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Boo Boo's

G fell out on the playground at school and they cleaned her up and put on a ORDINARY bandage. Geesh...I HAD to FIX that!!!

Now she's sporting a "cool" Pirate Bandaid!!! (and sparkle legwarmers)

Here she is proudly showing it off!

Yes, she's still rear facing at 27 months...and counting!

On the move at school...looking a bit sleepy though.

Showing off the Bling and Rockin the bandaid!!!

All's well that ends with food for my girl!!!!


Melissa said...

Love the bandaid! We plan on rear facing Ella as long as we possibly can. They have proven that is the best way to go :)

Sheri said...

She is just sooooo adorable!! Love the shirt, too - how cool is that "G"??!!

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