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Project Manager or Apprentice?

I finally bought a small shelf thing to make G her own little entertainment center that she can sit in front of and watch her DVD's. As I'm sitting on the floor putting it together G picks up the instructions and walks around to check out my work. I had the camera right there so I picked it up. Actually I was shocked! Seriously, she was like a 40 year old Project Manager checking to see if my work was up to par. Are you kidding?

So I made her put down the instructions and be my apprentice!

She slid the back in all by herself and tightened my screws!

Good job G!

That's my INDEPENDENT woman in the making!!!
No stinkin' boys needed here!!


Diane and John said...

Way to Go G....I love those independent women. These are very cute...nice to have the camera ready at the right time!

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

that is my girl.....

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