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Rainy Days

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With all of the hurricanes, tropical storms, and downright rainy weather that has canvased us lately I’ve had to be creative with the kids. No park, zoo, or outdoor activity. So, I rolled up my sleeves and came up with 10 things to do with toddlers (and babies) on a rainy day.

1. Build a tent in your room and play under it. It’s amazing what you can create with some old sheets. You can ‘camp in the rain’, read books, stack blocks, and much more under your tent.
2. Have a dance party. For whatever reason my kids love to watch me make a fool out of myself. So I turned up the music, sang, and danced all around the living room. I held our 10 month old and, before I knew it, my 2 year old was running around chasing after me mimicking my every move. Great to get the energy out. Note: If your a little self-conscious, shut your blinds.
3. Do some crafts. Color in coloring books, play with play dough, stick stickers on paper, draw, etc…
4. Read some books. My kids love to be read too. So, go to the library and check out some new books that they haven’t read.
5. Bowling Cups. My two year old loves this. Grab some old plastic cups and set them up in your kitchen. Then get a ball that they can ‘roll’ at the cups. Be creative with it, they don’t have to be ordered like bowling pins. You can stack the cups in a pyramid, line them up in a row, etc…
6. Start potty training. We used the rainy days that Hurricane Ike brought us to begin potty training our oldest. Why not? We were already confined to the house.
7. Finger paint with chocolate pudding.
8. Make Christmas gifts for the grandparents. Get an early start on Christmas shopping by having your kids make Christmas cards and Thanksgiving cards.
9. Have a photo shoot. Dress your kids up and snap away.
10. When all else fails, and as long as it isn’t Sunday, go to Chick-Fil-A and play in their playroom. Endless hours of fun and tiring for the kids.

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