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Sunday @ the Park


amy said...

Oh my word that girl is gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

Hi, Stephe!

Many moons ago (haha) you had a link on your sidebar that led to "The Call" page you created. I have some close friends that should get their referral in the next batch and she was wanting to use that form. Do you still have it? I tried finding it, but no luck. You can email me at jenniferccbc@yahoo.com if you get a chance. Or you can send me a message via the January DTC yahoo group. Thank you!

BTW, your little Giorgia is absolutely beautiful. I'm just now realizing that someone in our travel group came across your reunion picture of all the girls wearing their pillowcase dresses and we did the same thing at our reunion a few weeks ago!

Blessings to you!
(a.k.a. Malia's Mommy)

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