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Great Day...

What a GREAT Day!! G and I met up with Kathie and Sierra! We haven't seen them since China. Kathie, Scott and David flew over to China (and back) with us on the very same flight! It took both of them a bit to warm up. Sierra was very quiet but then in the middle of lunch she says, "Stephanie, I like your scarf...it looks beautiful on you!" Okay, is she a charmer or what? That was the sweetest thing! I told her Thank you and that was the sweetest comment ever! She is just TOOO CUTE!!!

Okay so this isn't the best photo!! Boy, it was hard to get those girls in sync with the camera. lol They are still darn cute, though.

Here is Giorgia showing Sierra her talent for eating Cheerios with a fork!

Here are the girls holding hands. Sooooo cute!!

Sierra is so sweet, she's helping my girl up!

Here they are patiently waiting for their turn on the carousel.

G finally stops FREAKING OUT and sits on the horse!

Sierra rode for the first time ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!

Looks like G is getting the swing of it!

Never enough time! I wished we had all day but it was GREAT seeing Kathie & Sierra again! Kathie told me to tell Donna, Karen, and Chritie "HELLO"! I'll email you girls too in case you don't see this post. Love ya Kathie & Sierra!! I hope we can see each other again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Year

What a difference a year makes...


Well, we celebrated the Chinese New Year at G's school tonight! I came in a did a little thing with all the kids!!! (20 two year olds)

Here we are just after we were finished. G looks so cute in her Traditional outfit! (Thanks Bethany!)

When the kids woke up from their naps, we did snack time. I brought in Mandarin Oranges...

Fortune Cookies and Sesame Wheat Puffs.

Then I read them all a little book. Kai Lan's Chinese New Year! They all sat so great for the first half of the book and then I was losing them so I did one of those quick wrap ups after that!!!

Then it was coloring time. I formatted little coloring books from pages I found on the internet. They loved them!!

Sorry, can't share any of the group shots because I didn't get permission from all the parents.

Then I sent each one home with a little Chinese New Year Favor!

Included was a CNY info card, a CNY notepad, a Sesame Wheat Puff, Fortune cookie and a chocolate Gold Coin in a makeshift red envelope.

These were the goodies before I started the favors.

This was the card I threw together from images and text off the internet. I found this cute tiger for the front and I put a kiddie zodiac on the back.

Just some little facts I found so the parents knew what I had told the children and what the treat bag was for since no parents were there.

A couple lasts photos once we got home.

Overall...a SUCCESS!!

Valentine's Treats

G is passing out treats instead of cards to her classmates. It was between Tinkerbell cards or Little Debbie Hearts. I knew my girl would pick food!

Tomorrow they are having their Valentine's Party so I prettied up their treats tonight for the fun!

CNY Coconut Pudding

I found this recipe here.

"Even to this day, the kitchen is my husband’s domain, though I’d sometimes venture in on feastdays and holidays. As it’s Chinese New Year, it’s time for me to turn out my one and only contribution to the family table. It’s a delicious pudding-like cake or cake-like pudding, and I love the fragrant aroma that wafts from the oven as it’s baking. I also like the delicate taste and the chewy texture.

The only ingredients that may be hard to find are the glutinous rice flour and maybe the coconut milk, but all Chinese supermarkets should have them in stock, and many supermarkets now have aisles dedicated to Asian cuisine, and it would be surprising if you can’t find one or the other with a little bit of searching."

CNY Coconut Pudding

glutinous rice flour 1 lb (or one bag of 14 oz will do)
baking powder 1 tbsp
sugar 1&3/4 cup
eggs 3
vegetable oil 3/4 cup
coconut milk 2&1/2 cup (one can of 400 ml or 14 fl oz will do)

1. Mix flour and baking powder together in a mixing bowl.
2. In another mixing bowl, put sugar, eggs and oil together and mix for about 5 minutes. Add coconut milk and whip again for 1 minute.
3. Fold 1. into 2. and blend well.
4. Pour batter into a pyrex glass container (a long, shallow, rectangular one is best).
5. Bake in pre-heated oven at 375 degrees for 30-40 minutes.
6. Enjoy!

UPDATE: This is how it turned out!!! Turned out GREAT! Imagine, texture wise, slightly undercooked brownies but instead of brownie, coconut pudding. It's yummy, with an unexpected texture. Definately cannot tell if it's pudding-like cake or cake-like pudding! Will make again! G liked the first bite and then refused it. She said "NOT LIKE"

That's our CNY mugs we got at Pier 1 last year!

Cleaning - Part 1 (Video)

I was working on some drawings for work and G asked if she could clean the house! I excitedly said yes! Unfortunately it wasn't my house! I asked if she would do it again once I got the video...she did it half heartedly this time...

Cleaning - Part 2 (Video)

Please see the first video...first!

Thank You!

I just found this old post in my "drafts" so I thought I would just go ahead and PUBLISH it.
This will bore most of you so please disregard!

After the party we came home and opened some presents.

She just loved the one bag in particular. Kept wanting to go "shopping

Okay, now she is ready...

Beautiful necklace from Gami.

Card from Grandpop and Grandmom. Thank you for my gift! :)

a Beautiful Fairy Card.

Pirate was VERY excited about Aunt Deb's gift.

She just LOVES her Giorgia Table!

and our new Musical Jewelry Box and the HUGE book of stickers

Love the wrapping paper Aunt Christie!

Oh, you know I'll love this Shopping Cart, the cute outfit and ALL THE CLOTHES and SHOES that you just gave us.

Thanks Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim for all my goodies. The School Bus, the play food and the adorable outfits.

Aunt Tamara and Alexus, I just LOVE my horsie and purse!

Bernadette, Grace, Charlotte and Jocelyn...Thank you for all my goodies. We love Kai Lan (doll and video) and all the other goodies...

the light up wand...

and all the art stuff and clothes!

Eddie, Lisa and Mia, I just LOVE my Octopus!

and this Fairy Dress is SO ME!!!

Ms. DeDe, Thanks for the Cash Register. I'm learning my numbers as fast as I can.

I LOVE the beeping sound....

Shelley and Aubrie...LOVE my Little People set!!!

more to come...

Rip Curl Ricki

When I let go of who I wanted her to “be”…
She completely flourished.
And I reveled in knowing she’s perfect just the way she is!

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