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@ the Vet

These are some old photos that I found on my phone. It takes HORRIBLE pics. This was our first time at the VET with Giorgia in tow.

Pirate was a good dog as usual. I packed an ENTIRE collapsable cooler of snacks and drinks in preparation for this one! I hoped she would do well here but she does NOT do well at her own doctor!!!

Snacks worked AWESOME!!

I think she even had fun...

When the doctor came in she jumped off the seat and was front and center. She kept saying "Pirate Medicine, Pirate Medicine" because obviously I told her we were taking Pirate to get some medicine to make him feel better. He felt fine, it was just a yearly thing but I figured he'd get something... he always does. Then it was time for his shots and the dr looked at me to see if it was okay that G was standing right there. I said okay and he proceeded. She had her nose practically touching Pirate as he got his shots! That's my girl. I only hoped that it would help her with HER doctor issues!!!! lol


Colleen said...

Those pictures are so cute and funny! :)

MacMui Mom said...

Watching others go to the doctor and get shots really helped Mia with her doctor issues, so hopefully G will take a clue from Pirate. Too cute!

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