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AMAZING talent!

Kseniya Simonova is a Ukrainian artist who just won Ukraine's version of "America's Got Talent." She uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and "sand painting" skills to interpret Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII.

Our First...

Christmas Together!!!

LOVE this photo SUSIE!!! Thanks.

Swan Lake

It's quite AMAZING!!!

Wrapping Paper!!

I don't know where my child gets it but she insisted on placing every single piece of wrapping paper in the trash can as she ripped it off. Just imagine this x 20 presents! Talk about DRAGGING out opening gifts...I almost fell asleep!!! oye.

Santa Came!!!

Pirate is having fun too!

Now she has "A Little Tea Pot"

Her new Kitchen is in the background!

Her new wine glasses (plastic) are currently being microwaved! :0

DIVA in the making!!!

Her new Starter Chopsticks!!!

She's LOVIN' her new Bike from Gammie!

G's special Santa Pancakes!!!

She LOVED them!!!

Christmas Cookies

"Giorgia, do you want to make some Christmas Cookies?"

YES!!! Yippee!!!!



putting on the M&M's...

acknowledging the camera with a cheezy grin...

such precision...

she's snacking on the M&Ms too...

a job well done...

Mommy said "No cookies til after dinner!" Yeah, she wasn't havin' that!

Now she's done and saying goodbye!!!

Bathtime Fun!

She just loves her puppy Pirate. So much so that when I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her she said, "Pirate Kissies". I told her she could work that out with Pirate and to ask Santa for a toy or something! Looks like she got her "kissie" early!

My little furry rugrat! fyi, he is the SWEETEST dog on earth but has be banned from 4 groomers now. So, I've given up... he will continue to spend his days looking like a rugrat!

23 Months...

And still rear-facing! This photo was taken before I adjusted her straps to the proper place so no flames! Thanks.

It is POSSIBLE! G doesn't mind and I truely believe it's much safer.

What can I say...

The girl LOVES her jewelry!!!

1st Photo with Santa

Pretty much what I expected. Daycare arranged Santa to come the other day and they emailed me this photo!!!

Christmas 2009

To all my bloggy friends and followers!!!

Our Christmas Tree

It's almost done. I took this photo before I put on the photo ornaments and it still needs some finishing touches.

Holiday Ornaments

Thank you Angela! Happy Holidays!


Photo Ornaments are GREAT gifts for the upcoming Holiday!

This is the format for which Christmas ornaments will look with this Santa Hat and this Red background or you can have it without the hat. Here is the one I did for G's official Ornament this year!


If you are interested just post a comment and leave your email. I will need your favorite photo that has pretty decent resolution and I will photoshop it into an ornament and put it online in my cafepress store for you to purchase at your leisure. The ornaments are $9.99. Stephe

I am currently limiting this years ornament DESIGN to one as I am unsure of the amount of requests verses my time! (single mom to a toddler and still learning to juggle) So request early and have them in time for the Holidays!!!

FYI, below was the before photo...

It was Yummy but now...

BFF & School

This is A...G's BFF!! I hear A's name every waking moment that we are together lately. Guess she ditched her boyfriend J for a BFF!!! (I am so envious of A's eyelashes! Aren't they AMAZING?!!!)

These are all more photos from my secret squirrel at Daycare! Thank you Ms R!!!!!

G is such a ham for Ms. R!!!!

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