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Key West - Day 5

A day of

G looks like a girl on a serious mission! (Well, shopping is SERIOUS!)

No G, we are NOT taking the car! It's Key West...you WALK Duval street!

First we have to say bye to Gami...she's going out on the boat today for her Boss's Birthday party.

Gami bought this Princess Phone for G this morning!

Umm, I guess I use my cell too much....my girl is a PRO! Yikes!


rtfgvb7809 said...
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Paula said...

Jess loves to play on the phone also. She has entire 1 sided conversations pretending she's talking to various friends and her grandparents. Wish I could video it but as soon as I get the camera out, she clams up.

~Stacey said...

Too cute!!! I hope my little girl is has this sassy!! I guess I will find out in a month or two!! Love the necklaces!

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