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Dutch Wonderland Part 2

We got a late start on Sunday and G had a meltdown in the parking lot when we were getting out of the car...but it only lasted a few minutes. She was just tired of sitting in the carseat! She's a little unsure of what's going on but she's all set and ready to go!

Our first lesson of the day was patience. Although it's October and the lines were minimal... she was a big girl!

She got the hang of waiting really quick!

This was her ABSOLUTE favorite ride...Dukes Dozers!

Now if only she could figure out how to maneuver those dump buckets like the other kids!!

It was also farm animal today. They had all kinds of animals you could pet. Here is one of the mama cows that we saw!

more to come tomorrow...

1 comment:

Kim said...

Never been to Dutch Wonderland - looks like a you guys had fun =)

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