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Friendly's (Videos 3)

She's a little excited to be out with Mommy on a special dinner! I love how she taps the papers down like the teacher does! :) Sometimes I miss the days when she was strapped into a highchair! lol

Not sure where the "5"s went!!!! Or the "inside" voice!!!! :0

She picked the dessert with the "FACE"!!!

This was the BEST part of the dinner...I'm guessing!

However, she DIDN'T like the cone and I had to remove it per her request!!!

Gotta LOVE those FRIENDLY's GIFT CARDS and the $9.99 meal deal!!!

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Colleen said...

I worked at Friendlys when I was going through high school and the ice cream with the face was one of the hardest to make because everything would melt before you finished. But I loved seeing the kid's reaction when I delivered them. :)

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