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DWTS - Gilles Marini

NEVER have I seen a better performance!!!

No Bows Please!

Moments before she rips out her bow!

Life's too short...

Saw this video on Jazzie & Tahlia's blog and thought it was great. You go COKE.

Battle Wounds

I get a call this morning that my child was in a small altercation. I thought for sure my G beat up some poor unsuspecting child. Nope. Some little one took away her toy. G charged them and snatched it back and the other child retaliated on her face. Actually, the child was just trying to once again steal the toy G was playing with and aimed a bit to high. SHARING...an impossible concept to 1 year olds!

Paris Pink


This is what happens when you go to Super Walmart during "naptime"...


Don't be fooled...she a girlie girl that would rather NOT have anything in her hair. It's the art of distraction and it wasn't working too well in this photo! Somedays are better than others!

In Poor Taste...

So sorry but this was funny...


Well, G hasn't watched a bit of TV until tonight when I started watching this!!! LOL.



We've got PIGTAILS!

Cardiologist - Round 2

We had a scare when we got home that has lasted a month and a couple of days! Thankfully, after another round of test she has been cleared. No follow up necessary. We can breathe now!

Daycare Update

I consider Daycare Day 1 a success!!! Okay so she wasn't perfectly clean when I picked her up. This is a photo of her hanging out on the floor. I took it at the exact moment she saw me...just before the crocodile tears and limp noodle impersonation. Her pants were completely perfectly white so I know the floors are clean. Now, the bib situation is another story. It's hard to see in this photo that her top was totally stained with lunch and snacks. There is NO way they used a bib and quess who had to scrub forever to get it out! Anyway, she is loving daycare and seems to be content. She's definatley more active due to daycare. So, Mama and G are both handling this transititon well and it only took 4 days to ensure they used the new SMOCKS that I purchased to be used at all meals, snacks art projects! Let's see if this continues! Oh and before anyone flames me... I don't care if she gets dirty on the playground. Having dirty pants at pickup is COMPLETELY different than having millions of food stains all down the front of her shirt from 11am til 3:30 when I pick her up.

Pink Eskimo

Magic Blanket

So, Giorgia won't take naps in her crib but clearly she needs them. She has been falling asleep when I put her in her playyard around naptime. She would always crash on her blanket. So one day I put the blanket in a quiet corner on the floor in my family room and call it the magic blanket. Anyway, I laid her on it and told her to take a nap and shockingly she didn't move from it, just gave me a glare and fell asleep. Hmmm. Interesting. Hopefully this will help with naptime at daycare.

1st Day @ Daycare

Trust me, it's harder on MOM than on G!! And the answer to your question is YES... I purposely dressed her in WHITE! It's the best way to guage how clean your daycare is and how much fun your child had that day! Unfortunately I found out as I was leaving that they are fingerpainting today!!! Oiy. I asked if it was with washable paint and they said yes...we will see!!!! So, either I'm BRILLIANT or and IDIOT!!! We will see on that one too!!!

I have to keep my cell on hand, daycare might close early due to the storm. Can't wait to pick her up!!!

Fork Fantastic

Giorgia is learning how to use a fork right now. Actually we are just on step one... being able to put the fork up to her mouth and eat what's on it. Picking things up with a for is a whole other story!!!


Chinese Food in America

Saw her on Martha Stewart and found her fascinating. Watch her video when you get a second. I LOVE the part when the Chinese people are trying fortune cookies for the first time!!!

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