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Need NEW skills

Okay, so I knew before I ever received my referral that she would be SMART and SASSY. Just didn’t know how SMART and SASSY so young! I pride myself on being a master manipulator and assumed that this whole parenting thing was in the bag!! Heck, I am single handedly responsible for her:

• NOT leaving the house without a matching HAIR ACCESSORY
• BELIEVING that NOT NICE girls shouldn’t be allowed to wear PRETTY bows
• Picking shoes to MATCH her outfit
• Being NAKED is NOT NICE (except when walking to a from a bath)
• Lot of other stuff too!!!

Okay, so all that seems to have worked out well for me…but that was then. Now, I’ve LOST my touch…
Today was the first day G wore a PULL UP to school. As soon as she got out of bed I took her to the potty. My thought process is like what I do with me and my puppies…go potty first thing when you wake up. I swore I wouldn’t pressure G into this whole potty training thing…but what’s the point of putting on a fresh pull up only for her to PP in it right away??? Okay, so she’s flipping out! She’s NOT walking to the potty NAKED! OMG, why would I torture (see above list) her with this!!! She’s NOT happy. So I just carry her downstairs to the powder room and offer Big Potty or Small potty. She keeps saying “I DONE” but she hasn’t done anything. I know, I know…but I just want her to sit there for a few minutes! Then she yells “GO AWAY….SHUT DE DOOR”. So, I’m thinking we might be in business. NADA. Don’t know what she did but I understand privacy. Anyway, after 10 minutes and no PP I tortured her by telling her to walk around the family room/kitchen naked. She yelled at me the whole time. “I WANT MY CLOTHES” You know she’s 2.5, right! So I tell her I’m calling Ms Tammy (her teacher) and tell her that it’s good for little girls to go PP in the morning before mommies put on the pull up. You see, this trick has been brilliant in the past and worked EVERY TIME! So I get off the fake phone conversation and tell G what Ms. Tammy said to me and you know what that STINKER yelled…

with a smart a$$ tone along with a how-dare-you stance!

She must now know that when talking to someone the screen is blue! Crap! She’s on to me! Need upgraded tactic!!!! Help me smarten up!!!! I’ll take all the advice I can get! ROTFLMAO

This is a photo of her on the very same day just as we got out of the car for school. I couldn't hear what she was saying but it was probably something like...


and of course...some more cute photos!!!

and this is the "I DON'T WANNA GO" look when I came to pick her up! :0

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K said...

With this kind of control, she's definitely ready to use the potty. Giving her a cup of water to drink while sitting on the potty might just do the trick. I've had great success with this with girls who are afraid to release the first few times. One little girl actually told me she NEEDED her cup of water for the second and third times, too, to "make her peepee come out."

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