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1st day of PREPPERS

"I DO IT!!!!!!!!!!" My girl doesn't mind a rear-facing carseat but DON'T help her out!!

So far, so good. Gami gave her that dress at my shower and her Aunt Christie gave her the sparkly sneakers!

Well, she loves her mommy this morning!!

Self/us portraits are kinda hard to do!

Now THIS is the look that I've grown to know and LOVE. I'm hoping it's an AGE thing!!!


Anonymous said...

she is adorable and the dress is so cute! where did you get it...?

Stephe said...

Anonymous, they were a gift from her Gami given to me at her baby shower in 2008. lol. If I had to guess, she found it at Ross, as there is not much as far as stores where she lives!

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