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White Waterplay

It's her FAVORITE day of the week again!!!

FYI, she insists on wearing the headbands to school. NOT my doing.

However, she tells me that she "NO WEAR AT school" because "Jake and Vaughn take them and wear them around their necks".

She wants to wear in the morning to show Ms. Tammy.

Then into her BIN until we leave!

G's SILLY Face!

Hippie Chick

She tye-dyed this onsie in school for one of their craft projects!

She is in her "cottage" for nap/quiet time.

with her puppy SUMMIT!

I think SOMEONE is not napping!

I'm thinking MOMMY is NOT helping the situation!!!



At the Mall

I wished I had my video on because as soon as we walked in G ran up to the sign and screamed "GIORGIA"

She actually turned around and smiled...well, not looking at the camera but I'll take what I can get these days!!!

5 SECONDS later... she's done! lol

July 28, 2010

Giorgia Higgins, 2, of Newark, is a girl on the go; whether it's going to the beach, flying to visit her family and friends or shopping at the mall. One of her favorite things to do while home is play with her little doggie, Pirate, who is her leading man and partner in crime. She is my beautiful little princess who always has a mischievous sparkle in her eye and insists on a matching headband. Lol

And a GREAT DAY it is!!! Because...

They announced the WINNERS of the CUTEST Baby & Toddler Contest!

and MY GIRL's a WINNER!!!!
What's with the photo though??

The other cuties that placed!!!

Now, if one of MOMMY'S photos from the photo shoot were used it might have looked like this!

or this...

or even this!!!
TRUST me, you don't have to be a PROFESSIONAL or have a GREAT camera to take good photos!

Here are the 10 finalists for the Toddlers!

Sending out a





that VOTED for my Giorgia!!

Sailor Girl


Party Fun

Cake and Juicy Box time for G!!! She's happy!!!

This is G taking time to warm up to the party goers!!!

Oops, ah, we gotta smile!

The continuation of SWEATFEST 2010 continues. I am so tired of 100 degree weather!

My girl LOVES a swing!

really LOVES it!

I especially LOVED her pigtails today!!!

Hmmm, wonder what THAT look is about???

Just kind of liked this photo of G walking away from the party.

Birthday Boy!

Happy 3rd Birthday Garrett!!!!

Happy Birthday Garrett!!

It's the big 3!!!

Love your Buzz Spidey Cake!

Happy Girl

30 months old and still rear-facing...

A bit of Potty Talk

Some more photos of "Packed Lunch Day"

Here is what you do when your child is wearing clothes that are too big...use matching curling ribbon and tie the straps together in the back and it will keep them from falling down!

Not sitting pretty...

Some potty talk before I leave for work...


Packed Lunch

The girl LOVES blueberry waffles!

I guess I shouldn't stick my tongue out at her.


Today G had her first picnic at school and therefore I had to pack her lunch. Her FIRST packed lunch! Awe. I found out the night before and had nothing for a packed lunch in the kitchen. All the stuff I had needed to be refridgerated and or heated. I had no bread either. Hmmm. So, I steamed a red bean paste bun and wrapped it up. I'm sure it would be okay at room temp but still needed something else. The snacks were a given...already had them...strawberries, raisins and pudding. I needed a veggie??? Okay, so G like wierd stuff so I made a bean and olive pasta salad. Great, NO Italian dressing so I actually surfed the internet for the ingredients and whipped up a small amount. It was totally a success. She demanded it for dinner and breakfast the next day. Good job mommy!

and now a VIDEO!

Traveling with Kids

Great ideas when Traveling with the Kids!!!!
Found this list HERE!

•Audio books (my library checks them out) or you can download them here
•Ice chest w/drinks
•DVD player, preferably with movies that haven’t been seen
•We’ve been driving our smaller less gas-consuming car that doesn’t have a built-in TV. So, we strap our laptop on an ice chest with a bungee, so the kids can watch a movie. (Yeah, we are THAT family).
•Bag or backpack with coloring books and small toys for each child.
•This site says pack a plastic box for kids personal things and then use the lid as a tray to eat on.
•Lap Desk for writing and drawing
•Headphones for MP3 players and/or DVD player
•Kid’s camera
•Sketch pad/pencil
•Extra change of clothes, separate from luggage. Because if it can happen, it probably will.
•If you’re traveling with a toddler, leave when they are tired. If you leave first thing in the morning, this is their active time and they don’t make the best travelers
•A package of pipe cleaners (to bend, twist and create)
•Pack paper towels, wipes, and a couple of blankets. Remember, we’re talking kids.
•Buy $5 Tape Recorder and ‘Read’ stories to your kids in your own voice
•Put a trash box in the back seat
•Travel Journal
•Sing silly road trip songs
•Travel games from the store (Target has some great ones in the stationary section that are cheap and magnetic!)
•Travel freebies-links to free stuff for traveling
•Play the I spy game with license plates
•Wipe-off white board/marker
•Magnetic sets (paper dolls, fire trucks, found in book sections)
•Snack bag filled with pre-portioned zip-lock bags of non-messy foods
•Kid’s music
•Tin foil for creations
•Play Go Fish
•Make string figures
•Check out these awesome games (like Noah’s Ark, Build a Story and Fooler, Fooler) to play in the car!
•Kids pillow and blanket
•Treasure Jar
•Rest Stop Box-stock with jump rope, frisbee, inflatable beach ball and Nerf ball, according to July’s issue of Parents Magazine.
•They also encourage travelers to ‘crank up the radio, open the doors and have an outdoor dance-a-thon).
•Printable Car Trip Check List
•Child-safety scissors and paper (it worked on a long flight w/my preschooler)
•Invisible markers/Magic paper
•Chalk Cloth Oil Mat
•Moon sand on a tray
•Post It Notes-draw on them, then decorate the car (Women’s Day, July Issue)
•Spill-proof Bubbles (yes, in the car. My toddler loves this).
•Printable Car Bingo
•Band-aids (again a toddler-pleaser)
•Leapster, DS Lite or hand-held game
•Magna Doodle
•Cookie sheet with magnetic alphabet letters
•The following incredible ideas came from MomsMinivan: travel tickets, surprise packages, and more (Actually EVERY idea on this site is amazing!)
•Printable Boredom Busters
•I spy bags/jars
•Ear plugs for when the “how much longer questions begin”


Mommy!!!! What did you do with my PANTS??? And my HAIR??? What were you thinking!!!

"Honey, it's a onsie outfit...not meant to wear with pants! Your hair, well, you get so sweaty during the day I thought I'd pull it all up and make you feel better!!!"


"Yeah....what WAS I thinking!!!!!"

Tropical Blue

Wow, look at my car sparkle. You'd think it was clean! lol

Loving my Tropical Princess!!!

She saw 2, 6, 1, 4 squirrels... (you're guess is as good as mine)

SHHHHHH, the squirrels sleeping!!!

Okay, she had an itch but it was a cute photo. Hey, I take what I can get!

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