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Halloween 2009 (Portrait)

Daycare Halloween #2 (Parade)

Just before lunchtime, Daycare had their annual Halloween Parade. I dressed up as a WITCH.

Here is G with one of her most favorite teachers...

Cute photos above but the reality was not pretty. From the moment I walked in G DEMANDED to be held by only me. I couldn't talk with anyone else, I couldn't put her coat on, I couldn't put my keys down, she wouldn't line up, hold her treat bag... just wanted to flip out. See below...

Okay, so when she heard the word "OUTSIDE" she let me put her down and accepted her treat bag...

She managed to walk outside with her fellow classmates...

And that was IT. TANTRUM until I picked her up...
So we only have photos that I could take while holding her...

Note to SELF: Next year I am coming to this Halloween Parade in a costume that she won't recognize me in and just be a bystander snapping away with a camera! Geez. Such Drama!

(Oh yeah, and when we had to change her out of her costume...she flipped out to. I handed a SCREAMING child over to her teacher and practically RAN out of there!)

Daycare Halloween #1 (Morning)

This morning Miss G started out as usually, her happy, yet demanding self. I put her slip on but decided to wait until AFTER breakfast to put on her costume...

I fixed her hair and decided to forgo the tiara until we got to school. Miss G is NOT HAPPY with this decision so I gave in...

Tantrum averted...

Now, I had to show her how pretty her tiara was!

Currently, we have NO self esteem issues. This is Miss G kissing herself...

Now we are at Daycare, Miss G drove of course...

Thanks Aunt Christie for the Princess Coat!

Now she is instructing me to put her sippies in the refridgerator...

Now we have a Princess smirk and a wave goodbye...

more to come...

Daycare Pre-Halloween

Ms. Rebecka sent these photos from her phone last week. Aren't they cute of the girls!!!

Having fun at Daycare. (Mia, Giorgia & Aubrie)

Just being silly.

Giorgia & Mia with Ms. Rebecka!

Thank you Rebecka, I am now fortunate enough to have an inside glimpse of my girl during the day!!!!!!!

G's Buddy

This is on of G's buddies at school, A. Her mommy is also one of G's old teachers. G misses Miss Shelley but because A is still in her class, she gets to see her at least twice a day!

Snacktime at School

Another email with this photo attached from the teachers assistant of G at snacktime.

At School

Here is one of a bunch of photos at school that Miss Rebecka sent to me via email. At least I know G is smiling for someone with a camera. All I've been getting lately is "NOooo" and the back of her head.

On the flip side, reverse physchology is working GREAT. When she doesn't do what I want her to do I say "FINE, give me your pretty bows!" and I take her hair bows out. Didn't you know that naughty girls aren't allowed to wear pretty bows?

She now fights for her BOWS!!! (most of the time)

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Just saw this over here at Her Cup Overfloweth
Thought I would give it a try although I am not following the theme of this week. I'll get there!!! lol



Memory Lane Monday

Foulkstone Road
1976 - 1982

Happen to be in the neighborhood this weekend. It's most beautiful in the fall and couldn't resist taking some photos! This is one of the homes I grew up in.

I know it looks pretty but all I see are those dreaded leaves. lol (I'm sure my parents would say the same thing!)

Too Much Halloween Candy?

Fill their bellies with a wholesome meal before they go out Trick or Treating. A healthy and nutritious dinner at home can keep them from emptying the bag before they get back.

Plan activities that don’t focus solely on candy and high-sugar treats. Carve a pumpkin, tell spooky stories, or create your own haunted house. Roast pumpkin seeds and watch a scary movie.

Limit the time spent going door to door, or limit the area they can cover. Maybe two hours, or maybe two blocks…

Give them non-food treats, like temporary tattoos or stickers, instead of high-sugar treats.

Trade them homemade treats for the candy they collect. Homemade is always safe, if you’re the one who made it. Try Pumpkin Spice Cookies or Spiced Sugar Pumpkin Cake.

Trade them healthier treats for their Halloween candy. Honey sticks or sesame candies from a natural foods store are always popular at my house.

Cash them out. Decide on the exchange rate for each piece of candy, and let them “sell” you their loot. Turn it into a homeschool lesson about currency or math or business.

Sort out the worst of the candy and get rid of it. Stuff full of high fructose corn syrup or from China should go right in the trash. (sorry China)

Keep the candy out of reach. Having a bowl of candy on the counter, or letting the kids keep it in their room is bad news…

Ration the candy. Set limits on the number of pieces they can eat on Halloween night, and ration the rest out at two pieces each day.

Decide on a date for pitching the rest. After a week or so, just get rid of it. Make sure the kids know in advance, so there’s no surprise.

Set a good example. Don’t pig out on the candy that you pass out to Trick or Treaters, and don’t eat all of the candy you bought from them in one sitting.
or do what I'm going to let G do...LET HER EAT SUGAR TIL SHE PUKES!!! LOL

Virus of some sort

Don't open any email that come from stephe(insert last name) @ msn .com.
I haven't had this email in a while so I don't know how this all started. Delete as spam and I hope it's not reaking havoc on your email. Please let me know if it is. Sorry. Stephe

Dear John (Video)

Think I have to see this. Its from the same guy that did "The Notebook"

Amazing Story (Video)

You really have to watch this. I stumbled upon it on Catherine's Blog. It's AMAZING!

School Photo (last time)

I put this the same photo on this blue background...I think I like it better!

"MY" School Photos!!!

Well after many hours of searching on the internet, I found the background that was used on G's schools photos! Then tonight, before I put G to bed, I got her dressed back in her dress and took a bunch of photos of her in her room. After about 50 or so I had one that I thought would work. I think it did. Here is my result after a bunch of photoshopping! Do you like it better than the official ones at the bottom of the post???

"MY" Version of the School Photo

The "SCHOOLS" Version

S'mores Maker

Call me a sucker but I think I really want one of these!

Tired of broken crackers, runny chocolate, and flaming marshmallows from failed attempts at s'more making? Make perfect s'mores the first time, everytime, with the Microwave S'mores Maker! Simply stack your crackers, marshmallow, and chocolate under the cute, hand-like presses, fill the specially-designed water reservoir, and pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds or less. The water will ensure that your s'mores are evenly heated and lip-smackingly delicious! A great kitchen tool and a unique gift! 7"L x 6.5"W x 3.5"H. Made from plastic.

You can find it here. Isn't it just the cutest.

update: I bought it and it works great. LOVE it.

9 Months a Family...

Here are some photos of our first 9 months together. I got this idea from G's crib buddy Lilah Grace's Mom. (Great idea Jill!) My girl still does not favor smiling when the camera comes out but I assure you, she does.

Here is to many more months and years to come!!

Love you baby!

Biker Chick

Here is another of her many Halloween Costumes!!!

The Silver Metallic hot pants are just too cute on her!!!

Dutch Wonderland Part 4

G and Mama having a little photo op fun!

Uncle Jay won G a Sparkly Pink Fishie!!

Thanks Uncle Jay!

Aunt Christie keeping an eye on G...just like in China!!!

Attempting to get a photo of all three of the girls. I told Moorea and Brooke to jump on and squeeze tight to get G to stay. G didn't like that plan so much...

And within a second she was outta there!!!!!

Oh well, still a cute shot!

Dutch Wonderland Part 3

G did a lot of walking and just a bit in the stroller. Here she is on a mission in her sparkly "G" sweatshirt!

She reorganized the stroller basket when she was bored. Like the back of her sweatshirt? It's all sparkly rhinestones there too!!! She's my little goth girl!

Hanging out in the kiddie church.

Watching the Princess and the Dragon water show!

The dreaded Carrousel!

more photos tomorrow...

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