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Pirate LOVES presents

Holiday Harlee

Harlee & Pirate Meet

Pirate has a minor medical issue that makes him honk when he gets really excited. It doesn't hurt him and calms down after a minute or so. So, don't worry, he's ok.

Harlee is here for the Holidays

Look, Harlee arriving via Fedex in her most sparkly sweater! (Kidding...she was not shipped anywhere)
Harlee waving "hi"
So Pirate, aka Mr. Super Tongue, gives some love to her.

Now that the pleasantries are over...where's my FOOD?

Harlee Shopping

Harlee shopping at PetSmart!

Harlee picking out a new leash!

Choosing a cute little pink piggy toy!


This is a photo I took of Harlee when she came to visit for Christmas. Like the cute little outfit I bought her? She was mean to my baby Pirate though...

Smart Find™ Remote Control Key Locator

I REALLY think I need THIS!!!
from Brookstone

Our wireless Smart Find™ technology locates your keys and other essentials with a loud, 85-decibel alarm. Simply press one of the color-coded pagers on your wireless transmitter, and the matching key ring or receiver will answer with a loud alarm from anywhere in your home. Transmits up to a 60-foot range through floors, walls—even sofa cushions. Includes two color-coded key rings and two slim, color-coded receivers (to attach to your PDA, wallet, etc.).

Off the Wall

2007: The Year In Fashion
Off the Wall

A $10 million Western fashion spectacle staged on the most recognizable landmark in the world's largest Communist country? But of course. Given China's rapid emergence as an economic power over the last decade, it was only a matter of time before someone like Fendi decided to mount a runway show, complete with fur-clad socialites flown in from New York, on the Great Wall. Karl Lagerfeld, the brand's designer, was quick to point out the historical inevitability. "The wall is built to be a runway, huh?" he shrugged. "They don't have to use it for fighting Mongolians anymore; now they can use it for fashion."

Happy Holidays to all my blogger friends!


Like my new header?


My mom's new puppy, Harlee.


Fortune Cookie USB Drive

Okay, I have NO INTEREST in purchasing this but I thought some of you might really like it, so, I thought I'd post this latest find.

Freshly Baked Series 2, Fortune Cookies USB Drive, Yellow, 2Gb Features

***USB2.0 Flash Drive Customized Series- Fortune cookies, yellow, 1Gb***
Vavolo.com presents you the latest USB2.0 Flash Drive Customized Series- Fortune cookies, yellow, 1Gb, with chiseled exterior, tasty cookies in appearance, it's not just merely provides storage solution, but also an eye-catching artware. Crafted with advanced storage technology, formed in a unique, personalized, premium design make you enjoy the enhanced design and improved functionality which just for you. it have everything you desire in the era of customized flash storage solution.

It is able to work with desktop, laptop as long as a USB 2.0 or 1.1 USB port available, fully USB Plug&Play, high performance in data transfer rate, maximal data transfer rate up to 480Mpbs. It offer a stable, quick way to exchange or share data, such as music files, videos, digital photos, training or business presentations.


* Fortune cookies, yellow design
* Stylish, eye-catching
* 1Gb internal capacity
* USB 2.0, 1.1 specification compliance.
* USB Plug&Play
* Hi-speed and stable data transferring.
* Power supply: DC+5 Volts supplied by USB port.
find them here.

Royal Princess Throne

qualify for free shipping.
List Price: $89.95
Okay, so how could I resist. I have some birthday presents for some cute little girls next year. Found it here at amazon. Use this link, other links are going higher with the price. Act quick if you want it. It looks so cute.

Foolish for posting this

I know, I know, I'm probably Foolish for posting this..

I am Republican.

I don't always agree with everything Republican and I don't always disagree with things Democrat. At voting time if I truely think in my heart that a democrat is a better candidate, that person will get my vote, although it hasn't happened yet. Never say never.

So, here is what's on my mind...

I don't have much of an opinion about Obama but I LOVE Oprah. I am for anyone, even celebrities, endorsing candidates, but.....

If Obama wins, I believe it will be Oprah's win and what kind of president is that. I want my next president to win his/her own presidency. Obama, stand on your own and strong or sit down and let Oprah run for presidency.

For this reason alone, I believe he is the least deserving Democrat.

Scott Damon & Bubbles

Tattoos with a Mission

We've almost all felt the vulnerability of losing sight of our child in a crowded space -- at an amusement park, mall, beach or museum.

Because kids tend to wander despite our best efforts, we were thrilled to discover (thanks to a Modern Mom reader) Tottoos - a simple but brilliant idea that gives parents peace of mind when traveling or visiting crowded places.

Custom temporary tattoos printed with your phone number or any important information you choose, Tottoos last over 12 hours, are water-resistant and 100% non-toxic.

Tottoos - $14.95 for a set of 15 at Tottoos.org


You Are a Christmas Sweater!

Over the top, colorful, and totally flashy.
You're not afraid to be a little tacky.

Twilight Ladybug

Product Features

Full night sky projection on ceiling and walls
Shell illuminates for a calming nightlight effect
Auto shut-off 45 minute sleep timer
Includes Twilight Ladybug story and adoption certificate
Battery operated (includes three AAA batteries)
Found it here.

Snack & Play

Very Cool! I might consider this one.
Star Kids Snack & Play Travel Tray
I found it at here.

Feast From The East

Item #: CPX-528L
Add new flavor to pretend play with this appetizing buffet of Asian foods. Made of realistically detailed vinyl and plastic, the set includes replicas of sushi, shrimp, dumplings, steamed rice, a traditional tea set, chop sticks, 2 steamer baskets and more. Completing this "tasteful" offering is a 5½" Diam. x 2½"H. stainless steel wok (for pretend use only). 67-pc set. Ages 4 years +.
$20.99 Set
Found at Constructive Playthings.

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