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Key West - Day 1

On the Plane
So to the back of the plane we go...

Looks like we found a perfect seat!

I LOVE it when no one sits next to us leaving us all three seats!

Avoid a MELTDOWN....

and LET G click her own seatbelt on! OYE.

Ring pops are great for take offs! Helps with pressure in the ears!

Headphones on for her personal in flight movie!

Okay, so we didn't get past the preview before the DVD was a NO GO. NO Nemo!!!


She looked like Edward Scissorhands for the remainder of the flight! lol.

NOT kidding when I tell you that as they announce we are decending...she CRASHES!!!!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Hang on a minute - your Mom lives in Key West? I don't know exactly where you live but there is snow. Can't you telecommute? I'd be like sorry mom! I'm moving in! :)

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