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Okay, I need to ELIMINATE from my suitcases. Tell me what I DON'T need and WHY!!! Not sure if I packed it? Trust me, if you can think of it, I packed it! LOL!!!! :)

Reunion of Friends

It's that time of year again...
Funtime with Friends at our annual Fling. This year it was in Florida. For some reason, I see it staying in Florida. A reunion with old friends and some new ones. It was a great time for all.

Thank you to the KING & QUEEN for hosting this event. You are WONDERFUL hosts. Your home is beautiful and you went way above and beyond making sure we all had a great time. (which we all really DID)

As always, we have an exceptional group (and a little crazy) that continues to grow with this never ending wait. It's not all bad though...The most amazing thing that this wait has given us is the Gift of Friendship.

I was so excited to meet our newer east coast pandas (Sharon & Karen) and our newbie east coast pandas (Evelyn & Jesus) I can't tell you how great you all are and just the fact that I know know 5 (Karen, Donna & Joe, Evelyn & Jesus) of my travels mates...that's AMAZING. And who knows, I could end up travel at the same time as some of my other east coast pandas.

Now, I'm saving the best for last...our first little East Coast Pandette Lia! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say Sheryl's little one is a total cutie and I'm grateful to have spend all the time on the plane and the weekend getting to know her. She's the BEST!!! I Sheryl definately showed me all the tricks to traveling and flying with a two year old. Fortunately for me, she is a "go with the flow" kinda girl. Gotta love that!!!

Oh, and look, It was like Christmas! Look at all the really cute stuff I got!

So, CHEERS again to all my girls. YOU ARE the BEST and I LOVE getting together with all of you. It gives me renewed momentum to do some more WAITING!!! I miss ya already!


Holy crap, I'm leaving for CHINA NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm having issues...
I'm packed and have to go to China naked. (not a pretty site) I have NO ROOM for my clothes!


So, you think my cutie will look even cuter with BOWS????


I'm sick and I'm leaving for China the second week of January! Oiy. Let's hope these new meds work!!!

My Baby Yesterday 12/15/08

My daughter is going to be the exception to the rule. She's not going to be an itty bitty. I bet she blows those Asian Charts out of the water...I'm thinking I should bring a copy of the American Childrens Charts. LOL.

THANKS to Jill & Colin and their little girl Lilah! I got my best ever Christmas present. You see, Lilah and Giorgia are at the same SWI and they are in CHINA right now. They were able to visit the SWI and if they got the chance they were going to check on my little girl.

Guess what, they were granted entrance and got to see everything. Come to find out Lilah and Giorgia were cribmates! Their cribs were literally touching side by side. Lilah was on the end so Giorgia was her only cribmate. Jill says, "Your daughter is gorgeous and is being cared for VERY WELL, believe me." She also said, "...the staff are AMAZING!" I feel I can breathe again.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU, Jill, Colin & Lilah!!!!!

(Note the NEON/HOT PINK...I think that's what they call fate.)

Year of the LUCKY Pig

Chinese zodiac

Well, I learned a few things. When I started this process I thought, ohh, I want a little girl with the Monkey sign. Then I looked at the dates as quickly realized that would never happen and I forgot all about the zodiac sign until the 2007 Chinese New Year. It was such a hoopla. The Year of the GOLDEN PIG, the LUCKY pig, the FIRE pig! All things let you to believe that your child, born to this particular PIG year was truely blessed. Since G was born in Jan of 2008 I assumed that she had missed that extra blessed period but I was wrong! She was actually born within the Chinese New Year 2007 so she is the sign of the GOLDEN pig. Yippee!!

Year of the Pig 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019
From 18 Feb 2007 to 6 Feb 2008

Persons born in the Year of the Pig are chivalrous and born sqiures. They put their whole energy in everything they do. They pursue their goals without wasting a thought of giving up. They often are fortunate in their ventures and reach their goals. When it comes to friendship they are quite choosy but once they made friends the friendship is everlasting and they are loyal friends.

They are eager for knowledge and usually well informed. They are not very talkative though and avoid discussions and arguments. They match persons born in the Year of the Rat or Sheep.

THE FIRE PIG 1947 AND 2007
Active, outgoing and extroverted, Fire Pigs breathe new life into everything they do. These Pigs are vivid, motivated individuals who cannot be deterred from a goal once they have set it. They are emotional and passionate about their loved ones, their occupations and their objectives. They are bold and vivacious, unafraid to take risks despite the consequences. They make great bosses because they do work so hard and because they are so spirited. But don’t doublecross a Fire Pig. They have the ability to be quite abrasive when things don’t turn out as they planned.

"Fortune tellers say this is a "golden pig" year, which comes around once every 60 years, so the Chinese welcomed it in particularly exuberant style, rattling the windows of downtown apartments and courtyard homes with the bangs and whistles of millions of fireworks. Firecrackers are a traditional way of celebrating Chinese New Year and there were more than 380,000 boxes of firecrackers sold officially, compared with 240,000 boxes for the same period last year, which was the first year fireworks were allowed inside Beijing's inner city area.

Astrologers say that people born during the Year of the Pig are lucky, as a pig is a symbol of plenty, as well as of fertility, and many get married during the Year of the Pig to guarantee healthy, wealthy offspring. The labour wards of Chinese hospitals are usually crowded around "pig" years - though with 1.3 billion people and a system already over-stretched, the maternity wards are always pretty full anyway. Famous pigs include Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Woody Allen, David Letterman, Sir Elton John and Hillary Clinton." ~ found here.

I am still a MONKEY!

1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016
Persons born in the Year of the Monkey are said to be intelligent, clever and flexible. They're very inventive and therefore solve problems easily. Monkeys have sanity and reason and are eager for knowledge.

They don't put tasks into cold storage but tackle a problem right away which makes them successful. That also leads to them looking down on others and makes them tend to be overweening. Best matches are those born in the Year of the Monkey or Rat.

Shower - Part 3

Here is a slideshow of my AMAZING shower and all the great things that my family and friends gave Giorgia. I cannot thank you all enough. I don't have all the photos up yet. It's still a work in progress. Consider this a sneak peak.

Shower - Part 2

My two best friends hosted a shower for me. (Chrissy & Deb) They put so much work into this! I appreciate them and everything they do for me. Your the BEST!
Deb opened up her home for the shower. She faked me into thinking I was babysitting that night!
This was the banner that they decided on. They chose Welcome Giorgia so that we could welcome her referral as well as keep it up for when Giorgia gets home. Isn't it an awesome banner. Chrissy doctored it up with glittering the "WELCOME GIORGIA", adding rhinestones all over it, and adding the pink marabou feathers around the border! It turned out amazing and is now hanging in my house.
They decided to serve Chinese Food but not just any Chinese food ...this is AUTHENTIC! Deb found the perfect person to cook all of this food for the shower!!! Everything was hand done! Can you believe it! It was so YUMMY. We had a Salmon & Broccoli Dish, Spring Rolls, Wontons, Dumplings, Shrimp Fried Rice, cheeses, a fruit and veggie platter, and other munchies and dips!
Here is one shot of a few of us eating. Pat made custom Table Clothes with the most AMAZING Asian Fabric. I hope to get a close up photo. (left to right: Lia, Jenna, Gail, me, Lorraine, Debbie and Pat.
Deb ordered a cake from Desserts by Ginger. These are the BEST CAKES ever with their butter cream icing and oreo cookie filling. They had my invitation transfered to the cake. Isn't it soo cute!!
They decided to do takeout boxes with fortune cookies inside and chopsticks on top. Chrissy stuffed the fortune cookies in the box and wrapped it with an irridescent ribbon. BEAUTIFUL!!
This is a photo of my gifts! Everyone was so thoughtful and kind. I am Blessed.

Shower - Part 1

Guess what, Giorgia & I had a Baby Shower! I had my doubts, I wasn't sure if I was having one mainly because no one ever asked for a list of friends and family. Everyone I know is scattered about and most don't know each other but thankfully my best friends have stalker skills! It's good to know my teachings live on in others. LOL. (kidding)

Anyway, I am planner and not a fan of suprises but they did fool me up until I recognized some cars when I got there...I was suprised then. I was even more suprised when I saw who all was there!


I will spend the next week sharing all the bits and pieces of my AWESOME shower! So, if you are not into fabulous girlie things, don't come back for about a week! LOL. Below is my shower invitation. (edited slightly because it's online) Isn't it so cute. My friends that don't run in the adoption circle we run in found Mandy's Moon. I adore the fact that they went the Asian route for my shower. More to come...

Bathing Beauty

I am COMPLETELY FASCINATED BY THIS and I have been wondering how many people have seen this. I have been seeing it since I started this adoption but I don't ever remember anyone posting it on thier blog. It seem just really weird to me!!

The caption with the photo read...

"China is expecting a baby boom this lunar year — the year of the pig, according to the traditional Chinese calendar. Here, a newborn bathes at a maternity hospital in Shanghai, where it's believed swimming with the aid of a rubber ring calms the babies. "

Three infants swim in a baby health center in Huangshi, Central China's Hubei Province February 7, 2006. Swimming is conducive to the development of babies' body systems and gets increasingly popular among young parents. [newsphoto]

(above) BEIJING, CHINA - MARCH 16: A baby undergoes swim training at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Youyi Hospital on March 16, 2007 in Beijing, China. Maternity wards in hospitals are hectic as many women attempt to have babies during the golden pig year of the Chinese lunar calendar. City officials uneasy that this baby boom will cause in the future generational social problems, such as over-crowding in schools and job markets.

(above) BEIJING, CHINA - MARCH 16: A nurse helps a baby undergo swim training at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Youyi Hospital on March 16, 2007 in Beijing, China. Maternity wards in hospitals are hectic as many women attempt to have babies during the golden pig year of the Chinese lunar calendar. City officials uneasy that this baby boom will cause in the future generational social problems, such as over-crowding in schools and job markets.

G's Thoughts

I just couldn't resist...

G's Thoughts

I just couldn't resist...

Updated Photos of G

Guangzhou Western Clinics & Doctors

I have recently seen fellow IA parents in Guangzhou posting for help finding Western Doctors & Clinics so I would post the information that I found. If anyone has any thoughts, info or other clinics, please post in my comment section. Thanks. Stephe

International SOS (China) Ltd. - Guangzhou
17th Floor, Unit 07, Guangzhou International Electronic Tower
403 Huan Shi Dong Lu, Yue Xiu District
Guangzhou, +86 10 6462 9117 510095 China
Admin Tel: 86 20 8732 6253
Admin Fax: 86 20 8732 6417

International SOS Clinic
Room 152, Dongshan Plaza, 69 Xian Lie
Zhong Road 510095
Western-trained MD?s

Guangzhou - #1 Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Medical University
1 Yangjiang Road, Guangzhou 510120
8333-7750 X3046
Emergency hotline 8333-6797

Guangzhou Children’s Hospital
318 Remnin Central Road, Guangzhou 510120
Emergency hotline 8188-6332 X5103

Can Am International Medical Center
5F Garden Tower, Garden Hotel
368 Huanshi Dong Lu
Western-trained MD?s

#1 People’s Hospital (Global DoctorClinic)
1 Panfu Lu 51080
Emergency Hotline 8108-0509, 8333-6797
Mobile 135-7003-5254


Oh, I can't wait for these!!!

Packing Tips

Okay, this is going to be an ongoing list until departure. I am requesting all TIPS from BTDT IA parents. If it's a tip that I think I can swing and actually do, I will move your comment onto my list!!! Help ME!!! This is a work in progress and people, I've only got 1 MONTH and 5 days...GO!!!!

Found info below by Truly Blessed she's got a great list of tips here for Guangdong babies.
"Don't bring fancy bottles or too much food for baby (including formula). They're only getting formula at (G's) SWI, and most have never had any other foods in their mouths. If you want to, take along a baggie of Cheerios or Veggie Puffs, but you probably won't use many, as baby needs to learn how to use her tongue to push foods back into the throat, and that takes a while to learn. The orphanage uses basic, cheap bottles with the long nipples some have "wings" on them, and the hole has been cut MUCH bigger for thick formula. I'd wait to pick up a few bottles on Shamian Island (and you can purchase the "winged" nipples at the Carrefour store). All kinds of baby foods and formula are available in China...I'd wait to transition to American formula when you get home."

"Don't bother packing a divided formula container. The formula you'll use packs (settles) way too easily, and is hard to get out of the container. Better: take disposable bottle liners with the large opening and fill them up with a bottle's worth of rice cereal & formula. Twist tie them shut and put several in a Ziplock bag. They're easy to pour into the bottle (even on a moving bus!). BTW, we used SIX of these on the flight home"

"Don't take too many diapers, either. The Chinese Pampers in the green bag work great! In fact, all of my American Pampers leaked, but not one of the Chinese ones did. They're easily available at the grocery store on the Island, and at the Carrefour. Wipes are also plentiful at both stores."

"My husband laughed at me before we left, but he didn't laugh when we used a power strip every single day to charge the computer, camera batteries, gameboys, ipods, etc. We took a converter/adaptor, and plugged the power strip into it. We then had lots of places to plug stuff in."

"Don't bother with snacks for yourselves. Everything is available there, even Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers. We saw so many things we recognized from home. Save the space in your luggage for more baby clothes and extra shirts for yourselves (did I mention that babies are notoriously messy, and some of their mess gets on Mom and Dad?)."

"If you travel after Nov. 1 until probably May, don't bother packing a swimsuit for baby. The White Swan pools are COLD! Even myteenage boys and husband didn't use them much. Same thing with swim diapers. IF you need them, there are tons left at Jennifer's Place. (Prunes too - don't bother packing them, get them from the shelf at Jennifer's Place if you need them, but none of our group's babies would touch them!)."

"Set up a diaper changing area in your hotel room, and keep it stocked with supplies. That way you won't have to keep raiding the diaper bag for things, and forget to replace them"

"Get off the Island in Guangzhou...walk through the market and down to the pedestrian mall and pearl market. It's not far, it's good exercise (carry the baby, don't use the stroller!), and you'll see much more of the local life than you ever will on the Island."

Half the Sky at G's Orphanage

While searching the internet to find more about where G is right now I came across this photo. It is a real photo of the very same orphange. Please click on the photo to see the entire pdf. Page 8 is all about one family who adopted a little girl from the same orphanage years ago.
"The orphanage staff clearly cared so much for the babies there, but were also very limited in their resources and what they could do."
"The orphanage is clean but sterile and devoid of toys and playroom." This was I believe in 2001-2002.
This family has since funded an infant nurture center with the help of Half the Sky. I also believe that since then others have funded a playground, garden and a small preschool.
Note: Most cribs metal and are lined up this way. Most are only lined with straw mats. There is no heat/ac in the orphanage. The one plus is that is right on the South China Sea so heat is usually not an issue. I know that it gets hot there. It's temperatures match those of Cuba's. I did notice that most everything is tiled so that should help with the hot summer temperatures!
***I just read in another HTS update that Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs authorities had unexpectedly withdrawn permission for HTS builds here. I am not sure if an infant nuture center was ever completed. However, I do know they DID get a playground and garden.***

They have a Library!

G's Orphanage was also a recipient of a Great Wall Library of Love. The children now have access to education and a place for them to read, learn, and to attend classes.

Donated with love from the Belden family.

Care Package

I went ahead and ordered a care package from Ann at Red Thread China. She is amazing and I highly recommend that you visit her site and even send your care package through her. She will also try to get updated measurements and photo of your child for you. Unfortunately, G's orphanage has declined to send an updated photo but they did give me some updated measurements. Ann said that she would try again tomorrow to see if they have changed their minds. One can hope but I feel it's unlikely that I will receive an updated photo. I am very sad about this especially due to the fact that all of the other babies referred at the same time were able to get photos!! I'm sure she has changed so much in the four months since those photos were taken. : (
Here is the letter that I submitted to Ann to translate for the care package. I told her to reword if necessary. It's a compilation of letters that fellow adopters shared with me...

Dear Director and Nannies,

I am eagerly looking forward to adopting (G's Chinese Name). I feel honored that I will be mom of this wonderful little girl soon. Thank you for all the love and care you have given her.

I am enclosing a disposable camera in this package, hoping you might be able to take some photographs of (G's Chinese Name) at the orphanage, and anything that you feel may be important to me or her in the future. I will keep these pictures to share with her when she is older. They will mean so much to us. She will definitely cherish them in the future. I will get the pictures developed while we are there and send you copies, if you would like.

Please accept the enclosed tea for the director and candy for the orphanage caretakers and children. I deeply appreciate the time and effort you and your staff devote to helping orphans have a good place to live and grow.

Thank you. I will forever be grateful. I look forward to traveling to China to bring (G's Chinese Name) home as soon as possible.

Enclosed is a list of questions. Answers to these questions will help us to make the transition easier for her. Thank you for taking time to answer these questions.

Does her name have any special meaning?
What name(s) do you call her?
How would you describe her personality?
What makes her happy?
What makes her angry or upset?
What do you do that soothes her?
and one more personal question.


Here are my Travel Shoes. I really like them and they are super cushie on my feet. They have the exact look that I was going for. The only thing I would change if I could would be how far the top of the shoe comes up the front. It's almost a little to close for comfort. For the first few minutes of each time I wear them I swear I'm going to rip them off my feet and toss them but it only lasts, like I said, a few minutes and I forget all about it. At the end of the day, my feet are still feeling great so it's worth the $44 that I paid for them!!!!

((Look at that pasty white leg!!! Oiy))

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