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Evolution or Something Else?

I told my boss today that I wouldn't be able to work under these conditions! If surfing P*rn is against the rules yet seeing the ongoing "acts" is completely acceptable...then I'm outta here. lol.

Note: There are 3 males and 1 female.

So, now is it Evolution or something else? Is the male species getting smarter? Does each male in this scenerio have a 33% chance of dying verses a 100%. Or is there something sinister going on here? Is she in distress? Or is she a little hoochy mama?

FYI, this has been going on for 2 hours that I know of...probably longer! Geesh! Take a break!
It's now 1pm (6 hours and counting) and the gang is still there havin' a ....well...you know!
***UPDATE 2***
It's now 3:30 ( 8.5 hours and counting) and they are still having fun. One male is gone. We are all wondering if she ate him! We searched the brush on the ground near the party zone but nothing. Maybe he just went on his merry way!

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Our Journey to Rachel said...

Oh Stephe! You had me in stitches! That is hysterical!


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