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Great Day...

What a GREAT Day!! G and I met up with Kathie and Sierra! We haven't seen them since China. Kathie, Scott and David flew over to China (and back) with us on the very same flight! It took both of them a bit to warm up. Sierra was very quiet but then in the middle of lunch she says, "Stephanie, I like your scarf...it looks beautiful on you!" Okay, is she a charmer or what? That was the sweetest thing! I told her Thank you and that was the sweetest comment ever! She is just TOOO CUTE!!!

Okay so this isn't the best photo!! Boy, it was hard to get those girls in sync with the camera. lol They are still darn cute, though.

Here is Giorgia showing Sierra her talent for eating Cheerios with a fork!

Here are the girls holding hands. Sooooo cute!!

Sierra is so sweet, she's helping my girl up!

Here they are patiently waiting for their turn on the carousel.

G finally stops FREAKING OUT and sits on the horse!

Sierra rode for the first time ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!

Looks like G is getting the swing of it!

Never enough time! I wished we had all day but it was GREAT seeing Kathie & Sierra again! Kathie told me to tell Donna, Karen, and Chritie "HELLO"! I'll email you girls too in case you don't see this post. Love ya Kathie & Sierra!! I hope we can see each other again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kristi said...

Hi. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I purchased the cupcake stand at Home Goods and I know they still have them. I actually have two -- the one in the Fancy Nancy pictures that holds 18 cupcakes and a white one with pink crystals that holds a dozen cupcakes. They also have them in silver.

Our daughters sound like they're from the same part of China. Our girls were born in Maonming, in Guangdong Province, very near the China Sea.

sierrasmom said...

THANK YOU!!! It was sooo great meeting up with you!!! I loved the time we spent together and Sierra talked about it the rest of the day!!! Giorgia is a doll. I will post tomorrow in my blog!!Thanks again for driving there to meet us!!!
Kathie and Sierra

Diane and John said...

Wow the girls are growing up and are so cute together! I told Kathie that I was jealous that she was going out to visit. Looks like a fun afternoon. Great pictures!

Donna and Joe said...

I'm so totally jealous that you got to see Kathie & Sierra! I would LOVE to see them again. The girls sure look cute together. I always think it's so sweet when little girls hold hands...it makes my heart melt.

Julie said...

Adorable pics. Once again, LOVE G's outfit - those furry black boots and leggings just rock! :) She has grown and changed so much since you brought her home. Such a cutie.

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