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Key West - Day 2

Key West Aquarium
Lots of cool fish

Baby Horseshoe Crab.

Baby Horseshoe Crab.

Checking out the Sea Star.

It really looked like a baby octopus in the water!

Unsuccessfully trying to get G to touch the Starfish.

My lady of leisure.

YUMMY. (was that bad? lol)


shelley said...

Golly, such great pics. Makes me want to go there.

Deb said...

the pics of the fish are amazing. once again you are the photographer extradornaire (ok, totally butched the spelling of that word!).

Sharon said...

Photos are great. Special camera or what setting did you use?? I've never been to the KW aquarium, so will put it on the list.


MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...

Awesome Photos! Looks likes a fun place for the kiddos.

kelly said...

Again, lovely photos!!! I like your last statement. :-)

Please allow me to share my experience. I once had a big belly (looking like 5 months pregnant when I am not)!

My whole life I've eaten meat till I realise that marine animals without scales and fins tend to absorb radiation and toxic from their environment (mentioned in the Bible but the church overlooks this!!)

I've cut down on eating meat (including pork) because most food-borne illness are from meat (and E. Coli from USA's beef).

Reducing meat actually helps you to reduce blood suagr (I know, no one told me that before too!) which tends to make you feel hungry. Up your fill of lettuce and you will feel full longer. And more energy for lil butterfly and other activities!

Also I find that eating 6 to 8 smaller meals helps, to help you get your supply of vitamin B and C the whole day. These 2 vitamins are "washed away" easily cos they are water-soluble (resulting in hunger!)

There - 2 secrets for Queen Mama and anyone who cares to read. :-)

May your dreams come true, star blogger (I believe you are)!

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