Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

Dora Duds

Not a fan of the character clothing but my plan was for her to wear a sweater to hide the character.

I really LOVE the colors of the skirt!!!


Just Peachy

I can see 16 coming WAY to soon!!

My baby brought me over pancakes as a welcome present! They were hard and tasted like plastic not to mention blue but I said they were yummy!

Di$ney Crui$e$

Okay all you Di$ney Crui$er$...I need the skinny on this!
How to get great deals and save lots of money.
ANY tips you want to share...I WANT to hear!
(If I don't hear from you Kim, I'm going to hunt you down! lol)
Looking into/Most interested in the
Di$ney Dream...sets sail in 2011

1st day of PREPPERS

"I DO IT!!!!!!!!!!" My girl doesn't mind a rear-facing carseat but DON'T help her out!!

So far, so good. Gami gave her that dress at my shower and her Aunt Christie gave her the sparkly sneakers!

Well, she loves her mommy this morning!!

Self/us portraits are kinda hard to do!

Now THIS is the look that I've grown to know and LOVE. I'm hoping it's an AGE thing!!!

Hand Feeding a SHARK!

READ THIS FIRST!!!!!! You may not understand this rough edit...

Tarpon fishing under Long Key bridge near Duck Key, Fl. After a 20 minute fight with a tarpon, a 14 foot long hammer head shark attacks and eventually eats the tarpon. We tried our best to protect the tarpon by running it down and creating as much noise and bubbles to confuse the shark and hide the tarpon. After a quick release, the shark returns and I aggressively circle the tarpon as the shark slices at it boat side. After about 5 hits, the shark wins and swims off with the tarpon in its mouth. Moments later, half of the 65lb tarpon floats up and I grab the remains to add to the documentation. The shark returns on a high speed pass and bumps the boat with significant enough force to make Julie scream. I give up on the carcass and Corey gets his hands on it just as the hammer head shark strikes again, this time claiming the remains of his dinner. As this massive shark rolls into a dive, Corey gets a tail grab before it is all over. Conservative size estimations are 14 feet long at about 400lbs. This is the best shark attack footage I have ever seen.

Our 2010 Reunion was AMAZING! Kathy & Erik opened up their home in New Hampshire to host our annual gathering this year! There was swimming, a bouncy house, swing sets, kiddie pools, presents, fairy outfits, tutu's, good food, good drinks and GREAT FRIENDS!!!!

I will post LOTS more photos as soon as I have time!!!


Look what's COMING SOON!!!

Park @ the Pond

A fun day with her friend Elena and her family!!!!

Pink Princess

Okay, I'm DONE! I know, my two minutes are up! (Most of all our blog photos are taken in the morning before daycare. I have two minutes while the car warms up to get what I can or a minute or two in the school parking lot!)


Congratulatioins guys especially "Uncle Jay"!!!! Job WELL DONE!!!

White Marlin (Video)

The SECOND LARGEST White Marlin in the 37 year History of the White Marlin Open! Giorgia's Uncle Jay, Moorea, Brooke, Christie and Mary Ellen made the video!!!

G's Uncle Jay

Brought this bad boy into the boat!!
Second Largest in tournament history! CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a BEAUTIFUL fish!!!

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