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Brooke & Moorea's B-Day Party #1

Okay, so we are at Brooke & Moorea's Birthday Party(Chrisitie's girls)! They are having a horse party with lots of, of course, horses that the kids can ride on. They are also having lots of food, cake, hayrides and some games. Let's just say that this isn't G's first Hayride but this was the first one she decided that she didn't like. She didn't even like hanging out with uncle Jay! Poor guy!

Crocodile Tears and Mommy!

There is only one way to dry those tears and Aunt Pat hooked me up!


She's happy now so we decided to go ride the horsies! I asked her if she wanted to ride and she was happy waiting in line...squealing at all the horsies...that is until it was actually her turn. My girl REFUSED to let her legs TOUCH the horse. Who knew... Maybe next time...


Leslie said...

Oh, poor G! Love the photo of her on the horse. Gotta keep those legs up!

Dee said...

Yep. We had a pony ride at our local pumpkin patch and Annabelle was all excited...right up until it came time to actually get on the horse. Then we had kicking and screaming and flailing...Oh well, we'll try again.

Melissa said...

Ha! The pic on the horse is priceless. I love how her legs are straight up in the air.

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