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Di$ney Crui$e$

Okay all you Di$ney Crui$er$...I need the skinny on this!
How to get great deals and save lots of money.
ANY tips you want to share...I WANT to hear!
(If I don't hear from you Kim, I'm going to hunt you down! lol)
Looking into/Most interested in the
Di$ney Dream...sets sail in 2011


Kolleen said...

Don't know any money saving tips, but I can assure you that you will LOVE it! We have been on the cruise twice and loved every minute. If you have any questions, ask away!

Paula said...

Check out www.tagrel.com and go to the forums. There are people there that know more about Disney than the people who work there. It's an amazing bunch of people and they're always more than happy to share their wealth of Disney knowledge whether its about WDW, DL, or the cruise.

Snickerdoodle said...

We just came back from DW and I saved over $400.00 on our holiday and a friend saved over $1000.00 on her holidays (this October). We both used Sydney from www.smallworldvacations.com

She even sent the girls presents on their first day at Disney. Very nice. She was amazing answering all my questions (and I had lots!!!!)

I highly recommend her!!!

Donna said...

We took our first cruise ever this summer. It was on Celebrity and it was very kid friendly and just plain stinkin' awesome! But we're really curious about Disney cruises and will probably do that next. I'll be watching the comment section of this post closely!


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MeiLi's Adoption Journey said...


this forum has tons of info. I've link the Disney Cruise section, but you can back out to the main forum for ALL types of tips

Melissa said...

The disboards message board has a cruse section. They also have a Disney Rewards and budget board which have been very helpful. We started putting in mock Disney trips on disney.com and got on their "radar" for deals. We just got an offer to open a Visa card (didn't really need a card but couldn't beat the offer) and received a $200 gift card for Disney. My husband ended up opening one too so now we have $400in Disney rewards :) Also, I saw you have a swagbucks account on the sidebar. I opened an account at www.sunshinerewards.com and do a few surveys a day. You can cash in for Disney gift cards. All the rewards and cards can be used to pay for your trip. Can you tell we are saving up for a June Disney trip LOL!

Kim said...

haha too funny!

I am almost never in blogger land anymore and almost missed your post!

I've not ventured into Disney Cruise land yet because of the price. The Dream will be expensive, they usually start bookings way before the ship can even float. But if you can swing the cost, it would be a fantastic trip!

go to www.cruisecritic.com there. I'm normally in the Carnival section, I'm neatokimmo there too.

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