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***Update to POLL***

Thanks everyone for commenting on my poll and GUESS WHAT...I figured out the problem. Evidentally, blogger or my tweeking of blogger is not compatable with Internet Explorer 8.
So I need everyone that posted to try this with Internet Explorer and see if it solves the problem.
The simple solution...
There is a compatibility issue and the simple fix is to click of an icon between the address window and the refresh icon in the browser. This is the "Compatability Mode" (pictured below). While I have not certified that my blog works fully even with Compatability Mode enabled, turning it on seems to allow standard functionality/viewing.

So this is also what the internet says...

In case no compatibility icon appears there is an adjustment that can be made to IE 8 to help my site work.

o In Internet Explorer 8 locate the Tools Menu and select Compatibility View Settings

o Add the Giorgia Danette site (‘www.giorgiadanette.blogspot.com’ without quotes) in the ‘Add this website’ box

o Click Add

o You can then close the box and open the assessment
Again the upgrade to version 8 for this browser is not recommended.



Kim said...

Hiya Stephe,

I use Firefox, not IE for web browsing and to let you know the issue is also with Firefox.


Cyndi said...

Well that was easy. I didn't even have to do half of that...just clicked on that box on my header and it was instantly fixed. I didn't have the problem previously, but somewhere over the course of the last few days I downloaded the latest IE and had the problem...now it's gone. Thanks.

Robin said...

Whatever you are playing with fixed how it looks on my Mac, I didn't change anything! No overlapping text anywhere and the line next to your Queen Mama picture is now all there.
The new font for your comment text is way too small for me to read though! My eyesight is going fast now that I'm in my 40s!!

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