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Seems like Yesterday...

It was one year ago today I woke up knowing that this particular day would change a little girls life and my own…forever. I was completely calm. Completely at peace. I was not nervous or overwhelmed. (seriously)

I had waited for Giorgia’s arrival for a long time and for so many years I dreamed of her and loved her from afar. She didn’t dream of me though. She was living her life as she thought it was meant to be. I missed those first 11 months but I choose to believe that someone was looking after her and keeping her safe. I wonder if a little part of her knew that her whole world … our whole world… was about to change.

It was one year ago today I got to hold Giorgia for the first time. I got to comfort her for the first time. I got to physically touch her for the first time. I got to give her a kiss for the first time. I got to feed her for the first time. I even got to change her diaper for the first time. I will never forget that day. It was burned in my mind forever. Once at the Civil Affairs Office, all I could hear was my heart beating and somehow the volume of the room was muffled. When Giorgia was placed in my arms, she looked at me with that same look that I saw in her referral picture. This look was not blank nor scared but rather distantly observant. She did not cry, never once did she reject me nor did she ever try to pull away. She was cautious and she was patient with this new mama of hers. She allowed me to woo her and love her but she was cautious to let me in. It was okay with me as I was prepared for this. I would wait for as long as it took.

Fast-forward to today, my girl is Little Miss Independent (ok, let's be real...DIVA) and with one simple smile she can light up a room. I am amazed at the changes that she has gone through. What a difference! I continue to stand in awe.


It has been exciting seeing her grow and develop and at the same time, bittersweet. I want her to be little forever. She is beautiful, talented, "spirited", FUNNY and incredibly smart.

Words she uses often: Mama, Giorgia, horsie, no, yes, Pirate, Gami, cracker, light, tissue, cheese, more, hi, bye, fish, please, shoes, coat, bow, banana, baby, ball, out, Uh Oh!, Mmmmm, sit down, get down, book, where are you?, milk, blanket, not nice, up, thank you, night-night, boo-boo, bug bite, cold, hot. But this past week...well...let's just say she's had a language EXPLOSION an her words and sentences are limitless!!!

Current Obsessions: EATING, Strawberry Milk, Shopping, Wearing Mama’s Shoes, Organizing, Cleaning, Books and repeating what I say,EVERYTHING I say. lol

Current Fears: The Vaccum. She still freaks out at the doctors office. Hates the doctor. Still is not okay with me holding any other child.

Things I LOVE:
● How she notices a plane or a bird in the sky.
● How she says, "Milk” and accentuates the “k” like if she doesn’t I won’t know what she is talking about. Same with the “T” in Blanket!!
● The way she blows kisses to everyone.
● How she swings the purse over her shoulder like she’s been a Diva forever.
● How she always asks to go "shopping"
● The way she is obscessed with her belly button!
● How she closes doors and drawers after me when I forget
● How she grabs and squeezes her own cheeks when we are naming body parts.
● How she squeals when she sees a puppy dog or kitty cat on tv.
● How she reminds about her shoes as if I would forget.
● The way she softly scratches my arms just because she knows I LOVE it!
● The way she points to her lips because she wants some lip gloss too!
● She is growing up way too fast, and she amazes me with some of the things she does.

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Steve and Rebecca said...

I have been following your journey and think your family is simply beautiful! Congratulations on your year anniversary! Love the video!

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