either series but didn't get all the doses, you should continue where you left off.

Hepatitis B - Especially if you might be exposed to blood or body fluids (for example, health-care workers), have sexual contact with the local population, or be exposed through medical treatment. In addition, open skin lesions, such as those due to impetigo, scabies, or scratched insect bites, can play a role in HBV transmission if direct exposure to wound exudates from HBV-infected persons occurs. There are many children adopted that have scabies.
Shots - The hepatitis B vaccine series consists of three doses spaced out over approximately 6 months.

Are these shots safe? Do they have any side effects?
Both hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccines have been proven to be safe. Globally, more than one billion hepatitis B vaccine doses have been given. Since 1995, more than seven million doses of hepatitis A vaccine have been given in the U.S. with no reports of serious health problems linked to the vaccine. Side effects might include soreness at the injection site, headache, and fatigue.
Are these shots effective?
Yes. After three doses of hepatitis B vaccine, at least 90% of healthy young adults develop immunity to HBV infection. Immune compromised people might not respond as well to hepatitis B vaccine. They should be tested 1-2 months after the third dose of vaccine to see if they responded.
*Almost 100% of people are protected from HAV infection after getting two doses of hepatitis A vaccine.

Loving Photo Software

I LOVE this photo of Me and Pirate at the beach. I know you can't really see our faces but I just love the pier, sand and ocean in the background! Anyway, I pulled this photo out of one frame to put in another and tore parts of the photo. I was so mad but loving photo software & my scanner. The photo looks better than before!!
(This is the dark, torn photo below)

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