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Day 8

Day 8 - and no one has threaten me yet...yet! Please go vote!! It's just a couple clicks away!!!
PLEASE LEAVE ANOTHER COMMENT IF YOU VOTED AGAIN. Our numbers have gone down. People are deleting their comments. I hope they aren't changing their votes!! :(

You can vote HERE...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie,

You don't know me - but I follow your blog to see your little girl. She's so adorable. I remember reading before she came home too. I believe we contacted a couple of times but not that you'd remember. My little girl will be 7 the end of this month. Can't believe it. She's from Guangdong province. And I've been voting most every day. (May have missed one.) Giorgia should win - they are all cute - but she's the cutest! :o)

Good luck!

dd - Rebecca Lichang - b.7/31/03 a.8/29/04

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