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Bathtime Fun!

She just loves her puppy Pirate. So much so that when I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her she said, "Pirate Kissies". I told her she could work that out with Pirate and to ask Santa for a toy or something! Looks like she got her "kissie" early!

My little furry rugrat! fyi, he is the SWEETEST dog on earth but has be banned from 4 groomers now. So, I've given up... he will continue to spend his days looking like a rugrat!


Julie said...

That is just about the cutest photo ever (of them "kissing)! We also have a yorkie and have high hopes for him to get along with our (future) adopted child. :)

Happy holidays to you both!

MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...

too cute! Love how she closed her eyes and everything!

TK said...

Too cute!
Just FYI: Our maltese that we used to own was accidently cut on the paw at the groomers. THey never admitted to it, but it was bleeding when I picked him up and didn't stop and was not bleeding before he went. I could also tell they used a styptic pencil to try to stop it. Since then, he would bite/growl, and basically try to maul them when they tried to groom him. Scarred him for life. So maybe Pirate was accidently cut or nicked one time.

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