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Another Day at the Park


Donna and Joe said...

Like Lauren, G looks so different with her hair off to the side instead of bangs down in front. I just wish L would let me stick a clip in there so her hair would stay off to the side. Unfortunately, hair clips are still evil to her!

By the way, G looks so adorable in this plaid dress and pink hoodie.


sierrasmom said...

Hi Stephe,
I showed my son's girlfriend your blog the other day. Well, we had been away and I had toatally missed the "Hair" postings. We laughed hysterically!!! Way too funny!! I remember G'Day like you. When I saw the video I couldn't believe how loud it was because I don't remember that part at all. At least during that the time we were being introduced. I do remember Sierra screaming "Ayi,Ayi" shortly after that!!!
We have to figure out a place to meet someday!!!!

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