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Packed Lunch

The girl LOVES blueberry waffles!

I guess I shouldn't stick my tongue out at her.


Today G had her first picnic at school and therefore I had to pack her lunch. Her FIRST packed lunch! Awe. I found out the night before and had nothing for a packed lunch in the kitchen. All the stuff I had needed to be refridgerated and or heated. I had no bread either. Hmmm. So, I steamed a red bean paste bun and wrapped it up. I'm sure it would be okay at room temp but still needed something else. The snacks were a given...already had them...strawberries, raisins and pudding. I needed a veggie??? Okay, so G like wierd stuff so I made a bean and olive pasta salad. Great, NO Italian dressing so I actually surfed the internet for the ingredients and whipped up a small amount. It was totally a success. She demanded it for dinner and breakfast the next day. Good job mommy!

and now a VIDEO!

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