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Thank You!

I just found this old post in my "drafts" so I thought I would just go ahead and PUBLISH it.
This will bore most of you so please disregard!

After the party we came home and opened some presents.

She just loved the one bag in particular. Kept wanting to go "shopping

Okay, now she is ready...

Beautiful necklace from Gami.

Card from Grandpop and Grandmom. Thank you for my gift! :)

a Beautiful Fairy Card.

Pirate was VERY excited about Aunt Deb's gift.

She just LOVES her Giorgia Table!

and our new Musical Jewelry Box and the HUGE book of stickers

Love the wrapping paper Aunt Christie!

Oh, you know I'll love this Shopping Cart, the cute outfit and ALL THE CLOTHES and SHOES that you just gave us.

Thanks Aunt Pat and Uncle Jim for all my goodies. The School Bus, the play food and the adorable outfits.

Aunt Tamara and Alexus, I just LOVE my horsie and purse!

Bernadette, Grace, Charlotte and Jocelyn...Thank you for all my goodies. We love Kai Lan (doll and video) and all the other goodies...

the light up wand...

and all the art stuff and clothes!

Eddie, Lisa and Mia, I just LOVE my Octopus!

and this Fairy Dress is SO ME!!!

Ms. DeDe, Thanks for the Cash Register. I'm learning my numbers as fast as I can.

I LOVE the beeping sound....

Shelley and Aubrie...LOVE my Little People set!!!

more to come...

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