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Puppy Love

Giorgia getting a kiss from Pirate. Puppy Love. She just LOVES him to death. (bad photos from my cell phone)

Kitchen Play?

Kitchen Play or Bartendar...

Sandbar Saturday

G not sure what to think. This was her first boat ride, first experience with sand, first sandbar, first time in a bathing suit, first time with a life jacket...She's just trying to figure out what the heck is going on. (oh, and first time with mix matched pigtail bows. lol)

Give her a bucket and shovel and instinctively she's in the know...

Just posing

Like her HOT pink life jacket? Since technically we are on a sandbar with the tide coming in I chose to keep her in it for the duration...if anyone was wondering.

Not exactly what the plan was but my girl has a mind of her own and posing isn't on it!

G's Uncle Jay and cousin Moorea entertaining her...

Wading in the water with Moorea. Her other cousin Brooke was there too just off an running to capture sea creature as soon as we anchored up! She has no time for us slow pokes! lol

Mango Chicken

(found this on the internet)
Mango Crockpot Chicken
Spray your crockpot (any kind of cooking spray)
Fill with whole chicken (boneless) breasts
Cover with ½ container of Costco’s Mango Salsa (any salsa works, but this particular kind is the best!)
Cook on LOW all day long – do not stir

Time to eat
Shred the chicken with two forks (do not drain off any juices), salt lightly, and your chicken is ready to go!

You can add shredded lettuce and cheese, cut up onions, olives, tomatoes and cilantro – set out a pint of sour cream – add to cruncky tortillas or flour ones.

It always turns out
It's an easy, healthy, crowd-pleasing dinner that not one kid has ever turned his nose to!


In Training...

Slide Fun

Beach Portraits

These are from my not so good cell phone. We got all the way to the beach only to realize I forgot my memory card for my camera! Who does that???? Oiy!

Pigtail Love

Artist of the Year

Giorgia drew me a picture at daycare!


I Love the color!!


G's new word...MINE! I was hoping that as a single child the concept of "MINE" wouldn't hit our household! Then I forgot it's like she has ten to twelve brothers and sisters at daycare! All I hear all night long is...MINE, MINE, MINE. Now she has the actions to go with it...

Stitches Out Today

Well today G gets her stitches out! Here is an upclose of my baby's boo boo! I know there is going to be drama!!! She just refuses to like doctors! Can't say I blame her.

Love the look of annoyance!

Just Another Day!

Mama says I wake up every morning looking like Jack Nicholson in the Witches of Eastwick. Whoever that is. She has to wet my hair down just to make me not look crazy. (hence the wet hair every morning in these photos)

The Key to NO DRAMA...

is a sippy cup and one arrowroot cookie! Feed my girl and she'll love you forever!

Oh, and this morning I got my very first unprompted HUG! As I was cutting up her banana for her SECOND Breakfast, she got off her chair, walked behind it, and gave me a big hug. WOW! That must have been one Great Looking BANANA!!

Baby Swan

While surfing the internet, I came across this photo. I want it in poster size. I believe it was from someone that snatched it from somewhere so there was no purchasing information. If anyone knows where I might find this please let me know. Thanks.

Jammies to Daycare?

I'm thinking G might be wearing Jammies to Daycare! Does Gymboree make Jammies? I didn't think they did so I hung in the closet as an outfit! Seconding guessing right now. (same thoughts on that sideways bow! But she's havin' fun. lol) Thoughts??????

My Funky Girl

Smart Cookie

I asked her which was her class and this is the one she pointed to! Smart Cookie!

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