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Dutch Wonderland Part 4

G and Mama having a little photo op fun!

Uncle Jay won G a Sparkly Pink Fishie!!

Thanks Uncle Jay!

Aunt Christie keeping an eye on G...just like in China!!!

Attempting to get a photo of all three of the girls. I told Moorea and Brooke to jump on and squeeze tight to get G to stay. G didn't like that plan so much...

And within a second she was outta there!!!!!

Oh well, still a cute shot!


Kathy said...

Your daughter is beautiful. We just moved from PA to TX and Dutch Wonderland was right by us in PA. Loved all the pics. She seems so happy and loved. Comgrats.

Lora said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! I'm sure that she's as delightful as beautiful, too. :)

sierrasmom said...

Oh its so good to see Christie's face again. Her girare beautiful too!! Tell her we said hi!!!

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