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  • When Giorgia wakes up in the morning all sleepy eyed and hands me her crib blankets for me to fold and points at the monitor wavy her pointer finger saying "no, no, no, no, no". It's always five no's in a row in the cutest tune!
  • When she giggles every time I pull her out of the crib in the morning. (She is DEFINITELY a morning girl!)
  • How she says "shoes" and "bow" in the morning... like I'd forget!
  • How she stands for the "Bug Spray" and turns on cue for the back to get done!
  • When she kisses me goodbye at daycare. It's the only times she doesn't wipe the kisses off!
  • Love how G wants a napkin DURING her meal to wipe her hand and her face! (except any meal with red pasta sauce)
  • Her smile when she first sees me when I arrive to pick her up!
  • The days when she waves bye to EVERYONE at daycare like she's a celebrity.
  • The days she DOESN'T have meltdowns leaving daycare.
  • When she pats my computer chair and says "SEAT" meaning Sit so she can sit on the armrest of the chair and blog surf. BTW, every little Asian girl is LILAH to her. So cute. I'm not sure if she recognizes Lilah or she just loves the way her name rolls off her tongue.
  • How she SQUEALS with delight every time a puppy or kitty come on tv. Although she won't watch any kiddie video or show! She did however watch Sabrina the Teenage witch on Saturday just to see Salem the cat and squeal!!!
  • When she is so gentle with Pirate and squats down for a kiss.
  • How she hollers at Pirate when he puts his front paws up on the coffee table to check out what's in G's snack cup!
  • That G will take a nap ANYWHERE when it's that time!!!
  • That G will give me at least two or three good photos for every 500 I take!!
  • How when given the choice every night at bedtime she chooses snuggling with me first over going straight into her crib. (not without contemplation first though)
  • How she's a great sleeper...I've been BLESSED!

These are just a few of my FAVORITE things!


Donna and Joe said...

I LOVE this post! I need to put together a list of my own. It's a great idea for looking back on later. Sometimes we forget the little things over time.


Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh my word, our girls are SO alike it isn't even funny!

Lilah also makes me tidy her blankets before getting out in the morning! She also grabs her bow and her shoes (as if I'd forget!), she is VERY gentle with animals, she also LOVES to snuggle and kiss, she is also a FANTASTIC sleeper, she also has to have a napkin - oh the list of things in which they are so alike is endless!

And every time I show her Georgia I tell her, that's Georgie and she gunts UH HUH as if to say, I know her already! :) That is SO sweet how Georgia says Lilah about other Asian children! Lilah says me-me for all asian children, I think that is bad pronunciation, but little sister in mandarin.

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