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Easter Cupcakes

Off to school we go...with Easter Cupcakes. Giorgia has her Easter party today!

Aren't they cute!

And why am I up at 3:00 AM??

NO more PEELING eggs!

Boy, I hope this works. I can't wait to try it!!!

Snow Day

Forgotten photos from ONE of our snow days last month!

My girls loves the snow...

but prefers to go shopping...

whatever works!

@ the Vet

These are some old photos that I found on my phone. It takes HORRIBLE pics. This was our first time at the VET with Giorgia in tow.

Pirate was a good dog as usual. I packed an ENTIRE collapsable cooler of snacks and drinks in preparation for this one! I hoped she would do well here but she does NOT do well at her own doctor!!!

Snacks worked AWESOME!!

I think she even had fun...

When the doctor came in she jumped off the seat and was front and center. She kept saying "Pirate Medicine, Pirate Medicine" because obviously I told her we were taking Pirate to get some medicine to make him feel better. He felt fine, it was just a yearly thing but I figured he'd get something... he always does. Then it was time for his shots and the dr looked at me to see if it was okay that G was standing right there. I said okay and he proceeded. She had her nose practically touching Pirate as he got his shots! That's my girl. I only hoped that it would help her with HER doctor issues!!!! lol

Pretty in Pink

Little Miss on her way to school in her PomPom bow from Ms Rebecka!

What a sweet face.

She's ready for school now...

This is Mommy teasing her..."Go, Stop, Go". I snapped the photo in between stop and go. lol.

You can't appreciate this blurry photo unless you were there. She was SWINGIN' those hips from side to side as she walked...very exaggerated! Where did THAT come from?!!


Issues? lol

If only I wore a size 5!!! Pretty soon all these will be up for sale! lol. I am hoping Giorgia has another 4 or 5 months in them...if I'm lucky.

Friendly reminder...If you don't have anything nice to say, don't bother leaving a comment! You know who you are! :)

Exchanging Money

Exchanging money is SUPER easy if you do it the right way.
Make sure your US dollars are CRISP. Go to the hotel Lobby in the morning and ask to exchange. For a typical day, I would take a crisp $100 and get that exchanged. It was my way of pacing myself. What I didn't spend could roll over to the next day. I tend to go a little overboard with the shopping. I did all but one exchange at the hotel. They might not understand everything you say but they understand 'exhange", expected crisp money and sometimes you have to sign for the exchange...but not always...not sure about that. The Victory has a limit on the $ they can exchange per day. If you show up at 7pm...they might be all out. Best BET...always exchange bright and early. Now, my daughter was adopted in Guangzhou and I was told my donation would be accepted in US dollars. There I stood with my new daughter in my arms attempting to hand them our donation in US dollars and they refused. It needed to be exchanged. There is a bank of the first floor of the building we were in. It took our group ALMOST TWO HOURS to get their exchange...and two hours only because rumor had it that our guide went down and flipped out in the bank. Then...my best friend who took my money went last because she wanted the men to be able to get up their with their new children...she figured I would understand (I did, completely) anyway. After then men left, they decided to deny her money. Once again, we had to go get our guide...my friend REFUSED to leave the cash window...she's a stubborn little blonde girl...funny when you look back...painful when you relive it. This could have ALL BEEN AVOIDED. Banks take a HORRENDOUS amount of time. I don't know what the solution is to the donation exchange... just do it ahead of time so you can focus on your child on THAT DAY!

I WON!!!

Guess what…

MagicalReality Designs Winners announced! I want to let you all know they are all lovely and it was not easy to choose. We went with most creativity and portrait feel to it. Thank you all for your participation! I will do another one in the near future:) Okies..
Winner is...
1st Place

I WON! Yippee! Now I get the digital kit that I really wanted for FREE!!! Totally worth it!
This is the one I am getting…

Fairies Of The Flower Field Part 2 (XXL)
I already have the first one and it is AWESOME
Click under main layout for more details on the kit.

Fairies Of The Flower Field XXL (Full Kit)
Click under main layout for more details on the kit.
Below is what I submitted. It was to take an existing photo of family or friend, portrait style of an event and make it magical dreamy. This is what I came up with....

Before and After.

Pizza Night

Friday nights are now our "PIZZA" night. Especially now that I know you can make a Homemade Cheese Pizza for less than $3! Hopefully G will learn to enjoy making them.

This is her first attempt at a pizza.

She seems to think it's Playdoh! NOPE...just some Whole Wheat Pizza Dough.

Here she is patting it...

Kneading it...

Tossing it on a pizza pan...

Folding some more...

Spreading it out...

Putting on the cheese. Our layering of Pizza is different than the typical person would do it. Our favorite Pizza place puts the cheese on first and then the sauce. They also mix in White Cheddar Cheese which I will do after G does her Cheese.

Speading on the pizza sauce. Yes, I know, it's from a jar...just how I like it!

Voila! It was yummy.

My digiscrap Layout for our Pizza Night!

Age 2

I finally got around to finishing Giorgia's Birthday Layout...while she was napping.

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