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The Party (Part I)

Giorgia & Mommy

Happy Birthday to my little FAIRY!!

Main Table Setup with LOTS of Fairy food.

LOTS of sweets for hungry Pixies.

Fairy Wands, Pixie Parfaits, Magic Brownies and more...

Giorgia had her very own special Fairy Cupcakes. Little cupcake picks of her sitting on some pixie mushroom cupcakes.

Enchanting twinkle lights in between.

just another veiw...

These were the best Fairy Wands ever. Lollipop sticks, Marshmallows, Hot Pink Chocolate and sprinkles!!!

Beverage & Chip station

Was bored and had an extra table and table cloth so I made it a "clean up" station.

Fairy Tree.

Basket of Pixie Prizes and Fairy Favors!

Playing pin the star on the FAIRY!
THANK YOU Tamara for all the GAMES!!!

I was judging! (Official Tie)

Another favorite part. I made some fairy mushrooms for the fairy circle we would have.

Here are the kids playing fairy games.

Here is our Superman...protector of all the fairies! (Thanks Garrett)

Don't you just LOVE the wings?

This is them playing Musical Mushrooms!

Thank you Christie & Pat and Tamara for organizing all the Pixie Play!!! They all ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo of my goddaughter! It cracks me up! This is a photo of some of the girls after my mom gave them all noise makers. Oye...not recommended unless you have lots of Tylenol on hand. lol


Above is our Fairy Craft Table.

I photoshopped eached Fairies head onto a paperdoll body with an enchanted garden background. I supplied flowers, stickers, stars, glitter glue for them to decorate themselves as a little fairy. The craft turned out to be a real hit!!

The kids (& adults) Loved it.

here is an upclose of some of the talent!!

I'll do a post of just "G" photos too! She had fun. She was a shy monkey for the first half then she was on her own program having fun for the second half.

More photos of guests and stuff to come...
Stay tuned...


MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...

What a precious party theme. Looks like everyone had a great time!

Wanda, Geoff and Lexi said...

Awesome! I can't even imagine pulling this much off for Lj's party! Everything looked wonderful! I'm so glad she had a great birthday!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OMW... you did an AMAZING job..
love it..
So many fun activities..and sooo fun..
love the cupcakes.. actually I love it ALL..
YOu should do this more often..lol.
Hugs..Have a great week.
can't wait to see more photos...

Kim said...

Holy cow - why aren't you party planning for a living?
What a super cute party!

KristenBieber said...

Oh my gosh, you sure know how to throw an adorable party. My little one saw the pics and was like wow!

funnylittlepollywogs said...

WOW!!! All of this and you are a working single mom?!? Girl, you are amazing!

My favorite part is the G cupcakes!!! Awesome! I do really like the craft station too...

Noella said...

Wonderful, that looked like so much fun. How in the world do you find the time to be so creative! What wonderful memories for your daughter.

Kim said...

Wow - that's the most adorable party! The magic wands and crafts - excellent theme =) You're an inspiration. (and I may call you for ideas next year!)

sierrasmom said...

Great idea!!! It looks like it was a hit!!! I love birthdya parties although I think I was better at planning boys ones than girls...but give me time!!!!
Happy Birthday Giorgia!!!!

Diane and John said...

Happy Birthday Georgia!!!!
Stephe...I am truly impressed...I am hiring you for Julias birthday parties! What a great idea. We miss you! We would love to get the group together in a couple of years and meet in Disney!

M3 said...

Wow! Happy birthday Georgia!

(Um, are you going to be anywhere near CA in Oct to help plan the girls' 5th bday? Hee.)

MacMui Mom said...

Fun party!!! We are still eating some of the veggies and cheese. For all who were not there, it was really cute and lots of fun!!! Thanks bunch! We will have to get together soon.



Truly Blessed said...

Holy cow! You set the bar HIGH with this birthday extravaganza! Can't wait to see what G's wedding looks like in about 25 years!

Our Journey to Rachel said...

You are truly talented and crafty. Everything looked beautiful and the originality is unbelievable. I think you missed your calling!

Happy Belated Birthday G! You and your mommy are truly blessed.


Special K said...

What an amazing party! I'm very impressed. Love everything about it.

Terynn said...

Happy Birthday, G!!! Your Mommy can rock a fairy party like no other!! Agree with Truly Blessed---Miss G's wedding will be platinum on a budget!! Well done, Mom.

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