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Holiday Ornaments

Thank you Angela! Happy Holidays!


Photo Ornaments are GREAT gifts for the upcoming Holiday!

This is the format for which Christmas ornaments will look with this Santa Hat and this Red background or you can have it without the hat. Here is the one I did for G's official Ornament this year!


If you are interested just post a comment and leave your email. I will need your favorite photo that has pretty decent resolution and I will photoshop it into an ornament and put it online in my cafepress store for you to purchase at your leisure. The ornaments are $9.99. Stephe

I am currently limiting this years ornament DESIGN to one as I am unsure of the amount of requests verses my time! (single mom to a toddler and still learning to juggle) So request early and have them in time for the Holidays!!!

FYI, below was the before photo...

It was Yummy but now...

BFF & School

This is A...G's BFF!! I hear A's name every waking moment that we are together lately. Guess she ditched her boyfriend J for a BFF!!! (I am so envious of A's eyelashes! Aren't they AMAZING?!!!)

These are all more photos from my secret squirrel at Daycare! Thank you Ms R!!!!!

G is such a ham for Ms. R!!!!

Bouncy House

She's down more than she's up but she's having fun!!!!

Swing Time

Look Mommy, NO HANDS!!!

Waited a LONG time...

to see my kiddo in this bunch.

Brooke & Moorea's B-Day Party #1

Okay, so we are at Brooke & Moorea's Birthday Party(Chrisitie's girls)! They are having a horse party with lots of, of course, horses that the kids can ride on. They are also having lots of food, cake, hayrides and some games. Let's just say that this isn't G's first Hayride but this was the first one she decided that she didn't like. She didn't even like hanging out with uncle Jay! Poor guy!

Crocodile Tears and Mommy!

There is only one way to dry those tears and Aunt Pat hooked me up!


She's happy now so we decided to go ride the horsies! I asked her if she wanted to ride and she was happy waiting in line...squealing at all the horsies...that is until it was actually her turn. My girl REFUSED to let her legs TOUCH the horse. Who knew... Maybe next time...

Brooke & Moorea's B-Day Party #2

Checking out the barn...

Gotta love the boots! (from our China trip)

Just hanging out...

Being silly with Aunt Tamara!

Brooke & Moorea's B-Day Party #3

She just can't figure out what these kids were doing along side the barn. They were doing stick horse races.

She's getting into the groove of things now! She was like a mile behind them and ditched the stick horse. Oh well, whatever makes her happy!

and of course, she had fun playing with the trainer's puppy dog.

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

This is my second week of Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth Thought I would give it a try although I am still not following the theme of the week. I'll get there!!! lol!

and a video below...


She's sportin' some G-Style here!!!

Referral Call Photos

Never been seen before!! (lol)
I finally watched the video of "The Call" and it is great! The only down side is that I can't figure out this freakin' software to edit the video! Grrrr. I have software that I am familiar with but the format of my new video camera is not supported by it! :( Grrr. Now I have to use a new software and READ! Again...GRRRR... I did, however, figure out how to capture photos from it. Here are some from "The Call"
(Panasonic SDR-H40P)

Don't think it shows but I was SOOOOOOO SICK this day! Thank GOD for adrenalin!!!!!

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