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Loosing my mind

****UPDATE: OMG, Thanks Dita, that worked!!!!!! Thank You****
In a blog template edit I somehow managed to drop my sidebar to the bottom of the blog. I've done this many times before but was always able to fix it. Usually I was changing the width of the wrappers and it exceeded the width of the main wrapper. Not the case this time. HELP ME! I am so frustrated I feel like deleting this whole blog...but GOD, I just can't delete my life for the past three years. NEED HELP!!! PLEASE!!! Stephe

A Walk in the Neighborhood

Just an hour after her xrays...she recovers quickly. :)

Xrays - Round 2

Hey all...my G had MORE xrays today. All was good...so far. Can you believe they let me take a photo with my phone!! She hated it but it was over pretty quickly. For all new parents out there, that might have to get xrays done, make sure you find out if your xray place has this "pig stat" to hold your baby in place or else you might have to get them redone. The first xrays weren't that good because "I" couldn't hold G still enough. Another xray place was much better with this device. She was as sad as she looks in the photo! Poor baby! But like I said, it was over so quickly.

Shower @ Work

Last week my office had a shower for Giorgia! It was so sweet. G got dressed in her most sparkly outfit and we headed into the office to show her off and eat some cake! Everyone was so generous and gave us just the best gifts. You girls (and guys) are just the BEST!! Thank You! Stephe and G!

Dinner @ Lucys


Control Issues

Lately, we're struggling with control issues. When G's bottle is empty and I pull if from her mouth she flips out. I believe she thinks that the bottle is NOT empty and I am taking it away from her. So, I've decided to let her feed herself the bottle. I was trying to show her how to hold the bottle upward so that it was easier to drink. G had a different plan. She keeps the bottle practically vertical and literally su.cks all the milk out, sometimes turning the liner inside out. When it's COMPLETELY empty just either tosses the bottle or hands it to me and is completely satisfied that "it" is really empty and she is full. Geesh!! We still keep total eye contact but I am not sure if this is good or not!

Welcome to my
China Tips Link
Below are all the posts with great China Tips. Once at the bottom of the page, if you click "older posts" it will continue with more China Tips. I guess with blogger they only allow so many posts per page when it comes to these links! Thanks and enjoy.

MUSTS for China

This will probably be one of those posts that I am constantly updating as I think of things I want to add. It's going to be all about the things I was SO GLAD that I brought with me to China!
Bernadette gave me her One Step Ahead Baby Carrier for China. Thank you. I had purchased the Ultimate Baby Wrap and the Hip Hammock. I felt the Hip Hammock would be better for an older child and I worried about G slipping out. The Ultimate Wrap was just sooo much fabric and I thought it would take me 20 minutes to get it on! Then Bernadette shows me hers and it was perfect. It's compact, super easy to put on and felt extremely secure. That was the one. On another note, there are LOTS of steps in China and no ramps or elevators. So, while strollers are nice, they are a pain at a lot of places. I have to say that the absolutely MUST place to have the baby carrier is when boarding the plane. Put the baby in the carrier, check the stroller, put on the backpack and push babies carryon in front of you and pull your carryon on behind you. (Practice THAT!! LOL)

Formula One Shot Bags
"Save money, save space in your diaper bag! Our single-serving formula bags cost a fraction of manufacturer's pre-packaged servings — and you can fill them with any brand of formula. Unlike bulky dispensers, they travel virtually flat! With a zip-closed seal, quick tear-off bottom, and easy-to-pour funnel shape. Holds enough powdered formula to make up to an 8 oz bottle. Pre-sterilized. Take up remarkably little diaper bag space. Includes write-on label strip; you can personalize with your child's name (ideal for day care)." (looks like they are unavailable on most websites right now!! I hope they don't stop making them...I NEED MORE!!!)

I took Playtex Bottles with the liners. I actually used Walmart Generic liners that fit the Playtex bottles. (cheaper) I loved these for China. Before I left I heard a lot of IA parents complaining about them leaking. I thought they just didn't know how to use them properly. I made my first bottle at Gotcha and it leaked everywhere! I knew exactly what they were talking about. The next day I realized what I was doing wrong. (not properly matching the lines up when putting on the liner.) Once I figured out how to do this they NEVER leaked. It was perfect. They pack so much nicer than the "Drop Ins". However, I did not bring enough liners. I thought I brought 100. Anyway, Donna came to my rescue and gave me a whole bunch of the Drop Ins. You know, the ones I didn't want to bring but had never used. Boy, are they AWESOME! I am using the drop ins now that I am home. (actually the generic ones from Target.) Thanks Donna. To do it all over again I still think I would bring the flat liners as they save so much room in the packing but wow, the drop ins are great!!!

Here are the Drop Ins and a Thermos is a must also.

Pretty in Peach

G always has this stressed look on her face but really, it's just a look. She was a happy little girl this afternoon during these photos!

Pucker Princess

The five minutes that she was actually awake while on her first trip to the Boardwalk!

G with Brooke and Moorea. Sleeping again. What an akward position!!

Kung Fu Evil Eye

Finally caught it on film!!!

Another Dr. Appointment


Oiy! Only one shot this time and NOPE, I didn't cry!

Things you don't expect...

I expected lots of tests but I never expected this...

We spent six hours at the Children's Hospital trying to figure out G's initial xrays. I spent five hours not knowing how severe this could be. That was the worst part. It's complicated but seemingly minor at present and no medical attention is required...for now...

scary... You just NEVER KNOW!

Happy Birthday!

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Home Alone

Harlee & Gmom just left to go home to Florida! We are all by ourselves...just the three of us!!!
(Harlee in her going home duds)

Cousin Sophia

We went over to visit the twins and G got to play with cousin Sophia!
She's a Glamor Girl today!

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