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One Year Ago TODAY!

Wednesday, November 5, (EXACTLY ONE YEAR AGO TODAY) I got "the call". It was a dreary day here and it was misting. Something told me that maybe this was the day and I took a photo of the trees across from my house as I jumped in the car. It was 6:30am and the darkness had just started moving away. My plan was to take photos every morning, never thinking that this was "the day". Unlike my fellow Precious Pandas, all waiting for "the call" I tried not to get to excited only to be let down another day. You see, all of our paperwork has been in China for over 32 months. Most of us started way before this and when we did, the process took only 6 months. So, for the past three years, every 6 months we were told/though, oh, just 6 more months.

The Rumor boards were quiet, all the yahoo groups were quiet...eerily so! How is it that the CCAA and the agencies have finally mastered the zip-lip technique when I'M expecting the call. My ECG girls & Precious Pandas are all speculating but nothing...all quiet.
At 2:00pm on the dot, my cell rings. Unkown area code??? No, My Agency area code?? Can't remember!! OMG!
I pick up the phone and
my FA says: Stephanie?
me: Phillip? Is this it? Is this the call? DON'T SAY ANYTHING!!! I'm on my way home!!! Can you call me back? BUT DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING YET!!!!
Phillip: (trying not to giggle) Yes, this IS IT, How long will it take you to get home?
me: 30 minutes
Phillip: Okay, no problem
me: You can call another family if you want so I don't hold you up, I'll understand and I'll be home waiting for your call. I hang up. Post to my group that I got the call, referrals are really here and that I hung up on Phillip and told him to call me later. Jump in my car and race home. Meanwhile, I'm getting all these texts saying "ARE YOU CRAZY, INSANE, STUPID...YOU HUNG UP ON THE CALL" I know, I know. But I wanted to be home and video tape it. Hey, I've waited for 3+ years, I think the least they can do is wait for me for 30 minutes!!!
So, I arrive home, oh did I tell you I'm sick as a dog with major resp. issues!! Thank God for adrenaline...I didn't feel a thing. I change my clothes, brush my hair, let Pirate outside, turn on the computer, turn on the video tape, review call sheet, look for lost "referral pen". (which I never did find) then wait... wait... and wait...
Finally Phillip calls me back. He waited for me to get home and didn't call anyone else. I was the first person he called...he didn't call anyone else yet. He said he sent the email with her photos and for me to open it up. I said no, I want you to tell me everything first because I won't pay any attention otherwise. I have no idea really what he said. I will have to reference the video.
The tidbits I got were:
It's a Girl
She's 10 months old.
Her birthdate is in January
Her name
She's from Guangdong
That's it!! He rambled for about 10 minutes but I have no idea what he said but I kept saying yes, okay, absolutely.
He then asks me to open the email and I say no.
I told him I wanted to do it by myself when I got off the phone but Thanked him for the call.
Then, I go to my computer and keep refreshing my email...
there is no email from Phillip.
Refresh, Refresh, Refresh... nothing
Then I decide to check my msn email...Then I see this...
This is it!!! And this is what I saw. Sorry that the video is so bad. I was trying to be cool because I had the video camera on me and my little camera taping my laptop as I opened the photo. Those of you that want to do this, might I suggest practicing. It didn't come out well but it's still memorable. The second I saw her I was in love and I kept saying that she looks like me. Something about her looks like me or it was her I saw in my dreams. She was so familiar. I must say Pirate was smitten too, you can hear him in the background. Stephe (yes, it's official, I'm a dork)

to be continued...

I will try to post referral video with the camcorder. At least it's clear video. Then more of that day!!!


Deb said...

Wow! I can't believe it's been a year. I definitely remember that day and all the insanity. You're a hoot and reading your post just brought tears to my eyes, like it did a year ago when you were telling me on the phone. So freakin' cool!

hiltonsheadeast said...

OK, I'm crying. One year ...the first time you saw your little G's face. What an amazing gift. What an amazing little girl. What an amazing mommy. Congrats!


lighthousegal said...

That gave me chills. You are so right - she was and is absolutely beautiful!

Colin and Jill Canada said...

Awww, happy day! :)

sierrasmom said...

Oh Stephe, I had no idea you all received your referrals on Nov. 5th Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!!! Iam sitting here crying over this video!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Kim said...

Happy referral day :)

Laurie said...

Wow! Can't believe that it has been a year already.

Leslie said...

Hard to believe that it's been a year already. The time has really flown.

Anonymous said...

Cute video. I think it's so cute that you think your daughter looks like you :). Happy referral day.


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